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An irregular newsletter of what Juan-Carlos is doing, thinking, and appreciating. 

Heading home at the end of a long journey. The last in a series of portraits I made of the Icelandic Ring Road.

Hola familia,

Not much in the way of freaky, weird shit in this newsletter–the current state of our world appears sufficient for the time being. Scroll down for pants recommendations [1].

I do have a bit of life news to share: I was recently accepted into Insight's Data Engineering program. It's a tuition free, professional fellowship that assists software engineers in transitioning into data and systems engineering roles. Data engineering is a growing discipline at the heart of every analytics, machine learning, and large-scale data processing endeavor. This direction gets me closer to a field of opportunities that I've been interested in for a while. We'll see how it turns out, but I'm optimistic and eager to start. I'm also grateful to have a capstone experience to this period of self-study and reflection.

In other news, Heather and I got an old cargo van and began converting it to a camper. It's a work in progress and we're not in any rush to finish. Unsurprisingly, it's both immensely satisfying and therapeutic to build a home on wheels in the midst of the housing and affordability crisis we're experiencing in California.

I'll leave it at that for now. Call me if you'd like to talk about how a ceremony involving plant medicine was the most profound and healing experience of my life or why democracy will have a tough time surviving the 21st century and why that may be a good thing.

We are better together

One love,

Juan-Carlos Foust

[1] Yes, I know what you're thinking: the only good pants are no pants, that is, the state of being pantsless. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. These recommendations are for the unfortunate circumstance in which one is coerced into pants, that is, the state of being pantsfull. Or is it pants-bearing? Hosebehaftet?
🎵 Music

Sachamama (Numatik Remix) by Poranguí. Link 

Splinter by 0edit. Link

Mythological Beauty by Big Thief. Link

Gardiner - Bach Cantatas. Link 

Chill Lofi Study Beats by Spotify. Link
📹 Videos

The Water Will Come. A talk by Jeff Goodell on rising seas, sinking cities, and the remaking of the civilized world. Link

SNL: Millennial Millions. Link

Seattle is Dying. Opinionated, frustrated, but mostly fair documentary on the homelessness and addiction crisis in Seattle. Link

Historian Niall Ferguson on the roots of today's political polarization. Link

🎧 Podcasts

Tara Brach: The Sacred Art of Listening. Link

Death, Sex, & Money: Autism Isn’t What I Signed Up For. One parent's perspective. Link

Anatomy of Next: Interstellar. On the limits of biology and technology that will take us beyond our solar system. Link

Anatomy of Next: China. On differences in cultures of business. A balanced take from a Chinese American investor whose workaholism eventually led to cancer. Link

Anatomy of Next: A New Defense. Palmer Luckey (Occulus founder) discusses his new company Anduril. Link

The Knowledge Project: The Mental Habits of Effective Leaders. Link

On Being: Rachel Naomi Remen — The Difference Between Fixing and Healing. My favorite On Being episode. Link

Conversations with Tyler: Camille Paglia on her Lifestyle of Observation. If you haven't heard Paglia speak, this is a great introduction. Link

Kevin Rose Show: Dr. Andrew Weil - healing herbs, healthy oils, mushrooms, omega-3’s, and other health tips. Link

Commonwealth Club of California: How Game of Thrones Explains Modern Military Strategy. Link

Commonwealth Club of California: Creating a Global Sustainable Future. Link

Commonwealth Club of California: Understanding the Asian Century. Link

80,000 Hours: On founding charter cities with outstanding governance to end poverty. Link

📃 Writing

National Review: San Francisco’s Slow-Motion Suicide. Few are able to honestly capture what it's like to live in the Bay Area right now, but Gibson nails it. Link

New York Times: The Moral Peril of Meritocracy. Actually a very profound and poetic take on the shortcomings of our individualistic culture. Link

Strategika: The Growth Of Chinese Power And Influence. If my other China links aren't enough for you, here's more from the Hoover Institute. Link

RadicalXChange: Why I am Not a Capitalist. Link

The Gordian Knot in Housing Politics. Link

Spiritual Bypassing. Link

The Myth of the Present Moment. Link

👖 Pants

Lululemon ABC Pant Classic. Link

Vuori Trail Short. Link

Zanerobe Honeycomb Flight Jogger. Link

💩 Democracy

Another Way by Lawrence Lessig. Link

Ranked-choice voting worked in Maine. Now we should use it in presidential races. Link

Fargo, ND Makes History: First US City To Implement Approval Voting. Link

We use the worst voting system that exists. Here’s how Aaron Hamlin is going to fix it. Link

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