Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
It's nice to discover you're not alone in feeling your feelings.

I bet this week It hasn't just happened to me when this article about a new emotion appeared in The New York Times. 
Languishing is a new definition for the predominant feeling of 2021: it's not depression but you feel joyless and aimless. 
Reading that really resonated with me and shook a nerve, it was like I had suddenly been woken up from a long nap. It manifested in the little things and a subtle shift in attitude (even just thinking about new ideas had not happened in months) and that is enough to make me feel more hopeful.

I even started singing to myself again.
artist: Manshen Lo
title: There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing
Starting to meet up with people in the flesh has lifted my spirits up too and gave me more energy to move in the direction I need and I feel much more optimistic than I did a few months ago. As touch will be reintroduced gradually into our lives, it will be interesting to see how people get used to proximity and ritual behaviours once again.
I am not used to the air shift someone create when they enter your personal space anymore, hugs will be really rare and clumsy. I wonder how long until I resume my favourite way to greet friends: two kisses on the cheeks... that sounds like pure utopia at this moment!

Being emotionally and socially responsive to touch is so biologically fundamental to us that CT afferents are present over almost every inch of our skin, absent only from the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet.

These nerves are, Wasling explains in her TEDxGöteborg talk, particularly attuned to three things: a light touch, gently moving, and around 32 degrees Celsius (89F). Which just happens to be human skin temperature. So they are programmed to be most responsive to a gentle caress from another person.

Humans Are Made To Be Touched

...the sun must also be responsible for me starting up taking photos again...

In an effort to revive my energy/inspiration, I'm bringing my camera with me every time my feet leave the house. It's quite big and cumbersome, but I consciously decided to stew in my emotional discomfort for a little while and then completely ditch it before the door closes behind me. I am treating every walk like an exploration and try to step into at least 1 new street every day.

Then while editing, I'm rediscovering black & whites and softer colour grading and I am challenging myself to experiment more and stand at the edge, if not outside, of the 'contrasty comfort zone' that has accompanied me for so many years. You can follow me on Instagram (if you are not already) to see more of my latest work as I'm planning to post more often.

I have also completely redesigned my website with a whole new section for portraiture.

From portraits to a super smooth segue into Eta } ● { Myr

Last week was an extremely important milestone in one of my oldest friends/muse/supporter's life.
An article about her was published on Vice (sorry Italian only) about the Psychedelic Care she offers in Utrecht.

 Visit her website

She is a one-of-a-kind artist and psychedelic companion that anyone would be lucky to cross paths with.
We will be collaborating offering to document people's journeys with images, videos and anything else that will be requested of us. I am so excited about this I can barely contain myself!
She is one of the most honest, true-to-self people I have ever met, and makes me want to push myself to the edge of my boundaries. Here below is a portrait I took of her years ago which, to this day, is still one of my favourite photos, that attitude and profile are everything and more.
The nose knows.
photo: Caterana Tonnē Fleur
title: Lily and The Flying Fish
And if you are still reading...
you've got great concentration skills!
There is one more thing I would love to share.

I have been compiling a playlist all throughout quarantine and the many lockdowns we've had to adhere to here in London. I was afraid it would be quite a bleak and depressing one, being I wasn't in the happiest place in my life, but actually, I surprised myself!
This list of songs is quite romantic, it is the perfect mix for quiet moments with a sprinkle of sweet melancholy (otherwise it wouldn't be me).
If this sounds like it could be something you need once in a while, you'll find the link below, there are some old times classics in there plus some really random and old tracks I had forgotten about that resurfaced – bringing back memories and atmospheres of being a kid in my grandma's kitchen – they are wholesome and purely happy.

I also had fun designing a proper cover image for it.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

image: Caterana Tonnē Fleur
title: QRNTN VOL.1
♬ Listen to QRNTN #1
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Fruit of Tonne Fleur's brain associations.
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