Groups worldwide call
'No War on Iran'

January 2020

Organizations across the globe successfully mobilized in response to the call for a Global Day of Protest on January 25 in solidarity with the people of Iran and the Middle East against US war and aggression.

The member organizations of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS) and other allied organizations including the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty joined the global action.
In addition, 16 organizations from 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and West Asia issued a unity statement denouncing the warmongering of the US with Iran and its aggression in the whole of West Asia. Through the statement, the groups condemned the US government for "bullying" Iran by launching airstrikes and imposing sanctions that have caused decades-long distress and strife in the region.

World Economic Forum 2020 met with protests

The marchers aim to highlight how summit attendees have failed to address the climate crisis and are calling for an end to the annual event, which is in its 50th year.

Trump unveils Israel-Palestine ‘peace plan’

The deal proposed by US President Trump and enthusiastically endorsed by Prime Minister Netanyahu essentially frames all of these issues in Israel's favor.

Phase One of US-China trade deal signed

The deal commits Beijing to increasing its imports of U.S. manufacturing, energy and farm goods by $200 billion this year and next.

Relief efforts pour in for volcano eruption evacuees in PH

International groups join relief operations to help the victims of the Taal volcano eruption in Batangas province, Philippines.

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READ: Debt in Asia-Pacific and the China question

How well-founded are accusations that the BRI and China’s lending are a trap for Southern peoples, such as in Asia? Looking at the Asian debt situation shows that past and present debt burdens from traditional creditors remain.

READ: Challenging the Flawed Premise Behind Pushing GMOs into Indian Agriculture

There exists a ‘haughty imperialism’ within the pro-GMO scientific lobby that aggressively pushes for a GMO ‘solution’ which is a distraction from the root causes of poverty, hunger and malnutrition and genuine solutions based on food justice and food sovereignty.

APN cultivates 500 trees in Al-Dhlail, with the support of Tamam

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature resumes agricultural activities as part of the Green Caravan, following the first rain of the season.

Pension protest at France's biggest hydro-dam creates power shortfall

In cities and towns across France, people are calling for an in-depth economic revamping that favors the working class.

Kenyans hold protest against inequality

The marchers were protesting against inequality in income, education, unemployment rates, gender-based bias, healthcare and access to clean water for drinking among many others.

ILPS call for a 'Week of International Struggle against US Imperialism'

This 2020 on May 25-31, the ILPS is calling for a “Week of International Struggle against US imperialism”. This would be a long shout-out to the world to be one with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia: to fight back and defeat US intervention and fascist reaction.

Portland HRC votes in favor of resolution to suspend military aid to PH

The Portland Human Rights Commission voted to submit a historic resolution to the Portland City Council to suspend U.S. military Aid to the Philippines.

Five murdered in 2020 Brazilian Amazon land conflicts, adding to 2019 surge

Barely a week into the new year, three Miranha indigenous men were murdered in Coari municipality, an oil and gas rich town on the banks of the Amazon River. Two more murders occurred in Maranhão state, on the Amazonian frontier.

Formulations of glyphosate-based weedkillers are toxic, tests show

Tests by a US government agency on common weedkilling products made with the chemical glyphosate have found some formulations sold to the public to be genotoxic, meaning they are damaging to human DNA.

Australia's indigenous people have a solution for the country's bushfires, and it's been around for 50,000 years

What Australians should really learn from the Aboriginal people is custodianship over the land. The way Aboriginal people deeply know and care for the land is something Australians should ponder and embrace.

EU Farm Chief pledges to tackle corruption in subsidy program

The Times examination demonstrated how democratic reactionary political leaders have actually made use of the program to enhance themselves and also their political allies at the cost of tiny farmers. It additionally demonstrated how the program has actually added to terrible ecological troubles.
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