You still might be feeling a little down and out about not being able to be at the gym in its full capacity. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start off the year strong, take control of your nutrition and get some healthy nutrition habits cemented into your daily routine.

Starting on the 11th January and running for 30 days, Sleven will help you take control of your nutrition again and kick start some health and fitness goals early in the year, even if we find ourselves lingering in Tier 4!

The two nutrition plans outlined below combined with our at home training programmes will deliver great results. While this isn't a challenge as such, these 30 days are designed for you to make the most of your at home training with the right nutrition plan to suit your circumstances.

If you are a current paying member of Sleven, you will have access to two great programmes as part of your membership:

  • Simplified Fat Loss
  • Beginner Strength
If your account is currently on hold but you want to take part, let us know and we can sort it out for you. 

These programmes are the perfect place to start if you feel a little confused or overwhelmed with nutrition or just want a bit of help in making some better food choices. They have been designed to be as easy as possible to follow without too much effort. 
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  • This programme is designed to help you drop body fat, reset your eating patterns and show you how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, without the stress of calories, tracking food or stupid rules!
  • Combined with our 24Sleven programme and our Running + Successories one off programme, your fat loss will get a great kick start even though we are locked down. (Bonus, you can get yourself some fresh air out on your run!)
  • We are simplifying  the process of losing fat. You will not be asked to track calories or follow some insanely restrictive diet.
  • This plan will enable you to have more energy, feel healthier, lose the right type of weight and most importantly, eat the foods you enjoy!
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  • The beginners strength plan is designed to help you fuel your training, get stronger and put on lean muscle, without the stress of calories, tracking food and stupid rules!
  • Combined with our 24Sleven and/ or our Strength Skillz & Drillz programme, gainz need not be lost during lockdown! Fuelling the tank for the workouts contained in these programmes is so important for maintaining and building muscle strength ready for our triumphant return to the gym.  
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How To Get Involved

Step 1: Decide on a goal:

  • Do you want to strip some fat?
  • Make some strength gainz?

Step 2: Sign-up to your chosen programme.

Step 3: Attend our Zoom Coffee Morning at 11am on Saturday 9th January. Liam will go into the programmes in greater detail and Loz will answer any questions.  

Do you have a question that you would like answered? Send us an email and we will do our best to answer them in our call.   

Step 4: Still got some questions? Book a phone consultation with Loz and she will help you get set-up and quell any fears or reservations you might have!

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