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"Life's too short, eat the cake" is written in neon pink lettering at Mmm... Cakes bakery at Third & F Street (310 Third Avenue, Suite C4). Celebrity Chef Jose Barajas, along with Stevie Bowlin and Miguel Angel Barajas, opened their Golden-Girls' themed fantasy bakery in October, thrilling not only the local Chula Vistans who know and love them but also their Food Network fans from around the world. You can follow them here and here.

November 1, 2021

Dear Northwest Chula Vista Neighbors and Friends,

November has always been one of my favorite months of the year.

November is the month that boasts the best American holiday that millions around the world now celebrate - Thanksgiving.

We also celebrate Veteran's Day each November, and express our gratitude to the men and women who fought hard for our country.

This November, we have more reasons to be thankful.

We're thankful that all three COVID booster vaccines are available, free, and ready to add extra protection so that we can safely beat COVID and return to life as we knew it.

We're thankful that the Mid-Coast blue line trolley extension opens on November 21st. You can take a one-seat ride from the trolley stop at the border in San Ysidro, through Chula Vista and downtown San Diego, and all the way up to the Veteran's Medical Center, UCSD, and UTC. 

We're thankful that after more than 9 months of tremendous concern and hope, Larry Millete was charged with the murder of his wife, Maya. Our amazing Chula Vista Police Department gathered enough evidence to charge him and for the District Attorney to order him held without bail while he waits for his trial.

We're thankful that the Third Avenue Village Association is now being managed by New City America, the same folks (three with Chula Vista roots) who transformed Little Italy, and they are off to a great start with a sold-out event Dia De Los Muertos, featuring music, food, and beautiful decorations along Third Avenue.

We're thankful for the many new locally-owned businesses that continue to open and thrive in Chula Vista, including Mmm... Cakes at Third & F Street, Sammy's Pizza, open 24 hours at 285 Bay Boulevard (at Seven Mile Casino), Rev Body Fitness and Dunkin' Doughnuts in Eastlake.  

We're thankful that a San Ysidro Healthcare Breast Cancer screening clinic, located INSIDE a grocery store, opened adjacent to the very healthy produce section of Gonzalez Northgate Market at 1058 Third Avenue! It brought tears to my eyes, thinking that if my friend, Vista Square kindergarten teacher Othilia Woodward, who used to shop with me at Northgate Gonzalez Market, knew how easy and convenient it was to get screened for breast cancer, she might be alive today. 

We're thankful that on November 8th, the US/Mexico land border will finally open to travelers who have been fully vaccinated.

We're thankful to the CCDC, CARB, Circuit, and city staff, and the $2M in grants to make FREE door-to-door electric shuttles for seniors 55+ in Northwest Chula Vista in early 2022, a project three years in the making that I started working on during my first month in office.

Despite all of this good news, I am sorry to share my grave concern about something the County of San Diego is considering: MEHKOs.

-- On September 15th, the County voted to consider allowing ALL residential dwellings in the County of San Diego to operate mini-restaurants in private homes (MicroEnterprise Home Kitchen Operations, also known as MEHKOs) as a new type of in-home, retail food facility. Our city council considered writing a letter of opposition to  the County in September, but the 3-2 consensus was to wait for more information. 

-- If San Diego County adopts the MEHKO ordinance, it will be Countywide, and all residential dwellings from condos in Imperial Beach to apartments and single family homes in Chula Vista, to mansions in Rancho Santa Fe will be able to serve and sell up to 30 meals per day in a residential dwelling, with one annual, scheduled inspection. 

-- AB 377 does not allow for an individual city jurisdiction to decide whether to opt-in or opt-out of MEHKOs if the County Board of Supervisors adopts the MEHKO ordinance.

-- I personally have enough information to very strongly, unequivocally oppose a County-wide acceptance of MEHKOs.

-- I fear MEHKOs have the potential to create a public health nightmare, harm our public infrastructure and sewer system, disrupt neighborhood peace and harmony, create unfair competition to our highly regulated brick-and-mortar restaurants, and will burden our Code Enforcement, Public Works, CVPD, Fire Department, and other city staff with trying to figure out how to keep our community members, neighborhoods and infrastructure safe from harm. Further, let us not forget that beginning in January 2022, all organics will need to be disposed of in yard waste containers at single and multi-family dwellings, further compounding and exacerbating public health issuesClick here to learn more, or here for a fact sheet about MEHKOs. Click here to email your objections to the County.

But back to reasons to be thankful...

In closing, I am thankful to you, my constituents and friends, for taking the time to read this very long newsletter, to stay informed, to be involved, to volunteer and participate, and to care about our beautiful Chula Vista and our region. Please consider voicing your objection to MEHKOs by emailing here.

This last note is for my parents and family (who proudly read my newsletters each month from Michigan) - we are also thankful that our alma mater, Michigan State, beat the University of Michigan in one of the best college football games ever... Go GREEN! And Happy Thanksgiving! Miss you so much...

Warm regards,

Jill M. Galvez | Chula Vista City Councilmember | District 2, Northwest
276 Fourth Avenue | Chula Vista, CA  | 91910
Phone: 619.691.5177 | Cell: 619.997.1016 | Email:

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• •  Happening This Month (November)  • • 
  • November is Native American Heritage Month
  • Dia de los Muertos, Monday, November 1st
  • Chula Vista High School Presents: The Curious Savage, their first high school play since COVID!! Tickets are $10 and $8 for students at the door of Chula Vista High School's Little Theatre. Showtimes Wed (11/3) & Thurs (11/4) 6:30pm, Fri (11/5) 4pm & 7:30pm, and Sun (11/7) 2pm.
  • Diwali, Thursday, November 4th
  • Chula Vista Redistricting Commission Meeting, Thursday, November 4th, 6pm-9pm, Council Chambers 276 Fourth Avenue. Learn more here, see the proposed map here, or email comments here.
  • US IBWC Citizen's Forum, Thursday, November 4th, 5:30-7:30pm, FREE Zoom meeting, covering the recent upgrades to the Tijuana pump station, the USMCA projects in the San Diego Region, and sediment management. Click here for the agenda and Zoom link.
  • First Friday Breakfast, Friday, November 5th, 7:30am, FREE virtual event sponsored by the YMCA, the Chula Vista Chamber and the city of Chula Vista. This month's speaker is County Supervisor Nora Vargas. Click here to register.
  • Daylight Savings Time, FALL BACK, Sunday, November 7th, 2am, turn your clocks back one hour! 
  • US/Mexico Land Border Re-Opens, Monday, November 8th, for non-US resident travelers who are fully vaccinated. Essential workers crossing the border are not required to provide proof of vaccinations. Click here to read the Department of Homeland Security bulletin.
  • USMCA Public Information Meeting, Monday, November 8th, 1pm PST, learn about the solutions being considered by the EPA for the Tijuana River watershed by joining the Zoom here.
  • Chula Vista City Council Meeting, Tuesday, November 9th, 5:00pm, Teleconference or Council Chambers, 276 Fourth Avenue. Public Comments can be submitted here.
  • Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKOs) Public Workshop, Tuesday, November 9th, 6pm-7:30pm, Click here to register for this Zoom meeting or email your thoughts/concerns here.
  • Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKOs) Public Workshop, Wednesday, November 10th, 3pm-4pm, Click here to register for this Zoom meeting or email your thoughts/concerns here.
  • Veteran's Day, Thursday, November 11th, 11am, Memorial Park, 373 Park Way. Thank you to Chula Vista veterans and veterans everywhere for your service. We are grateful to you. Click here for more information about the service. Following the event, the VFW Post 2111 will be hosting a luncheon at 299 I Street. 
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, Saturday, November 13, 8:30am-2:30am, to help transform Lancerlot Park, 796 Colorado Avenue. Thank you to our city's Parks & Rec department, Public Works, our landscape architect, The Rock Church, Vulcan Materials, and CDBG grant funding to help make this long-overdue transformation possible. Please join us (wear gloves and sunscreen!).
  • Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKOs) Public Workshop, Monday, November 15th, 6pm-7:30pm, Click here to register for this Zoom meeting or email your thoughts/concerns here.
  • Chula Vista City Council Meeting, Tuesday, November 16th, 5:00pm, Teleconference or Council Chambers, 276 Fourth Avenue. Public Comments can be submitted here.
  • Chula Vista Garden Club, Thursday, November 18th, 11am-1pm, Norman Park Senior Center. New members welcome!
  • Chula Vista Redistricting Commission Meeting, Thursday, November 18th, 6pm, Council Chambers 276 Fourth Avenue. Learn more here, see the proposed map here, or email comments here.
  • MTS Blue Line Trolley - Mid-Coast Extension Opening Day, Sunday, November 21st. After this day, you can ride the Blue Line Trolley from San Ysidro to La Jolla, sitting in the same seat! Learn more here. Download the Pronto app on your smartphone here.
  • Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25th
  • Native American Heritage Day, Thursday, November 26th
  • Small Business Saturday, Saturday, November 27th, shop local!
  • Hanukkah, Sunday, November 28th - December 6th
• •  Happening Next Month (December)  • • 
  • City Council Vote on Redistricting Map, Tuesday, Dec. 7th
  • Christmas, Saturday, December 25th
Click HERE for the Official City of Chula Vista Calendar of Events or to submit a future event for consideration.

• •  Recent Council Items of Interest  • • 

Three years in the making!! This is the free door-to-door shuttle service area map for seniors 55+ that I've been telling you about in past newsletters. SIX electric shuttles will operate 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, beginning (hopefully) in early 2022. You can call via phone, app, or text. I'm working hard on expanding the coverage area and seeking additional grants... Stay tuned!
Council accepted (4-0) 10/12/21 grant funds of $997,833 from the California Air Resources Board, and $1,000,000 from the Community Congregational Development Corporation, and accepted an agreement with Circuit Transit, to provide FREE door-to-door electric shuttle services for seniors 55+ in Northwest Chula Vista, 12  hours a day, 5 days per week, managed by the city and operated by Circuit. Click here to watch the presentation, here for the map showing the service area, or here for the staff report. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Daniel Kramer of Circuit, city staff Dennis Gakunga, Stacey Kurtz, Maria Kachadoorian, Bill Valle, Barbara Locci, Michael McDonnell, Glen Googins, Eric Crockett, and the wonderful board members of the CCDC: Laurie Orange, David Hand, Jerry May, Nancy and Wayne Holiman, Ruth Jones, Mike Green and Jessica Ripper. 

Council heard 10/12/21 our Police Department's update on Crime and Safety Trends. Compared amongst the nine largest cities in the County in 2020, Coronado and Chula Vista had the lowest crime rates, according to the FBI Index. And more good news - for the first time in over 21 years, the Police Department has met both Priority 1 (514 calls, avg. 5:27) and Priority 2 (11,561 calls, avg. 11:49) response time goals in the same fiscal year. Top 10 Citizen-Initiated calls (in order, by volume): 1. General Disturbance, 2. Domestic Violence, 3. Check a Person's Well-Being, 4. Traffic Collision, 5. Mental Health Evaluation, 6. Petty Theft ($950 or less), 7. False Alarm, 8. Noise Disturbance, 9. Illegally Parked Vehicle, 10. Assault. There were 1,548 vehicle collisions in the past year in Chula Vista,109 of which involved one or more pedestrians. Our local count of unsheltered individuals in Chula Vista was 339 in 2021, up from 262 in 2017. Click here to read Police Chief Roxana Kennedy's full report.

Council accepted (4-0) 10/12/21 the recommendation of the Growth Management Oversight Commission and staff to not prepare/present a comprehensive review and annual report for FY 2020/21.

Council heard 10/12/21 a presentation by the San Diego Food Bank. The San Diego Food Bank currently distributes food, diapers, and other necessities through 38 partners in Chula Vista.

Council voted (4-0) 10/12/21 to approve the Tax-Exempt Affordable Housing Multi-Family Revenue Notes and Bonds for a 200 unit project, "Columba Apartments" at the northwest corner of Solstice Ave and Optima Street in the Millenia neighborhood of Otay Ranch, Chula Vista.

Council voted (4-0) 10/26/21 to ratify the appointment of John Skeel as our new Director of Animal Services. John previously served as the Deputy Director of Animal Care and Control for the city and county of San Francisco, and his impressive resume can be viewed here.

Council voted (4-0) 10/26/21 to approve the framework of a "Workforce Housing Policy" that will enable the city to consider Joint Power Authority housing proposals for moderate income rental projects. 

Council heard 10/26/21 an update from Chula Vista Fire Chief Harry Muns after the first six months of operation of EMT/Ambulance Transport. Click here to read the presentation, or here (at 2:30 to watch the presentation). Highlights include a tremendous improvement in response times at all ten stations, as well as Imperial Beach and Bonita, 

. . . . . . . . .

The next city council meeting is Tuesday, November 9th, at 5pm, Chula Vista City Council Chambers, 276 4th Avenue. Councilmembers will be in attendance and seated on the dais. The public is welcome to attend in person. Council meetings are generally the first four Tuesdays of the month. Agendas are posted the Thursday prior to each meeting. To view the agenda, click here. To subscribe to receive future agendas, click here.

City council meetings can be viewed live online here or on television Cox Cable channel 24 (only in Chula Vista) or AT&T U-Verse channel 99 (anywhere in the county), via live-streaming on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


• •  High Priority Items • • 

Police Officer Staffing, as of 11/1/2021 -  WE'RE HIRING ! 
  • Authorized Peace Officers - 280* Full Time Employees (Chief, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Agents, Peace Officers)
  • Authorized Peace Officers (filled) - 241
  • Vacancies - 39* Full Time Equivalents
  • Applicants for those positions currently in process - 254 applicants are currently on a civil service list for either Police Recruit or Lateral Peace Officer. These applicants have passed a written test, pre-background questionnaire, physical agility test and/or oral board interview. After being placed on this list, applicants must successfully complete a background, chief's interview, psychological evaluation and pre-employment medical. Our Human Resources Department is continually recruiting, which includes written test, physical agility testing and oral board interviews monthly. Chula Vista has very high standards for our police officers, and we lose a majority of applicants in the first phase of the application process. We can and should do better as a city to prioritize funding for our police department to ensure that all vacancies are filled. You can read more about my thoughts on Public Safety staffing here.

• •  Did You Know  • • 

The Third Avenue Village Association (TAVA) is now under new management! Beginning in October, TAVA is now managed by New City America, the same organization and people who made Little Italy the dynamic place it is today. We welcome the new team of Dominic Li Mandri, Monica Montes, Christopher Gomez and Dianne Serna De Leon, and congratulate them on a successful and sold-out first event, Dia De Los Muertos last Friday. Learn more about TAVA and sign up for event updates here.

Chula Vista's Police Department has contracted with the firm AirData UAV to provide increased transparency, providing residents with the ability to view the exact location, flight path, and purpose behind each drone flight. To view drone flight data, click here.

Chula Vista's Police Department and District Attorney Summer Stephan have arrested Larry Millete for the murder of his wife, Maya Millete. Larry is being held without bail. To date, Maya's body has not been recovered. Maya's children are safe in an undisclosed location. Click here to watch the story.

The Chula Vista Fire Department opened a new centennial exhibit at the South Chula Vista Library, 100 Years of the Chula Vista Fire Department, at 389 Orange Avenue. See Fire Department artifacts, including the very first Chula Vista Fire truck. Read the history of the Chula Vista Fire Department here

Chula Vista's Fire Department has a new "Tiller Truck" (also known as a ladder truck). Truck 51 replaces the 17 year old ladder truck. It will be housed at Fire Station 1 on F Street near City Hall as soon as the fire station is remodeled to accommodate this almost 58' vehicle. The tiller truck is currently in service from Fire Station 3 at 100 Moss Street.

Most Parks & Rec programming is now available, including a Thanksgiving Camp 11/22-11/24, 9am - 4pm, at the Parkway Community Center. Winter programs begin January 10th, 2022. Click here for more information.

MTS Blue Line Trolley's Mid-Coast Extension opens for one-seat rides from the San Ysidro border trolley stop to the VA, UCSD, and UTC Mall on Sunday, November 21st. Learn more here. Download the Pronto app on your smartphone here.

Republic Services will begin delivery of new, green food/organics/yard waste mechanical containers to single-family residential customers who do not have a Republic Services-provided green cart this month. On January 1st, 2022, Republic Services will go live with Chula Vista food and yard waste collection in the single green containers. After January 1st, Republic Services will no longer service customer-owned yard waste containers. Please read information in your trash bill. Anticipated rate changes/increases are February 1, 2022, after the Proposition 218 hearing.

Sweetwater Authority has a new General Manager, Carlos Quintero. Quintero comes to us from the Santa Ana Watershed Authority, and replaces GM Tish Berge, who accepted a position with the San Diego County Water Authority in February. Quintero will oversee 136 employees, and his salary is $245,000Read more here.

• •  Congratulations to  • • 

SBCS for celebrating 50 years of service in the South Bay, supporting children, youth, and families, and most recently, helping distribute Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding to our residents impacted by COVID-19. We appreciate all that you do! Learn more about SBCS here.

Celebrity chef and Chula Vista Native Jose Barajas, Stevie Bowlin, and Miguel Angel Barajas for an exciting opening of their long-anticipated Mmm... Cakes bakery at the southwest corner of Third & F Street. This "Golden Girls" themed fantasy bakery has quickly become a fan favorite! Thank you to our fellow Chula Vistans who donated to their crowd sourcing campaign to make this dream come true! Click here to read the story.

Troy Schlage, Jr., for becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest award a scout can receive. Only 4% of scouts in the U.S. move up through the ranks of scouting to earn the Eagle Scout honor. Thanks also to Troy's parents, Troy Sr. and Ellen Schlage, for your commitment and years of service, helping Troy achieve this honor.

• •  With Gratitude  • • 

Congratulations on 40 years of service, and best wishes for your retirement, Mike Leake. We appreciate your stewardship and dedication to the health of the tens of thousands of trees in Chula Vista's right of ways, parks, facilities, and throughout our beautiful city. Thank you. 

• •  Kudos to  • • 

Community Congregational Development Corporation's Laurie Orange, David Hand, Jerry May, Nancy and Wayne Holiman, Ruth Jones, Mike Green and Jessica Ripper, Circuit Transit, the California Air Resources Board, and city staff Dennis Gakunga, Stacey Kurtz, Maria Kachadoorian, Bill Valle, Barbara Locci, Michael McDonnell, Glen Googins, Eric Crockett for working together to provide FREE door-to-door electric shuttle services for seniors 55+ in Northwest Chula Vista, 12 hours a day, 5 days per week, managed by the city and operated by Circuit. Click here to watch the presentation, here for the map showing the service area, or here for the staff report. Click here to watch Joe Little's news story, or here to watch the charming story by Televisa, featuring Rosemary Murphy and Marta Sanchez, the San Diego Union Tribune story here.

Students from Hilltop, Castle Park, Mar Vista, and Bonita Vista High Schools, plus the South Bay Sustainable Communities and all other volunteers who participated in the 18th Annual Beautify Chula Vista Day in October, sponsored by Chula Vista Public Works.

Students from Chula Vista High School and teacher Maria Galleher, for cleaning up the areas around their high school on a regular basis. We appreciate you!

Kudos to brilliant Teresa Blanco, Director of Community Engagement and Wellness at Gonzalez Northgate Market, and to Kevin Mattson of San Ysidro Health and his team for opening the incredibly innovative new San Ysidro Healthcare Breast Cancer screening clinic, located INSIDE a grocery store, adjacent to the very healthy produce section of Gonzalez Northgate Market at 1058 Third Avenue! 

• •  Call to Action  • • 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, Saturday, November 13, 8:30am-2:30am, to help transform Lancerlot Park, 796 Colorado Avenue. Please join us (wear gloves and sunscreen!) to help excavate dirt, install rocks and decomposed granite pathways along the sides of the new playground which will be installed in January or February 2022. Thank you to The Rock Church, Vulcan Materials, and Chula Vista city staff for making this long-overdue renovation possible.

Help local school children in need by donating $ to the Chula Vista Police Department School Resource Officers' Annual Shoe and Socks Giveaway Fund. Join CVESD, SBCS, and the Chula Vista Police Foundation by considering a charitable gift to this 501(c)3. Contact Officer Ruvalcaba via email or call (619)585-5704.

• •  COVID-19 Update 11/1/21  • • 

If you lose your COVID Vaccination Card you can get another one by clicking this link.

Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson booster shots for COVID-19 are now available for those 65+, for persons with existing underlying health conditions, and for certain essential employees, as long as you are six months past completing your second dose of Pfizer/Moderna or two months after getting the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Use the MyTurn system to schedule your booster vaccination appointment. Different variants of COVID will likely be with us for a long time. We cannot become complacent about practicing COVID prevention. 

FREE COVID Testing is available at various locations throughout the County, including the new site at the Oleander Community Center, 1301 Oleander Avenue, Tues-Sat 7am-7pm. Click here to find a site near you, or call (833)422-4255. For help in scheduling a COVID test or vaccination, call (619)476-2397 M-F 11am-7pm. You can also find more information here.

FREE COVID Vaccinations (and COVID boosters) are available every Thursday, from 1pm-4pm, at Chula Vista City Hall, Building C Lobby, administered by the Chula Vista Fire Department. Other vaccination locations can be found here or here.

Remember, the COVID vaccine should be free. Free COVID vaccinations are also administered at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, 752 Medical Center Court, 10am-2pm, Monday - Friday. Free COVID vaccinations are also administered at the South Region Live Well Center at Chula Vista, 690 Oxford Street, 1-8pm, Sunday - Thursday. Free COVID vaccinations at San Ysidro Health at the Chula Vista PACE Center, 880 Third Ave. They have the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. They are taking walk-ins, but calling to make an appointment is recommended, (619) 205-4585.

If you are a housebound senior or cannot leave your home to receive a COVID vaccine, please call the Chula Vista resident support line (619) 476-2397. Our EOC staff will schedule our Chula Vista Fire Department's mobile vaccination unit "Operation Immunity" (Firefighter/Paramedic/EMT) to come to your residence.

IF YOU HAVE VERY RECENTLY TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 - Please consider getting early treatment (FREE) at one of two Monoclonal Antibody Regional Centers (MARC). The centers are open 7 days a week, and there is no cost to the patient, regardless of health insurance or immigration status. This is the same intravenous life-saving treatment that President Trump received to reduce his symptoms and help him recover after being infected by the coronavirus. Call (619) 685-2500 for more information. The Chula Vista MARC center is at 391 Oxford Street, Chula Vista. Click here to learn more.

If you lost a loved one due to COVID-19, FEMA may provide help with your funeral expenses, up to $9,000. FEMA will begin accepting calls to it's help center (844)684-6333 on April 12th. You will need a death certificate after January 2020 and all receipts. Beware of scammers - FEMA will not call you. Click here to learn more.

CONSUMER ALERT on Reported COVID FEES charged to patients. Attorney General Xavier Becerra's office issued an alert warning consumers about some healthcare providers reportedly charging patients a COVID FEE when seeking care. If you are being charged a COVID FEE by your doctor, dentist, or other healthcare practitioner, please call one of the following: Medi-Cal Members call (800)541-5555, Medicare members call (800)633-4227, Private Insurance call (800)927-4357, and/or file a complaint here

You can continue to check updated COVID-19 information at three important websites: the City of Chula Vista, County of San Diego and State of California.

California's eviction moratorium ended September 30, 2021.

U.S. land borders with Mexico and Canada will open November 8th for vaccinated travelers. Beginning January 2022, all persons crossing the border will be required to show proof of vaccination.

• •  Need Help?  • • 

The County of San Diego is offering a Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDAP). The security deposit cannot exceed two months' rent for a maximum award amount of $7,000. Vouchers are limited. Applications will be accepted until funds are no longer available. Click here for more information.

Chula Vista Residents may now qualify to have 100% of past-due rent covered by the State. The Chula Vista ERAP program (which stands for Emergency Rental Assistance Program) is distributing up to $16.8 million in past-due rent relief from and help with utility bills. Click here to learn more and apply. Click here for a tutorial on how to apply (in English and Spanish) and to learn eligibility details. If you need help with the online application, you can call (619)271-1805 during business hours. Walk-in help is available at South Bay Community Services, 430 F Street. Funding for this program comes from allocations from the U.S. Department of Treasury and the State of California. If you do not live in Chula Vista, click here if you need help. NOTE: funding may soon run out. Be sure to apply soon.

Don't despair - call someone if you are having mental health issues! Click here for a list of mental health resources in the county, or call (888) 724-7240 for 24x7 crisis support and referrals from trained and experienced counselors.

Eviction protections changed on October 1st. To reduce the risk of eviction, eligible renters should apply for the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program by calling (833)430-2122 or visiting

Chula Vista Rental Assistance
, call (619) 271-1805 or click here.

South Bay Community Services, click here.

Housing Help, State of California, click here.

Legal Aid Society of San Diego, click here.

San Diego County Advocacy Against Discrimination, call (800) 954-0441 or click here.

• •  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs  • • 

Click here to see a list of current job openings with the city of Chula Vista. Job descriptions (and salary ranges) can be found here.
Click here to bid on projects with the city.
Click here to file for unemployment benefits if you have recently lost your job.

MTS is hiring - more than 100 job openings are available, with $1000 signing bonus for select positions. Click here to learn more or attend a hiring fair.

Marine Group Boatworks on the Chula Vista Bayfront is hiring (and training prospective employees!). Click here to learn more.

Chula Vista Bayfront construction partners Mortenson McCarthy Joint Venture are seeking small and diverse business enterprises to pre-qualify as Trade Partners for the 1600-room Gaylord Pacific Resort and Convention Center. Construction should begin in 2022. Click here to pre-qualify and learn more about business opportunities, or email here with questions.

. . . . . . . .

Thank you for the honor to serve you on the Chula Vista City Council. Your thoughts and questions are always welcome!

Be safe, take care, and please check in on your friends and family via phone, email, letter, or in person!

Warm regards,

Jill M. Galvez | Chula Vista City Councilmember | District 2, Northwest
276 Fourth Avenue | Chula Vista, CA | 91910
Phone: 619.691.5177 | Cell: 619.997.1016 | Email:
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