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August 2022


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Educating Legislators, Candidates, and Voters on Monetary Reform

with AFJM's Greg Coleridge, Mark Pash, and the Legislative Action Committee
Wednesday, September 14th
At 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 6 PM MT / 5 PM PT via Zoom

Register in advance

The American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA) is an updated version of the National Emergency Employment Defense Act (NEED Act), previously introduced in Congress by former Representative Dennis Kucinich. With monetary reform urgently needed to address many of our current economic, political, and ecological problems, it's time for us to strategize and develop the knowledge and skills required to introduce AMRA in Congress and move it forward. Attend this special AFJM Coffeehouse to:
  • Learn what's in AMRA (Please review beforehand our 23-minute overview of AMRA. If possible, read AMRA itself at the link above. If not, read the factsheet on it.)
  • Hear and discuss the steps and stages of educating and lobbying your Congressperson
  • Hear personal experiences from those who've contacted political candidates and legislators on monetary reform
  • Engage in Q&A on the above contents
  • Walk away with some resources for and clarity on what we can do individually and collectively to advance Just Money reform legislation this election season and in the new Congress
Visit AFJM's Events page to view our past and future events!

AFJM's Subscriber Campaign

AFJM has begun a campaign for new subscribers and we need YOUR help! We are asking all AFJM subscribers to email your friends, family, and connections to encourage them to subscribe to AFJM's mailing list. Simply draft your message and include this link to our subscription page in it: Thank you in advance for spending your valuable time doing this!

"AFJM's Fourth Annual Membership Meeting" by Lucille Eckrich
AFJM’s fourth Annual Membership Meeting was an exciting launch into Year 5! On Saturday, July 23, 2022, Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) members met for our fourth Annual Membership Meeting. Members showcased outcomes of Year 4 projects and shared about collaborations that began in Year 4 and will continue into Year 5.
Read about "
AFJM’s Fourth Annual Membership Meeting" including our Annual Report and Financial Report for Year 4 on our website.

Year 5 Board Members and Officers
John Howell, Bo-Young Lim, and Tom Wilda were elected for full 3-year terms, and Bruce Rogers-Vaughn was elected to complete the remaining 2 years in the term of a vacated seat that he filled.

The Board’s first meeting was on August 27th and Year 5 Officers were decided:
Steve Norris, President; Bruce Rogers-Vaughn, Vice-President; John Howell, Secretary; and Lucille Eckrich, Treasurer. AFJM thanks these members for their service on the Board and asks members to consider doing so next year.

A Radical Gathering: Cultivating the World We Deserve

AFJM co-sponsored "A Radical Gathering" on June 24-26, 2022, alongside Move to Amend, A Radical Guide, and People’s Collective for Justice and Liberation. Sessions addressed ecological justice, racial justice, economic justice, and maintaining peace, sanity, and security amid nonviolent protest and resistance.
AFJM’s presentation with An Economy of Our Own,
Economic Solutions that Wage Life, Not War, at A Radical Gathering gave visibility to AFJM among progressive constituencies. A Radical Gathering paved a positive path for AFJM to build new collaborations with the organizations represented.

AFJM presents the American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA)
AFJM's Legislative Action Committee (LAC) has worked hard over the last year fully reviewing and updating the National Emergency Employment Defense Act (NEED Act) of 2011 to the American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA) of 2022. The LAC presented AMRA to the Board for review on May 21st. On June 11th, the Board met, discussed, and approved it unanimously.

AMRA was presented to the AFJM membership for discussion at the July 23rd Annual Membership Meeting. A recording of the 25 min presentation is available on AFJM’s YouTube channel. We ask all of our members and subscribers to read the proposed legislation. A PDF version of it along with a short AMRA fact sheet are available on our website. AFJM looks forward to educating on and advocating for AMRA in Year 5!
IMMR's Upcoming Fundraising and Solidarity Campaign

The International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) is in the process of creating a fundraising and solidarity campaign t-shirt for our member organizations to purchase. The focus of the campaign is to raise funds for IMMR and to demonstrate our solidarity and our common purpose with other monetary reform groups around the world.
The front of the t-shirt contains the slogan 'Monetary Reform Now!" in several languages with a global IMMR map and logo. The back of the t-shirt will contain logos from all IMMR member organizations. The t-shirt will be sold directly through Custom Ink and we hope to have it available in the next couple of months. Below is an initial mockup of the front of the shirt.
Reach out to IMMR at to let them know your thoughts!


March 2022. "Why Do We Need CBDCs: Comparing the Different Perspectives" with Ronnie Phillips
YouTube Recording & Study Stack
Additional Readings
April 2022. "CBDC: Why Not?" with Joe Bongiovanni
YouTube Recording
May 2022. "AFJM and AMI's Public Comments to the Fed on CBDC" with Lucille Eckrich and Steven Walsh
YouTube Recording
June 2022. "How to Relate Monetary Reform to CBDC?" with Edgar Wortmann
YouTube Recording
August 2022. "Swiss Vollgeld’s Media and Public Relations Strategy in 2018 People’s Referendum" with Maurizio Degiacomi
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming

August 2022. "Design Sprint Reflections" with AFJM's Youth Caucus

YouTube Recording


May 2022. AFJM Reading Circle with Joseph Huber
We discussed Huber's 2017 paper "The case for a central-bank currency register: Accounting for sovereign money on banks' and central banks' balance sheets."

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