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February 2022


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The LWVAC Question: What Features of a Monetary System Would Support Our Values?
with John Howell
Monday, February 28th
At 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 6 PM MT / 5 PM PT via Zoom

Register in advance
This Coffeehouse (CH) is a continuation from January's CH in which John Howell and members of the Monetary Committee of the Athens County League of Women Voters (LWV) presented the monetary proposal, which they are advocating for the national LWV to take on. Their proposal can be found on LWVAC website.

The CH will focus on fundamental values that bring us to monetary reform. The project with the League started with stated League values and how those values, and the political positions arising from them, are either served by or thwarted by the present monetary system. In this CH we will ask participants in breakout sessions to articulate the values they hold that are affected by the monetary system. We will also ask participants to think critically about the desired features of a monetary system listed in our proposal.

IMMR Roundtable Discussion: Challenging the Current Monetary System Under UN Human Rights Conventions

Monday, February 28th
At 9:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM CT / 7:30 AM MT / 6:30 AM PT via Zoom
Register in advance: Email Mary Lou Hardy at
Please join IMMR (
International Movement for Monetary Reform) for their upcoming "roundtable" discussion to explore how we can come together to globally assemble a challenge to the UN that the current monetary system as practiced in the world today is a violation of human rights. Mark Young of AFJM will be giving a short presentation on the background and vision of the challenge, and IMMR will also share their work to date. Please join to find out how your organization/country could help support this global initiative.
Visit AFJM's NEW Events page to view our past and future events!

Storyform Science Workshop
We all know Monetary Reform can be difficult to explain, so AFJM launched a
Storyform Science Workshop in February. Thanks to your generous donations, nine members are learning to apply this method so their monetary reform stories are better understood, remembered, and shared. Look for a future CH to feature their storytelling.

If you support our Storyform Science Workshop and would like AFJM to host more special events, please consider making a donation.

Public Comment Needed on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
The Federal Board of Governor's published its first paper on CBDC,
Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation, and is requesting public comment by May 19th.

This is one of our best opportunities to voice ourselves directly to -- and hopefully be heard by -- those who have power to influence Congress' decisions on CBDC. To our members and subscribers, if you have time and interest we encourage you to read and submit comments as individuals. If you have comments or questions while reading and writing your responses, please reach out to
As a subscriber, we encourage you to become an AFJM member if you are not already. Once you are an AFJM member, please consider joining a committee. For more information check out our
membership page and committee listings. Thank you! You may also contact to express your interest or ideas.
Committee Updates

Communications and Website Committee (CWC): Join CWC and help us plan upcoming Coffeehouse speakers and how to reach out to other movements! We are in the process of bringing on a Social Media Associate to increase and coordinate our social media presence.
Membership and Movement Committee (MMC): A friendly welcome is what Just Money needs! Join MMC and help new buds to flower and deepen their roots in the movement. We are working on a new Advocate and Mentors program to educate newcomers on Just Money and monetary reform.

Finance and Fundraising Committee (FFC): It takes money to reform money! Join FFC and help fuel the movement. We are looking for grant opportunities. If you have experience we encourage you to join.

Research and Policy Committee (RPC): Calling all money nerds! Dig deep into research with RPC and affect public policy. We are developing position statements on various monetary topics.

Legislative Action Committee (LAC): Join LAC to refine and polish legislation and make our movement shine! We are updating the 2011
NEED Act into the American Monetary Reform Act of 2022.
Board Development Committee (BDC): Join BDC and help recruit members into leadership roles. We are preparing for the Annual Membership Meeting and elections in July.

Call for Submissions
We are seeking news, blogs, and articles on monetary reform issues. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing to our publications, please contact

October 2021. "Can MMT and Just Money be friends?" with Virginia Hammon
YouTube Recording & Study Stack
November 2021. "What Henry George's analysis of political economy offers to proponents of Just Money Reform" with Ed Dodson
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming
December 2021. "Simplifying Our Just Money Stories" with the AFJM Youth Caucus
YouTube Recording
January 2022. "Monetary Reform Efforts with the League of Women Voters (LWV)" with John Howell
YouTube Recording & Study Stack forthcoming
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