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Annual Members Meeting (AMM) & Just Money Festival (JMF)
Friday, July 23: 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT
Saturday, July 24,  noon - 8 pm ET / 11 am - 9 pm CT on Zoom

Save the date: AFJM’s 2021 Annual Membership Meeting will be a small portion of a larger Just Money Festival. Details will be forthcoming, but mark your calendars now for this not-to-be-missed celebration. AFJM members, subscribers, newcomers, and friends are all welcome to attend.

Read our Grand Invite here.

AFJM Coffee House, Monday, August 9
At 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT via Zoom

With Dr. Ronnie Phillips
Stay tuned.


AFJM Coffee Houses are open to the public.
Bring your friends if you think they are interested.
We only request that you pre-register.



Democracy Day 2021 • Cleveland City Council
With John Howell, Steve Norris and Greg Coleridge

How can big national issues like monetary reform connect with local individuals and officials? Learn how Move to Amend got initiatives on the ballot and ran successful campaigns. Democracy Day is a special addition in Ohio that keeps the movement active, testifying on the impact of money in politics and corporate rule. See AFJM board members speak in Cleveland and hear the connection between corporate constitutional rights and monetary reform. (Video)

Larger article on this issue forthcoming.



Calling for Signers and Circulators of AFJM’s Petition for our Resolution for a National Monetary Commission

Please take a moment from your busy and careful living to read (or reread) AFJM’s Resolution for a National Monetary Commission (here), and (if you haven’t yet) to add your signature to our Petition (here) on its behalf. Then consider forwarding this message to friends, relatives, neighbors, and other associates to ask them to do the same. (Full text)



Central Bank Digital Currency: Friend or Foe?
By Ben Rininger

This paper tackles a new and emerging concept: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The concept tends to be both confusing and elusive. The main reason for this is that CBDC refers to a multitude of things. This article breaks down all the different things that CBDC may refer to, as well as the costs and benefits of various forms of CBDC. Topics ranging from privacy to cybersecurity to sustainability and cryptocurrency. Also the relationship between CBDC and sovereign money is covered. (Article)


Will Just Money Reform Cause Inflation?
By Virginia Hammon & Mark Pash

Article addressing the nature and causes of inflation and discussing the impact of monetary reform, i.e. replacing bank-created money with government-created money, on inflation. Hammon & Pash defend the claim that a Just Money system will establish a steady-value currency that will eliminate the economy-wide boom and bust cycles caused by our current system, and that can eliminate the possibility of high or hyper-inflation. The values inhering in a Just Money system will enshrine the general welfare and an economy that is healthy for all. (Article)

Formulations of the Three-Point Policy Proposal for Monetary Reform
By Govert Schuller

Just Money reform aims at three inter-connected changes of the monetary system, which unity is essential and therefore for many non-negotiable. This is a compilation of different formulations of essentially the same three points. Most formulations are intentionally triple-pointed and some are differently constructed even while more or less covering the same three proposals. This list is not exhaustive and is meant to function as a very loose template for monetary reformers to pick and choose terms, formulations and sources they would be most comfortable with. (Page)


Additions to the Monetary Reform Bibliography – May 2021
By Govert Schuller

This is the fourth installment of updates of the extensive Just Money bibliography. Lots of new items, but also important older ones which were initially overlooked. (Link)



April 2021. “The Political Economy of German Savings Banks” with prof. Mark Cassell (Recording & Study Stack)

May 2021. “Central Bank Digital Currency - Friend or Foe?” with Ben Rininger (Recording & Study Stack) [Forthcoming]

June 2021. “Debunking Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)” with Jeff Eder  (Recording & Study Stack) [Forthcoming]



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