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April 2022


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AFJM Coffeehouse
"CBDC: Why Not?" with Joe Bongiovanni
Monday, April 25th
At 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 6 PM MT / 5 PM PT via Zoom

Register in advance
Virtuality in Money and Banking – Public innovation or an ultimate con? Joe Bongiovanni will relate his father’s teachings on the frailties and failures of debt-based money by private issue, and opine on how that failure provides the financial-monetary 'necessity’ for new central banking foci today. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) cannot proceed under the existing legal framework of our national money statutes. Our money system MUST be changed, but in the direction of more clarity and stability through lawful authority for government issuance of our money without debt.
CBDC is untimely. Today we are experiencing increased instability in the world of global finance with lasting COVID Pandemic-induced economic dislocations, and growing debt-saturation that is rampant in our communities. There’s no money available for paying those debts, the hallmark of today’s finance-capitalism. What we need is less of what CBDC claims to offer, and a more focused public policy strategy that preserves and enhances the monetary reform movement. Needed now more than ever.

AFJM Academic Articles Reading Circle
"Central Bank Money: Liability, Asset, or Equity of the Nation?" by Kumhof et al
Friday, May 6th

At 10 AM ET / 9 AM CT / 8 AM MT / 7 AM PT via Zoom
Register in advance

This 2020 article was cited in footnotes #14 & #45 of Omaraova's "The People's Ledger" as a piece that analyzes in-depth the question of whether central bank money, including potential "CBDC," is properly characterized as a “liability” of the Fed or any Central Bank. The article concludes, Omarova indicates, that central bank money is more accurately characterized as a form of “social equity” rather than a traditional liability.

This Reading Circle will meet for two hours and is open to all who have read the article. If you would like to participate, mark your calendar and start reading this 43 page article soon!

AFJM Book Club
Debt By Design by Joshua Maree - Round 2

Friday, May 6th
At 7 PM ET / 6 PM CT / 5 PM MT / 4 PM PT via Zoom

Register in advance
Puzzling on the ’08 crash, more and more people are noting that banks control the money supply! Obscured for eighty years, this private, for-profit system is coming back into the spotlight. Legislating money-for-the-common-good is a pre-requisite for possible futures.
AFJM is partnering once again with the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom's Women, Money & Democracy Committee to discuss chapters 22-28 of
 Debt By Design by Joshua Maree. Start reading these last 8 chapters of the book soon, and join this 1.5 hour Book Club to share your takeaways. If you missed Round 1, feel free to catch up by also reading chapters 1-5. But chapters 22-28 are compelling and understandable on their own, so feel free to join in even if that's all you read.
AFJM 4th Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 23rd
At 11 AM-3 PM ET / 10 AM-2 PM CT / 9 AM-1 PM MT / 8 AM-12 PM PT
via Zoom
If you are an AFJM member, please mark your calendar and plan to join this
annual gathering for AFJM business, organizing, and fellowship. If you are
not yet a member, click
here to become one and join us on July 23rd.

Visit AFJM's Events Page to view our past and future events!

Public Comment Needed on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
The Federal Reserve's Board of Governors published its first paper on CBDC,
Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation, and is requesting public comment by May 19th.
This is one of our best opportunities to voice ourselves directly to -- and hopefully be heard by -- those who have power to influence Congress' decisions on CBDC. To our members and subscribers, if you have time and interest we encourage you to read and submit comments as individuals. If you have comments or questions while reading and writing your responses, please reach out to AFJM's Board is currently preparing comments to submit an organization as well.

Call for Board Nominations
The Board Development Committee (BDC) and the Board of Directors of the Alliance For Just Money, Inc. (AFJM) hereby remind all AFJM Members that nomination petitions for a seat on the Board are now being accepted. AFJM Members who have been Level 2 individual members for at least six (6) months and are current in their dues ($25) are eligible to be nominated and to nominate themselves for the Board. All Level 2 members current in their dues may nominate eligible Level 2 members for the Board and vote in the July election.

If you are eligible and wish to run for a director position, or you want to nominate someone else, please follow the
nomination process and submit a completed petition by May 31st. If your Level 2 dues have lapsed or you are a Level 1 member, you may log into the member portal to pay your dues or upgrade to Level 2. If you are not yet an AFJM member, you may click here to join.
The election of four directors will take place online July 6-21, 2022, among all Level 2 members. Results will be announced at AFJM’s 4th Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, July 23rd. If you have any questions about the nomination and election process, contact Tom Wilda, BDC Chair, at
Welcome Our New Social Media Associate, Fernanda Lugo!
Fernanda is the newly hired Social Media Associate for Alliance For Just Money. She previously volunteered with Citizens' Climate Lobby, where she realized how the economic system can be utilized to incentivize or disincentivize certain behaviors, such as polluting. She recently graduated with a Master's in biobehavioral health, a field that combines health psychology, promotion, and policy.
Fernanda's research at the intersection of sustainability and health led her to find one of the missing links is simply the power to organize people with resources. She believes that the power of money can help us meet the goals of a just society, and now advocates for monetary reform to reprioritize the wellbeing of the earth and human health.If you have any ideas you would like to share, or want to send a message of support you can reach Fernanda at
Help support Fernanda's work by following AFJM on
Facebook ,  Twitter , and  Instagram!

AFJM Membership Drive
Leading up to our 4th Annual Membership Meeting, AFJM will present our supporters with a series of opportunities to become members and aid our organization. The Membership Drive will help subscribers become AFJM members, urge current Level 1 members to become Level 2 voting members, and encourage new monthly donors to sustain and bolster our work. We also hope to motivate AFJM members to join one of our Committees and address various monetary reform issues with our organization. If you have any questions about becoming a member, please contact
November 2021. "What Henry George's analysis of political economy offers to proponents of Just Money Reform" with Ed Dodson
YouTube Recording & Study Stack
December 2021. "Simplifying Our Just Money Stories" with the AFJM Youth Caucus
YouTube Recording
January 2022. "Monetary Reform Efforts with the League of Women Voters (LWV)" with John Howell
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming
February 2022. "The LWVAC Question: What Features of a Monetary System Would Support Our Values" with John Howell
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming
March 2022. "Why Do We Need CBDCs: Comparing the Different Perspectives" with Ronnie Phillips
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming
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