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Times of tragedy bring out the best and worst of humanity  

                                          ~ Author Unknown

COVID-19 has been a sucker punch to the gut of our nation. We could never have predicted such an indelible impact of which the recovery is going to take some time.
From the beginning, GSSSI leadership and staff have rolled with the punches and have made an impact on the lives of the individuals we serve. 
Since March 2020, GSSSI staff have:
  • Made 30,972 wellness checks to our clients and members
  • Delivered 37% MORE Home Delivered Meals
  • Given out 1400 disposable masks, 1000 pairs of gloves, 400 units of hand sanitizer, 2400 rolls of toilet paper
  • Responded to 2406 inquiries for GSSSI programs and services
  • Mailed out 415 homemade masks (all sewn by volunteers) to GSSSI consumers
And we aren't done. Whatever COVID-19 has in its arsenal, we will counteract with calm perseverance, kindness, and increased services.
GSSSI ADRD Case Manager, Jeannie Banas
provides home care case management to complex and high risk elders diagnosed with ADRD and their caregivers. Jeannie provides counseling, information, referrals, education and support throughout their unique ADRD journey. As the in-house specialist, she supports staff with case consultations, joint visits, intervention strategies and trainings.
ADRD = Alzheimer's Disease Related Dementia
Jeannie also writes a weekly dispatch with valuable Alzheimer's & dementia related information that serves as a resource for families, caregivers, and GSSSI staff.
In her latest dispatch Jeannie shared some much needed humor!
Though Alzheimer's is a very serious disease, real life stories and quips are great sources of laughter - which, of course, is the best medicine!

These Funny Dementia Stories Had Us Laughing Out Loud
See the humor in silly situations
Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia means that you see and hear a lot of crazy things.
Sometimes the situation turns into something absolutely hilarious. When that happens, you can’t help but laugh.
We explain why laughter is helpful in caregiving, why finding the humor in a situation isn’t mean or disrespectful, and share funny stories from dementia caregivers.
Laughter helps dementia caregivers cope
Humor is a great way to release stress and tension. 
It also helps you cope with difficult emotions that come up when caring for someone with dementia. 
Besides, don’t you always feel better after a good laugh?
You’re not laughing to be mean or disrespectful
Laughing at something funny your older adult says or does doesn’t make you a bad person.
You’re not laughing at them or being mean-spirited, you’re laughing at a silly situation. And don’t be surprised if they end up laughing even louder than you!
Plus, humor is great for relieving tension in awkward situations. 
For example, making a lighthearted comment when you’re helping someone with a personal task can help them feel less self-conscious.
Hear funny dementia stories from fellow caregivers
Only people who have been caregivers can fully appreciate this kind of humor.
For a hearty therapeutic laugh, check out these articles with funny stories from Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers:
These 6 dementia stories made us laugh out loud
1. Hey sailor 😉
“While working at an adult day care center for dementia patients, I attended to a female 90+ years old woman who was barely coherent. At one point, I was looking at her, thinking, ‘Are you still in there?’ She looked back at me, smiled, and said, ‘You like what you see, sailor?’”
– from Happy Hospitalist, in comments
2. Major weight loss
“Yesterday, I came home from work and Mom came out to the kitchen to greet me. I said, ‘Mom, you have on my sweatpants!’ We each have a pair of the same soft, comfy green sweats, but hers are a size 14 and mine are a few sizes bigger. She said, ‘I thought I had lost a lot of weight!’ Then she pulled up her shirt to show me that she had pinned the pants to her bra to keep them up! We had a good laugh!”
– from AgingCare
3. Sham dirt!
“Mom was rifling around in her closet one day and I asked her what she was doing. Exasperated, she said ‘I’m trying to find my sham dirt!’ It took me a minute to figure out that she meant to say ‘damn shirt’. When she saw my puzzled look she started laughing.”
– from Easy Living
4. Who’s on First?
“My DH is a pastor and even though he struggles with AD, a small local parish likes to have him come and do ‘supply work’ a couple Sundays a month. The thing is, the parish is made up of about two dozen very elderly parishioners, many of whom have memory issues. It is a great fit because they introduce themselves to my husband every few weeks, he forgets who they are by the next time he is there, but it doesn’t matter because they have forgotten they introduced themselves! I stand there sometimes and feel like I am in the old ‘Whose on First’ comedy routine! It’s a match made in heaven :)”
– from The Alzheimer’s Spouse
5. Memory issues
“One day early in my wife’s battle with Alzheimer’s I made a statement about not remembering where I put something. She looked at me and asked if I needed one of her pills.”
– from Caregiver Stress
6. No kangaroos here!
“Little man sitting at bedside with towel folded square on top of head. When I asked why, he stated it was to keep the kangaroos away. I asked how it was working and he said he hadn’t seen one yet. We’re in Georgia. There’s no high population of kangaroos at our facility to begin with.”
– from Happy Hospitalist

Click here to access an article from the Alzheimer's Association for COVID-19 Testing Tips for Families with a Loved one Living with Dementia

A Special Thank You to: 
Nowak Funeral Home
for their generous donation!

Through the generosity of donors, GSSSI is able to meet the increased needs being placed upon older adults and persons with disabilities during this pandemic. Donations have allowed us the opportunity to expand our capability for purchasing additional KN-95 masks for our Home Delivered Meal Drivers, purchasing additional food supplies for the community, and acquiring technology to assist in remote services. 

Senior Savings -  Living on a fixed income and dealing with the rising cost of living can be tough for seniors Did you know that many places of business offer senior discounts? - you just have to ask!
Amazon Prime offers a discount for seniors 60 and older who are on Medicaid. Go to and click on "
Sign up for Amazon senior discount" from there you will be able to register. 
Check back here in our next edition for more Senior Savings!
T'is the Season
Each Holiday Season, generous staff members donate essential gifts to GSSSI clients who have little to no family or informal supports. Santa and his elves then hand deliver each gift to the clients.
Over the years, we have received so many cards of gratitude from the recipients of these gifts. Their gratitude and the warm feeling we get from giving, keeps this tradition alive year after year. There is never a shortage of gifts for the many clients who need them.

Even COVID-19 couldn't stop us from this long standing tradition. Santa smartly came up with an idea to arrange safe and contactless gift delivery to our clients.
GSSSI staff donated hundreds of gift cards to be used for local grocery and drug stores. The gift cards will be mailed to clients with a personalized greeting card during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!
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