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TOPIC: Money and Banking:
Assessing overlaps and differences between SMR and MMT

With Maurice Höfgen

Topic. On April 4, 2020 the AFJM Coffee House hosted Maurice Höfgen. The topics discussed were 1) the ”Rethinking the Role of Banks in Economics Education” campaign, of which Mr. Höfgen is the lead coordinator, and 2) the overlap and difference between Sovereign Monetary Reform (SMR) and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Because proponents for so-named Sovereign Monetary Reform (SMR) and adherents of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) have different assessments of money and banking the dialogue aimed at elaborating overlaps and differences between the two.

Something of a document might still come out of this dialogue, about which we will keep you informed.

Presenter. Maurice holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) and is a member of Samuel Pufendorf Society for Political Economy and Pluralism in Economics Maastricht. On top, he is engaged as an author at the online magazine Makroskop and took the steering group lead for the ”Rethinking the Role of Banks in Economics Education” campaign by Rethinking Economics. His research mostly falls within the field of Modern Monetary Theory. Ultimately, his work is aimed at unveiling the power of the monetary system to serve the public purpose leading to a more just and sustainable economy in the future. Currently, Maurice is authoring two books on this subject.

Sources. During the presentation and discussion a few studies and ideas were offered as background information or for further study by both Mr. Höfgen and participants.

This is a list of these items categorized under 1) sources mentioned by Mr. Höfgen; 2) sources mentioned by participants; 3) selection of monetary theory related items by Mr. Höfgen.


1. Sources mentioned by Mr. Höfgen

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2. Sources and issues suggested or mentioned by participants

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3. Monetary Theory Related Items by Mr. Höfgen

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Höfgen, Maurice. 2019. "How could an international exchange rate regime that fosters economic development on a global scale be designed? – A MMT-consistent proposal". Master’s Thesis in Economics, Maastricht University (unpublished).


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