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The mission of the Northeast Agribusiness & Feed Alliance is to advocate, collaborate and educate on behalf of our members, the animal agriculture industry and other stakeholders in New York and the six New England states.
Advocacy: It's Time to Show Up
by Rick Zimmerman

January is when state legislatures regroup and, in some cases, reorganize according to election results last fall. Such is the case in state capitals throughout the northeast and these new legislative leaders are getting themselves acclimated to their new roles and responsibilities. Our democracy is dependent upon elected officials, who are willing to devote their time to serving the people, and special interest groups such as NEAFA, to arrive at the best policy decisions for our industry and our society. Therefore, we plan to show up in Albany, Montpelier and the other state capitols throughout the northeast. 

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Meg Nelson Joins NEAFA Advocacy Team 

The Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance is pleased to announce that Meg Nelson, of St Albans, VT will be representing NEAFA in the VT Statehouse.  Meg graduated from Vermont Technical College with an associate’s degree in Dairy Management and continued to finish a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Business Management from the University of Vermont. Meg’s passion for agriculture makes her a perfect fit for collaborating with the greater agriculture industry and conveying the agribusiness perspective to legislative leaders in Montpelier.  Stay tuned for information on a Montpelier lobby day in March.

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Be Part of the 2019 NEAFA Lobby Day

Announcing: The 2019 NEAFA Lobby Day, Monday, February 11, 2019, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Government is run by those who show up!  We need you to be part of the team in Albany on February 11, 2019 to advocate for: PRO-DAIRY, FarmNet, IPM, Ag Nonpoint Source Funding, FFA, Farm Viability Institute, Farm Labor Specialist. 

There is new leadership in both the Assembly and Senate which makes our advocacy work even more important. 

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US Supreme Court Declines Involvement in Egg Law

The Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance (NEAFA) was part of the coalition that fought against the 2016 Massachusetts ballot proposal that dictated minimum cage sizes for hogs, poultry, and veal, because we know that animal scientists, not the general public, are the experts on animal husbandry practices. Unfortunately we lost the ballot battle but we had confidence that the courts would weigh in on the interstate commerce issues. That optimism was dashed when the Supreme Court refused to take the case. In an extraordinary move, the Trump Administration weighed in on the matter when the Justice Department urged the Supreme not to take the case.

This sequence of events demonstrates the fragility of the social contract between farmers and the general public. Despite our knowledge on how to best treat livestock, we cannot assume that the best animal husbandry practices will be permitted by a society that increasingly wants to have a say in what we do. Further, the anti-animal agriculture crowd will continue to exploit the political process to carry out their agenda. The animal agriculture industry is facing challenges from many fronts, yet the court’s decision, or lack thereof, may be the biggest threat yet.

The following article was written by David A. Lieb for the Associated Press, reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision and state lawsuits. 

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Group Calls for Radical Change to World Diets

The report draws response from animal agriculture experts. Joel Newman criticizes commission on three critical, erroneous assumptions. 

The following article was first published by Sarah Muirhead in Feedstuffs.

A study looking at whether the future world population can be fed within planetary boundaries has found that it may indeed not be possible given how food is currently grown, processed, transported, consumed and wasted.

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New Year, Same Activist Tactics

It may be a new year, but we at the Animal Agriculture Alliance are expecting business as usual from animal rights activists. They are likely to protest at any venue where they can garner attention and anywhere animals are present – farms, ranches, processing plants, fairs, expos and even truck stops. Here are a few pieces of advice to help those working in animal agriculture prepare.

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Farmer Panel a Highlight at NEAFA Annual Meeting

NEAFA is looking forward to the March 4th, 2019 farmer panel that promises to be an outstanding compliment to their great conference that runs from March 3rd-6th! The four-farmer panel, whose members are all prominent in their fields, will be moderated by Corwin Holtz, a NEAFA board member and president at Holtz Nelson Dairy Consultants, a group of nine independent dairy nutrition and management consultants working with dairy producers in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the New England states. The farmer panel includes Blake Gendebein, Beth Kennett, Jonathan Lamb, and Neil Rejman.

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NEAFA Sponsors Business of the Year Awards at Ag Society Annual Meeting

Brooklyn Grange Farm Manager, Seth Johnson, receives the Business of the Year Award from NEAFA Executive Director Rick Zimmerman and NYS Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard Ball.
Brooklyn Grange Farm Manager, Seth Johnson, receives the Business of the Year Award from NEAFA Executive Director Rick Zimmerman and NYS Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard Ball.
Rick Zimmerman and Commissioner Richard Ball present the Business of the Year Award to Countryside Vet Clinic principals  Dr. Craig Pauly, Dr. Stacy Kenyon, Dr. Peter Ostrum.
Rick Zimmerman and Commissioner Richard Ball present the Business of the Year Award to Countryside Vet Clinic principals Dr. Craig Pauly, Dr. Stacy Kenyon, Dr. Peter Ostrum.
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