To the Men of F3 Naperville:

As the High Impact Man that each of you are, you have proven time and time again that you are willing to rise to the occasion. Traditionally, most of these occasions fall under the 3rdF or even 2ndF categories. 1stF, our 'Fitness', typically has not had much of an occasion per se. Aside from some convergences and special EC activities, it is there for us every day from 0515-0600 (or 0700-0800 on Saturday's). We fight the urge to stay in bed and take advantage of each opportunity to gather and get stronger physically and mentally as we push ourselves to the edge and to our limits. 

Call it a New Year's Miracle or just dumb luck from some casual Twitter bantering but next week, January 13th-18th, we have a 1stF OCCASION!! 

The Men of F3 Louisville have challenged the Men of F3 Naperville.

The Challenge is simple and the Challenge is FREE. 

We will be competing on the total number of posts by all Pax all week. 6 days of posts to be tallied and the highest cumulative number wins. That's it. You don't have to do 100 burpees every day. You don't have to run 4 miles every day. What do you NEED to do? 

Show up. 

Every. Damn. Day. 

F3 Naperville has 30 workouts available next week. You have 7 available workouts to attend if your schedule allows. Get to as many as you possibly can!

This is an epic opportunity to showcase that F3 Naperville is the BEST region in all of F3 Nation. "Huh? How in SAM HILL does winning a total post count challenge with another region equate to being the best region?" Because it just does. The Nation has seen what we can do when it comes to supporting and raising money for our community and charitable organizations...that we can #Coffeeteria with the best of them...that we get after our Leadership Training at QSource every week...that we have grown immensely since our launch on Sept 23, 2018...and on and on. Now it's time to put on display our commitment to the #DRP and acknowledgment that "every day we are getting more Right or less." ( That starts with doing the difficult thing right away every morning, and candidly that may be a few more times than usual for you. Well, and because Louisville and Naperville are two of the strongest regions in all of F3 and The Nation will be paying attention. Also because it's #AlwaysARace!

You will be a little extra tired some mornings. You will be a little extra sore some days. You are gonna wanna throw your phone in the garbage disposal just to make all the Slack chatter and EH noise centered around this Challenge go away.

Embrace the Suck! Hold each other Accountable! Pick each other up and let's have some f@$&ing FUN along the way! And let's WIN. 


P.S. The wager is being finalized and will be communicated via all methods once it's established. Let's not really worry about what it is though. Show up and WIN.

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