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Heads up..

Hello, everyone, I hope you are all keeping well, and keeping busy, whether home schooling, attending the garden, working at home or watching box sets and of coarse keeping up regular Pilates sessions!

I was just thinking about phones this week, and now that they are smart we use them for everything. 

So be mindful of your posture, and in particular your head position. Try to avoid being hunched over and bending your neck.

Look down at your device with your eyes, or prop it up in front of you, thereby taking away neck strain.

Exercises for the neck and head, 

Breathing, wide and full lifting your chest at the front, and opening the rib cage to the sides and back.

Head turns, lead with your gaze and turn your head to right and then to left..

Chin tucks, lead with your gaze and glance down tucking your chin towards your throat, then lift gaze to ceiling and look up towards ceiling allowing your chin to follow.

Nose circles, (in lying) close your eyes and draw circles on ceiling with your nose.  Also draw the infinity sign (8 on its side).

 (Dr Ken Hansraj MD, via Washington Post)
The picture above explained
The human head weighs about 12/14 lbs and as the head bends down the weight on the cervical spine increases. At a 15* angle the weight is about 27 lbs  and increases to 60 lbs when at 60* That is the weight of an average 8 yr old child.

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 Heads Up,Keep well, Stay calm & Pilates On 

Best wishes 

Mandy x


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