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Dear Friend and Supporter of the Alliance For Just Money,

In society, money flows into circulation and out of circulation. When new money flows into circulation the question has to be asked: Who can first use that money without having earned it? About 95% of our money is first created and allocated by the banks when they originate loans, i.e. somebody goes into debt. This is why we have what is called a debt-based money system and why over time that money, almost effortlessly, tends to accumulate among bank owners and those serving in bank executive positions.

When Abraham Lincoln went to the New York bankers at the beginning of the Civil War he asked to borrow large sums of money. The bankers were leery of the risk and demanded over 20% interest. Lincoln was informed that instead of obtaining bank-created money the government could acting through Congress, create the money, and Congress was actually supposed to create the money according to our Constitution. Within four months, Congress and Lincoln had created debt-free public money known as the Greenbacks.

For decades after the Civil War, there was widespread awareness of--and even political support for--public, debt-free money such as the Greenbacks. Slowly, but surely, the bankers, wanting their debt-based money to be in total control, used their influence in Washington D.C. to retire the Greenbacks from circulation.

This history lesson can be learned in a hundred different ways. Today, the necessity to learn how money actually works and could work justly for everyone--poor or rich, rural farmer or urban laborer--is becoming increasingly important. Why? Because society needs a monetary system that works for all of us. That gives people jobs who want to help society and are looking for work. And the beauty of this is that, instead of this money being created for someone’s fiduciary responsibility to gain profit, a public money system can be used to help people get out of poverty and to promote an economy that allows us to live compatibly with the earth.

This monetary reform movement started in the United States, has grown to where there are monetary reform organizations in 28 other countries. Up to this point, the Alliance For Just Money has carried on this work with no paid staff, just volunteers and donors. We now want to hire a part-time director to better coordinate this work.

Up to this point we have created:

- a website with valuable resources

- monetary coffee-houses

- liaisons with different organizations

- our monetary mission has become the official platform of the Green Party 

- a paid translation of English articles for a Spanish anthology on monetary reform 

We now need to grow the organization. Having a director with a small budget will allow us to connect to more people to this crucial cause and start more local study groups. Our goal is to reach every voting citizen and teach this civic history so that everyone can work for a better society.  

For Giving Tuesday, or end-of-the-year giving, or because we need a fair and moral monetary system, please consider donating to the Alliance For Just Money. You can use our donor box here or write a check to the

Alliance For Just Money
1214 Washington St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Also, for those who have questions, a Board member and Treasurer, Steven Walsh, has volunteered to answer questions all day on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, at 773-636-8255. 

Thank you for doing what you can to support this movement.

The board of the Alliance For Just Money,

Lucille Eckrich (P), Paul Lebow (VP), John Howell (Sec), Steven Walsh (Tr), Howard Switzer, Sue Peters, Virginia Hammon and Mary Sanderson.


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