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Newsletter June 2019

SCPKU Summer Seminar "Chinese Corporations:  A Case Study Workshop"
, led by Prof. Andrew Walder (Stanford) and Prof. Zheng Lu (Tsinghua) convened in Beijing on June 17th, 2019. A diverse student body from Stanford, Tsinghua, and Peking University meet three times each week to discuss research on major Chinese corporations.  Read More
The 3rd Forum on Regulatory Science and Biomedical Innovations was held at SCPKU on June 7 - 8th, 2019.  The focus of this year's forum was on the Real-World Evidence in Biomedical Product Development and Regulatory Science.  About 150 international and Chinese Scholars, researchers, US and Chinese regulators, and pharma/biotech leaders attended the event.  Many participants commented that this was the highest quality academic event in the recent years. Read More

Research on Primary Care and Health Aging in China and India,  a conference hosted at SCPKU by Prof. Karen Eggleston, Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Director of Asia Policy Program at APARC on June 7th, 2019.  Numerous research papers were presented and discussed ranging from cost-saving care for various common health conditions of the rural and aging population to research-based policy making. Read more
China in the World, Rethinking International Regional Inquiring for the Twenty-first Century, 5th Annual UW-PKU Workshop on Higher Education took place at SCPKU on May 25-26.  Scholars from around the world considered these critical questions:  What might the cultural assumptions or geopolitical designs of earlier approaches to "area studies" foretell about China's current plans in this domain? What might we learn from the past to inform policy discussions, both in China and elsewhere, in the present?  Read more

PKUHSC (Peking University Health Science Center) delegation, headed by Prof. Zhan Qimin, executive vice president of Peking University and President of Peking University Health Science Center, visited Stanford on May 9, 2019.   Read more

"Heidegger Translations and their Meaning for Philosophy" sponsored by Stanford and Peking University.  Prof. Thomas Sheehan of Stanford Religious Studies co-hosted the conference with Prof. Xiping Jin of the German Studies Center of Peking University. Over 20 US and China experts on Heidegger were invited to meet virtually using the video conference facility at SCPKU on May 10-12, 2019.  Read more
The SCPKU Design Your Life Program offers an immersive and trans-formative experience by applying design principles and design thinking process on our lives and careers. This is an opportunity to approach these lifelong questions with a structured framework to work out your ideas in an interactive creative and productive process which can ultimately lead to a life that is truly meaningful and fulling for you. Read more.

July 15, 2019, is the Deadline for SCPKU Program Proposals and Applications for
Faculty Fellowships
Team Innovation Faculty Fellowship Program,
Pre-Doctoral Fellowships and
Faculty Led Graduate Seminar


─ 麥克法夸爾(Roderick MacFarquhar)

1949 年,毛澤東在內戰失敗的邊緣贏得勝利;七年後,他卻在勝利的邊緣一再遭遇慘敗。無論毛澤東想做什麼,他的初衷與事態的走向總是背道而馳,他的每一種對策,都導向更大的災難…原因何在?

本書以社會結構關係為主線,敘述1949–1976 年間毛澤東革命政權的興衰。這個時代既取得驚人的成就,也發生了史無前例的災難和動盪。原因錯綜複雜,然而高高在上、主導一切的正是毛澤東本人。


副标题: 毛澤東時代的中國
原作名: China Under Mao: A Revolution Derailed
作者: 魏昂德(Andrew G. Walder
译者: 閆宇, 出版年: 2019-7
出版社: 香港中文大學出版社
ISBN: 9789882371279

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