We kick off the 2021 with our exclusively designed One Off Programmes for our No Tiers members. We plan to add further programmes in the coming months, depending on COVID circumstances. These programmes are designed to be complementary to our main 24Sleven programme, in case you are looking to do a little extra work. If you're a bit lost, don't forget about Catch-Up with Coach, announced earlier this week, and we'll help you put together a workout regimen.

Accessing the programmes is easy: simply click on the links below which will take you to a PDF file. The files are encrypted with a password, which you can easily find on Wodify today for each corresponding programme: MetCon, Gymnastics and Strength. If you have frozen or would like to get back on board, let us know and we'll arrange that for you!

Expect to see plenty of notes, content and videos uploaded to Wodify, starting Monday, to help you along your journey.

Welcome to Sleven’s Running & Successories 4 week programme! With the gym closed, we know that many of you will be using running to maintain fitness. Our programme comprises 2 running sessions and a Successories session each week.

One of our weekly run sessions will have a focus on pacing and the ability to sustain that pace over repeated efforts. We’ll use 400m intervals for this exercise and the aim in each of the sessions is to minimise the difference between your fastest and slowest effort. Don’t worry if you don’t have a suitable run route that’s exactly 400m - so long as you’re using something that’s reasonably close to that length.

The second run session is a longer effort - if you can, do this in a park or on a trail rather than on tarmac. Avoid getting hung up on distance on these runs, concentrate on controlling your breathing and remaining relaxed. If you’re new to running, reduce the duration and/or alternate a few minutes of running with some walking.

The weekly Sucessories focus on building and maintaining leg  and midline strength. Make sure that you warm up before each session. See our Instagram post for our favourite running warm up movements!
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Handstands are an advanced gymnastics movement that can easily be performed at home. You don't need any kit, just some floor space and/or a wall to kick-up to. We've designed a programme which focuses on shoulder and core strength interspersed with skill work throughout. There are exercises that you can do even if you don't have a wall to kick-up to in your tiny London apartment!

This 2x per week programme is a fantastic addition to your daily routine and will only take 10-20 minutes to perform. You can work through the programme as a standalone or as supplementary work to our Zoom classes or other One Off Programmes.

We'll be adding warm-up routines, demo videos and other content starting next week to help you navigate Handstands at Home
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Just because we're locked down doesn't mean you can't continue to maintain and develop STRENGTH!

Coach Julia's Skillz + Drillz programme is specially designed for those of you with minimum kit. You'll reinforce positions while you develop strength work through the use of DBs. There is also a barbell option available for those of you lucky enough to have one at home!

If you combine this with STRENGTH MOBILITY, run 3x per week as part of our regular Zoom schedule, you'll come back stronger and hopefully more mobile than you were before, jumping under that barbell with speed and ferocity!
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Don't forget we've started off our Zoom classes again!

We've made it as easy as possible to access, using the same Zoom Meeting ID and Password FOR ALL CLASSES. Please remember, these classes are only for paying members. We will be monitoring attendance so please do not login if you are not eligible. If you would like to unfreeze your membership after Xmas or would like to take part, just email us and we'd be glad to have you back on board!

The schedule and programming below is on Wodify for paying members.

Meeting ID:
247 247 7711



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