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Zoom how-to

thank you Irene! :)


During these challenging times, we need to keep in touch, to have prayer together, to check up on each other.

We cannot be together to help each other learn this technology, so I thought I'd put together some tutorials in case you don't have a milennial living with you!!

How to 'come to a meeting':

First of all, you will have gotten an e-mail invitation (or text) to join a meeting. You can just click on the link and get into the meeting. If it's your First time, your computer or phone will ask if you want to download the ZOOM app - SAY YES!! And then the meeting will open up there.

At this link you can choose which device you are using (computer, phone, Chromebook, etc) and they have nice little screenshots for you to follow:

A few tips:
If the link on your invitation is not 'active' (ie nothing happens when you click), select the 10 digit Meeting ID number, and paste it into the Meeting ID box in the ZOOM App. Starting May 9, you will need a 'password' for every meeting, unless it was 'embedded in the invitation. So entering with the ID number will also require the password.

Sometimes when the link doesn't work, the meeting leader can invite you directly from the app. You can always text whoever invited you (if you have their number!) and ask them to 'let you in'!

Waiting Room:

Sometimes the meeting leader has participants come into the 'Waiting Room' (need screenshot!) and be 'welcomed'. This is especially helpful if the leader set a time for the meeting but is still getting her coffee when it 'starts'! Just wait a few minutes for the leader to welcome you. (if it gets to be over Five minutes, text or call the leader!)

Your Video and Sound:
If you sit on your sofa in front of your window, we can't see your beautiful smile! Try to sit facing the light. If you can, place your computer, tablet or phone a little higher than your face. If you hold it as if you were Finding something on the screen, we will all see up your nose!!

When you join the meeting, you will be asked if you want audio and video on - say yes, unless you haven't put on any clothes that morning! You will be able to turn these on and off once the meeting has started, but it's a good idea to start out with it on so we recognize you and hear you say 'Good morning!'.

The ZOOM screen on your computer:

There are a number of ways to view things on your screen. Let me show you what all the buttons are and what they do:

Upper right corner: Speaker View/Gallery view - click on the icon:

This is Gallery view - you can see everyone.
Gallery works well for collaboration (or coffee hour!).

This is speaker view - the speaker is large, the other are off to the side.
Speaker view works better for presentations.

What will you look like?


GREEN: Video is turned on BLUE: Video is off RED: Phone with no video Video off - you can still have the sound on.
iPhone/Pad - tap the screen and click the little camera icon to turn the video on and off. Lower controls:

Across the bottom of your screen you will see several other icons. (On your phone you will need to touch the screen for them to appear!) These help you hear, be heard, see, be seen, communicate by typing, etc. Here we go:

1. Mute / Unmute - this will turn your microphone on and off. When it's OFF, the icon is red with a slash through it.

2. Video on/off - same for your video. If you change your mind about the origianla setting, you can click here and your screen with go black, with your name for everyone to see.

~ The little arrows next to the icons are for sub-menus - extra adjustments you can make to sound or camera - get your local millenial to explain!!

3. Invite - If the host allows it, this will let you send invitations to other people - a great way to extend the invitation to people who may have forgotten or lost the original. (There is a contact section in ZOOM which I have yet to Figure out. After four years of using it, I never got Francisco's name in my contacts there!!

4. Participants - This shows you about the other participants. (I hosted this meeting so it says 'Manage Participants'. Other participants will just say 'Participants') Clicking here will bring up a 'sidebar' with a list of participants and whether the are muted, unmuted, etc. There are some actions you can take here, including raising your hand (electronically!)

5. Share - this allows someone to 'share' the screen of their computer with everyone. Often in a meeting, the leader will block others from sharing, but at coffee hour, you can always ask, especially if you have a gorgeous photo of your grandchild you want everyone to see!! This even works on your phone!

6. Chat - MOST useful! this button allows you to send messages, eith er to everyone, or to someone privately. Comments during a video presentation, sharing a certain internet link, or the name of a book and author - very useful!

NB: these discussions disappear when the meeting is over, unless the leader recorded it. So sometimes I cut and paste the info into my Notepad during the meeting.

7. Record - this function requires the permission of the host.

8: Leave meeting - (mine says End Meeting because I was hosting that one!) If you need to leave, you can say goodbye, or type goodbye in the Chat, and then click out.

iPhone and iPad:

I don't have an iPad or tablet, but I do habe an iPhone. If you click the invitation on your phone, it should open ZOOM automatically (mine did!). You will see your face (unless you didn't turn the camera around!). To see the control buttons, just touch the screen, and you can mut/unmute, chat, etc.

This is what my iPhone screen looks like:

Have fun! It is GREAT to see everyone again!

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