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How to Seduce a Spy is available for preorder!

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And now, the full print cover for your viewing delight:

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Those Wacky Victorians

I just recently wrote a bit where my heroine was involved in a wild bicycle chase. So here are some Victorian bicycle terms:

Penny-farthing: the large-wheeled bicycle popular with young men from the 1870s to mid-1880s. Was called an "ordinary" bicycle until this term came into use in the 1890s, first as a perjorative. Most weighed about 40 lbs., and you picked your wheel size based on your leg length.

To take a header: To go flying off headfirst. A very real danger with the penny-farthing, many of which had poor or no brakes and were prone to tipping.

Scorcher: Someone who rides fast (and probably recklessly).

Safety Bicycle: a bike with two wheels of equal or near-equal size and a chain drive. First available in the mid-1880s. Once these were widely available, the bike was no longer a toy but a practical vehicle for anyone.

My Recent Favorites

Mr. Darcy's Diary
by Amanda Grange

Just one book this time, since this is a short newsletter, but this is for any Pride and Prejudice fans out there.
This book tells the whole story (dialog taken word-for-word from the original) from Darcy's POV. It's fun, funny, and does some really interesting and cool things with the side characters. (Anne de Bourgh gets her own little role!)
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