Hello <<First Name>>,

I hope you remain healthy and well during these challenging times. It’s certainly a tumultuous period, and if you’re like me, your emotional state is following suit. One moment I’m filled with gratitude; the next I’m ready to wring someone’s neck. 

These cruddy moods (to use a technical term) are often a sign that I’m not honoring my own needs. Whether lacking sleep or missing time spent alone on the couch munching on tortilla chips (yes!), if I ignore myself for too long, things go poorly. So I continue to work on getting clear about what I want and need (which can be hard) and then setting boundaries and asking for help (which can be even harder).

It is in that spirit of growth that I’d like to ask for your assistance. I’m struggling to find effective ways to get my book, Well on Your Way, into the hands of people who would benefit from it. Who might those people be, you ask? Well, it’s designed to comfort and encourage assistant professors as they navigate the winding and thorny path toward tenure, so that’s an obvious audience. But readers outside of academia have also told me how strongly it resonated for them, and in the words of a kind reviewer, “any person who has ever experienced self-doubt or rejection will benefit from reading it.” You can download a sample to get a sense for yourself. 

If you’d be willing to share the book with friends and colleagues, I’d be immensely grateful. If you’re on social media, I’ve provided a possible sample post at the end of this message. I also post about the book regularly on LinkedIn and would love your likes or shares. And finally, if you’ve read the book and would be willing to provide an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, that would be wonderful.

In hopes of not only receiving help but also providing it to others, I’m offering a free Zoom call to groups of 6 or more readers. Groups wishing to schedule a session can just email me. I also continue to post my Nurture videos on LinkedIn, YouTube, and my website, and I’m hoping to resume my STANDOUT Professor blog soon, so please be on the lookout for that.

If there are other ways I can be helpful, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, as always, for your time. 

Be well,

Elizabeth Odders-White

Possible sample post: My <friend/colleague/coach/...> Elizabeth Odders-White recently released a book, and I’m excited to help her get the word out. Well on Your Way is designed to support assistant professors as they navigate the winding and thorny path toward tenure, and its universal messages of encouragement and self-compassion speak to non-academic audiences, too. Elizabeth combines candid stories, evocative questions, photographs, and more to create a warm and comforting space for reflection and renewal. Please check it out and share it with your networks! 

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