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December 2020


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AFJM Coffee House, Monday, January 25
At 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT via Zoom
With the Policy Position Team

In an attempt to increase our social media presence, the Policy Position Team will present three short slideshows on which they welcome feedback. The subjects will be a) introduction to monetary reform, b) the relationship between taxation and monetary reform, and c) social justice and monetary reform.

The introductory slideshow culled and transformed information from AFJM’s website so that it is easy to comprehend. The taxation part will address the idea that under a sovereign monetary system, the role of taxes will change significantly, because most government spending will use government-created money and therefore the dependence on taxes to fund public programs will be greatly diminished. The slides on social justice will explore how monetary reform can provide solutions to various social justice issues that affect different under-served communities.

These slideshows are a glimpse into a larger social media campaign AFJM is working on.

Invitation to preregister will come in due course.


AFJM Coffee Houses are open to the public.
Bring your friends if you think they are interested.
We only request that you preregister.


Ring In the New Year with AFJM!

AFJM’s President & Managing Director, Lucille Eckrich & Govert Schuller, cordially invite you to join us January 1 at 4 pm CT (5 pm ET, 2 pm PT) for a New Year’s Day Happy Hour! Come hang out with us and other AFJM members and subscribers who join in to celebrate making it through 2020 and to ring in the New Year.

Register for the Zoom party here, BYOB, and come, if you want, with one human-interest question that you’re curious about others’ answers to and ready to share your own, each in 60 seconds or so. Members’ creative questions might just help to spark the reflective and prospective fire in us that will fuel Just Money Reform in 2021!


AFJM Book Clubs 2020-2021 Update

Welcome to all who signed up for AFJM’s five inaugural Book Clubs, aka Book Circles! If you haven’t yet, you’ll hear about scheduling from your facilitator before the New Year. If you missed the initial sign-up, it’s not too late! Find the info and sign-up link here. The Web of Debt BC will meet Mondays 10 am ET (9 am CT) Dec 21 – March 15, starting with the Preface, Intro, and chs 1-6 on Dec 21



AFJM Fundraiser

The Board thanks all who contributed to our inaugural “Giving Tuesday” fundraiser. Your donations made possible the hiring of our first staff, Govert Schuller. We welcome other end-of-year donations via our website here or mailed to

Alliance For Just Money
1214 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701.

With deep gratitude for what all members have already done for and with AFJM in our first 2.5 years, the Board thanks you all for work yet to come on behalf of our Mission for Just Money Reform.



Staff Hired!

The AFJM Board is thrilled to announce Govert Schuller as our Managing Director. A founding member of the Alliance, Govert has served on AFJM’s Communications & Website Committee (CWC) since the get-go, becoming volunteer editor-in-chief of AFJM’s bi-monthly Newsletter and website Articles, Blogs, and News items. He also curates our three-tiered Bibliography and MR Coffee House Study Stacks.

Govert will serve AFJM part-time for six-months and his main objectives are to assist with (1) the strategic development of AFJM’s standing committees and membership, (2) grant-writing, and (3) the recruitment & training of new editorial and technical assistants.

John Glazer (1951-2020)

For too short of a stretch of time John Glazer was an active and productive member of the Alliance. His friend John Howell reflects on his many contributions to, and impact on, our organization. (Article)

On the 2020 AMI Conference, November 13-15
By Steven Walsh, Director AMI

The American Monetary Institute 2020 Conference was held this time on ZOOM. 25 speakers were representing much of the present thinking in the monetary reform world. In addition to monetary reform, “parity,” or fair pricing for agricultural products was discussed in some depth. One of the highlights was Michael Clark talking about his years of public service internationally, highlighting his involvement in developing the NEED Act. The AMI is grateful to AFJM and all the monetary reformers that made it possible!

Though AMI approximately broke even for the conference, we kindly requests donations to be used to revive and update the AMI web site.

Thank You and Adelante - Forward!

The 2020 AMI Conference Study Stack

During the AMI conference many ideas and items were mentioned in the Zoom chat. We stored them in three categories. Please take a look and dip into the cornucopia of ideas, individuals, books and studies suggested by the participants in the conference.

The proceedings of the conference are still in the make and will contain abstracts, summaries, links and maybe even some transcripts of the presentations. (AMI 2020 Conference Study Stack)


AFJM Panel - Carolina Meadows

Here is a link to a recent panel discussion held at the Carolina Meadows community, Chapel Hill, NC hosted by Frans Verhagen. Frans is an author (The Tierra Solution) and monetary reformer with a particular interest in the impacts of transforming the money system on the looming climate catastrophe. The three panelists are Alliance board members, Paul Lebow, Howard Switzer and John Howell. (Link; Forgive the poor Zoom video quality)


Call for an AFJM Accountant

The Alliance For Just Money needs an accountant to to do one or both:

  • Help set up our books; 
  • Do the monthly books.
If you are this person or know someone please get in contact with Govert by email.



Coffee House with Jeff Eder, October 2020: Recording & Study Stack.

Coffee House on Position Papers, November 2020: Recording & Study Stack.


"What’s Wrong with Modern Money Theory?": A Summary
By Govert Schuller

This article is a hybrid of a review, summary and chapter abstracts of a recent booklet critical of Modern Monetary Theory. It was written by Gerald Epstein, a progressive economist who has issues both with neoliberal austerity economics and with MMT. I extracted the abstracts of every chapter below, which should be informative for anybody with some background in MMT. (Article)



Call for an AFJM Co-editor 

As the Alliance is growing in numbers and is increasing its output of articles, blogs, news items, coffee houses and special projects, there is a need for a co-editor to help organize and publish this steady stream of items. We are looking for someone with some experience in Wordpress and MailChimp and who has some time at hand to help the team. If necessary, training and manuals will be available. Please contact Govert Schuller at


Reaching out to Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI)

Twenty-five visionary mayors have committed to creating guaranteed income programs to ensure economic security for their residents. With this letter AFJM invites the mayors to join our campaign for a National Monetary Commission to study the current system, and the broad campaign for Just Money to make their vision a reality. We urge members and subscribers to use the letter to encourage your own mayor, in person, with their staff or by submitting it to your newspaper. (Letter)


Educational and Promotional Videos 

Visit the Videos section of the AFJM Website under Resources to see many new videos added to the AFJM library, freshly curated and organized under:

  • Top 12 Videos
  • Videos Produced in the Monetary Reform Movement
  • Other Monetary Theory and Reform Videos of Interest. (Link)

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