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October 2022


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An Open Mic for Election Reflections
with AFJM's Mark Young
Monday, November 14th
At 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 6 PM MT / 5 PM PT via Zoom
Register in advance
How do you feel post-election? AFJM invites you to our Open Mic to share your thoughts! We would like to hear from monetary reformers new and old on your Election Reflections. Election season is a busy time, this open forum is meant for us to decompress and digest the results.

At AFJM's September Coffeehouse,
 Educating Legislators, Candidates, and Voters on Monetary Reform, we introduced the American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA). At this Open Mic, we hope to assess our legislators and discuss who would be good candidates to introduce AMRA to. Join us for a fun night!
Visit AFJM's Events page to view our past and future events!

AFJM's Subscriber Campaign
AFJM has begun a campaign for new subscribers and we need YOUR help! We are asking all AFJM supporters to email your friends, family, and connections to encourage them to subscribe to AFJM's mailing list. Here is a sample email message you can copy and paste into an email of your own and then send. Or simply draft your own message and include this link to our subscription page in it:
International Monetary Reform Now T-Shirts
Support the
International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) by purchasing a T-shirt and making a donation today! The IMMR is raising funds to support our global monetary reform efforts! The campaign is for a limited time with only 20 days to go to reach their goal.

Reading Circle
AFJM's Membership & Movement Committee is offering a Reading Circle this fall on Dr. Christine Desan's 2022 paper, "
How To Spend a Trillion Dollars: Our Monetary Hardwiring, Why It Matters, and What To Do About It." This is the paper on which her presentation at the American Monetary Institute conference was based.
We will meet three times to study this 62-page academic paper and then, hopefully, have a final Q&A session with Dr. Desan. Each session will be 1.5 hours and occur this fall at times the largest number of participants can attend. The session with Dr. Desan will depend on her interest and availability.
If you are interested, please complete this
 google form now. All are welcome! We will contact all who express interest by Nov. 5th to determine the actual schedule. We hope you join this Reading Circle on Dr. Desan's paper. Sign up here. Thanks!

With monetary reform interest rates are no longer a monetary issue
By John Howell

Today, the setting of interest rates is the major way the Federal Reserve has for carrying out its monetary task of regulating the nation’s money supply. The setting of interest rates serves to modulate the rate of money creation through bank lending. The money supply is a balance between the rate of money creation by bank lending and the rate of withdrawal of money through the repayment of bank loans.

Under monetary reform regulating the money supply will no longer be based on lending. The money supply will be the result of a balance between the rate of money creation by government and the rate at which money is withdrawn from circulation by taxation. Monetary policy should only regulate the money supply. With lending no longer being a tool of monetary policy, interest rates are no longer a matter of monetary policy.
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August 2022. "Swiss Vollgeld’s Media and Public Relations Strategy in 2018 People’s Referendum" with Maurizio Degiacomi
YouTube Recording & Study Stack
August 2022. "Design Sprint Reflections" with AFJM's Youth Caucus
YouTube Recording
September 2022. "Educating Legislators, Candidates, and Voters on Monetary Reform"
with AFJM's Greg Coleridge, Mark Pash, and the Legislative Action Committee
YouTube Recording

May 2022. AFJM Reading Circle with Joseph Huber
We discussed Huber's 2017 paper "The case for a central-bank currency register: Accounting for sovereign money on banks' and central banks' balance sheets."
June 2022. Economic Solutions that Wage Life, Not War
AFJM’s presentation with An Economy of Our Own at A Radical Gathering paved a positive path for AFJM to build new collaborations with the organizations represented.
July 2022. AFJM presents the American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA)
We ask all of our members and subscribers to read the proposed legislation, the American Monetary Reform Act .
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