January 2020 Newsletter


F3 Naperville proudly introduces the beginning of Black Diamond bootcamps!

Say, whaaaaaaat?!

Sit down, put some Aminos on ice, and check it out. Here's the deal:
What: Black Diamond Workouts WILL BE next level challenging. Above and beyond the traditional Bootcamp. You could liken this to a Spartan Ultra, in lieu of a regular Spartan.

Why: We have reached a point in our expansion that suggests a divergence of available workout levels is necessary and welcomed by the PAX.  There are enough PAX at different stages of their 1stF journey which now suggest we provide an opportunity for periodical advanced level workouts. Let it be known: Any PAX can still join any workout. However there is an understanding that these Black Diamond Bootcamps will challenge the PAX on another level. The other ~30 Bootcamps throughout the week will remain as challenging as they have been to date and should continue to push the PAX to the edge and past their limits.

WhoPAX who feel they are ready to participate in, and Q, this type of a Bootcamp. Participating PAX will understand that there will be minimal six-covering (*unless there’s an injury or unsafe situation obviously). This is almost never really a place for an FNG.

WhenBeginning the week of Feb 10th, there will be one weekly workout on the East side of the region and one weekly workout on the West side of the region. 0500 start time, 0600 end time.

WhereRotating among Iron Lion/Dark Tower/The Complex ("East") and Outpost/The Ridge/Citadel/Black Panther ("West") weekly. Look for weekly Pre-Blasts to learn of location and Q assignment.

HowPAX attend Black Diamond Workouts similar to normal workouts. East and West Site Q's (Baby Hands and FIB, respectively) will initially shoulder tap a prospective Q when an open Q time opens up. There will eventually be open sign-up on the Q Sheet. AAR will be performed every time, generally immediately following CoT.

BLACK DIAMONDS will be difficult. Participants should expect that covering at least 3 miles over the duration of one of these beatdowns will most likely be the standard. There will be minimal rest. There will be maximum work and effort. You will have butterflies when you go to sleep the night before. You will feel like a CHAMP come 0600 when you finish. F3Naperville is here to challenge what you think is your normal and what you think is your standard. Now may be the time to disrupt what you think is your 1stF Standard. This is one stepping stone in doing so for your 1stF #Acceleration.
#LFG #GetSome
Who says it's too cold in January to START with F3?!? WELCOME to our January FNG's! 
Thomas the Tank Engine, Wifetime, Hootie, Mr. Belding, The Gravy, Brinks, Honey Buns, Mia Hamm, No Filter, Party Boy, Khakis, Teen Wolf, Tigers, White Claw, 2 Chainz, Markle, Henrietta, Mr. Hankey, Disclaimer, Krispy Kreme, Sewer Rat, Short Round, Spit Valve, Second Best, Backstreet, Yankee, Onesie, Spirit Fingers
  • January 2020 was our largest month EVER. 2,312 POSTS!! Next biggest month? 1,843 posts, back in October 2019. Take that winter! Take that snowy and icy and windy gloom! Take that status quo! What do you have for February, PAX?
  • The latest edition of Ruck Wars was a snowy one on January 17th. #TClaps to Face Plant for once again coordinating an awesome event!
  • Ever heard of the #RISEUPCHALLENGE? Check out the details of a fun week competing (and winning) with the men of F3 Louisville right HERE.
  • 14 PAX gathered at Two Brothers Tap Room on Jan17th for our Monthly 2ndF lunch.
  • Unofficially, there were 128 Coffeeteria's attended by 1,772 PAX. Post-beatdown Coffeeteria has become a bigtime element within F3 Naperville - keep getting out for a cup 'o joe as you are able!
  • QSource2020 began in earnest this past January! Currently these gatherings are occurring on Wednesday morning's (0625-0655) at the Showplace Panera near 95th St and Rte 59. Keep an eye out for additional QSource meeting opportunities to accommodate those too far east or west, or have conflicts on Wed mornings.
  • Our Gift Card Roulette proceeds from December were delivered to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans.
Leadership Changes, effective 2/1/2020:
  • RoachCoach takes over as Nant'an from Blart
  • Shandy takes over 1stF from Uncle Si
  • Curds takes over 2ndF from Crabgrass
  • Mr. Miyagi takes over 3rdF from At@
Leuben remains Weasel Shaker, Trickle remains Growth Q, and Uncle Rico remains CommzQ.

#TClaps to the outgoing Leadership Team 2.0 for their service over the past year. Their commitment to helping F3 Naperville be the best region in F3 Nation, combined with their vision of "sustainable excellence at scale," was unwavering during their time at the helm. From their Day 1 they committed to maintaining everything their predecessors had built and grown from the ground up, while also setting their own goals to keep F3 Naperville on the upward trajectory it was on. They set goals. Crushed everything single one of them and then some.

Today, F3 Naperville stands in a stronger place than when they started. For that, all of us PAX should be grateful! Continue to post ITG, step up and Lead when the opportunity presents itself, do the difficult things that need to be done, keep Q'ing, keep EH'ing, and be relentless in your pursuit of being High Impact Men. 
Rest in Peace, Noonan
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