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If you've been reading my emails or blog with any regularity, you know I love winter. Especially a good Minnesota winter. 

I've spent the previous nineteen winters living in Washington state, talking up Minnesota's winter season, stories that always found Washington's winters wanting: Not enough snow. Laughably "low" temperatures. Too many clouds. Too much rain. Too many hills for ice to cover.

The winters in western Washington tend to be so subtle and green (and, yes, really lovely in many ways) that I found it difficult to tell whether we were heading into, winter or out of it. Washingtonians call it a four-season climate, but I only experienced three -- spring, summer and, well, aut-ter. Need evidence? Check out this comparison from Jan. 17:
Photo credits: SC in Minnesota/Andria Villanueva in Washington

Now resettled in Minnesota, I'm getting a good dose of a Minnesota winter -- solid snow cover, single-digit and below-zero temperatures. It's good for memory to meet reality, right? Brrr.

What I'm also being reminded of is how a bitter cold snap can maroon a person indoors and lead to a case of what I call "the ya-yas."

And those ya-yas can inspire some questionable choices. 

My latest involves a slightly ill-fated attempt at a relatively rare winter sport. The full story is on my blog: "The winter ya-yas: a cautionary tale." 

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Take good care -- and stay warm!

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A virtual visit to Japan

Spend twenty minutes of a snowy day in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood. (Shibuya is home to the intersection known as "the world's busiest crosswalk.")  
Pearls photo credit: Tiffany Anthony on Unsplash
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