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April 2020

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Save the Date: 2nd Annual AFJM Membership Meeting
Sunday July 19th at 2-5 pm ET / 1-4 pm CT via Zoom

The AFJM Resolution (see below) will be one of the main discussion items. Also nominations for the board are now open. See at end of newsletter.


AFJM Coffee House, Monday, April 27
At 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT via Zoom

The People Want Their Money Back - Alliance Calls For a National Monetary Commission

With Joe Bongiovanni

Joe Bongiovanni will discuss the Resolution and Petition for a National Monetary Commission, which the Alliance For just money has adopted.

AFJM Coffee House, Monday, May 25
At 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT via Zoom

The Correlation between Taxation, Inflation and the Money Supply

With Mark Young

The fear of inflation and/or hyperinflation has driven many of our recommendations regarding taxation and the potential oversupply of money under monetary reform at the AFJM.  This presentation will look at the historical correlation between taxation, inflation and the money supply over the last century.  This data should assist in informing our discussion around this subject and hopefully guide our tax and money supply policy toward one that is the most inclusive and adds potential supporters to the monetary reform movement.

Cancelled: Gode Penge Conference & IMMR Annual Meeting
March 21-23, Copenhagen, Denmark

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic these events were unfortunately cancelled. We will keep you posted on when they will take place again or what alternatives might be in store. (Link)


On The Establishment of a National Commission of Inquiry Into the Monetary System of the United States of America.  (Full Text)

Resolution adopted by The Alliance For Just Money calling for a National Commission, which should explore the benefits of implementing a fully publicly owned and operated national monetary system, per the Constitution, originating all money to exchange goods and services for the general welfare of the people of the nation.

Find here the PDF file of the Resolution to download and print.

Petition to Establish a National Commission of Inquiry into the Monetary System of the United States of America (Link to petition)

Petition to sign if you agree that the National Commission should explore the benefits of implementing a fully publicly owned and operated national monetary system, per the Constitution, originating all money to exchange goods and services for the general welfare of the people of the nation. Please follow the link and fill out and sign the petition. You can also download and print the petition to request others to fill it out by pen. (Petition PDF)


The People Want Their Money Back (In two parts)
By Joe Bongiovanni / AFJM Legislative Action Committee

Part 1: WHY a National Monetary Commission?

Part 2: Shifting the Tide of Our Monetary Understanding – A Resolve

Two blog entries by monetary activist Joe Bongiovanni explaining the urgent need for a National Commission of Inquiry.

All items to do with the AFJM Resolution #1 will be on this main page.


Monetary Reform Brings Together Activists from Separate Silos: 
AFJM’s First Amateur Radio Offering

Last Monday March 9, three directors of the Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) presented some of the basics of monetary reform on The Access Hour, the weekly freeform radio space at WORT fm. WORT Back Porch Radio has been South Central Wisconsin’s strong and beloved listener-sponsored station since 1975.

The goal of the show was to communicate two points to progressive activists:

First, that our flawed, privately owned monetary system underlies and impedes all their efforts, and, second, that replacing that system with a public, Just Money system can make the impossible possible. (Listen here to the program)


The Pandemic and the Economy
A Statement of the AFJM Board of Directors, April 15, 2020

While attention is necessarily focused on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, underlying economic issues must also be kept in mind. Indications of a repeat of the 2008 meltdown appeared prior to the beginning of the pandemic. The response to the current economic collapse, exacerbated by the virus, shows that when money is needed, money appears. But how can we have a recovery saddled with a multi-trillion-dollar debt? Who will pay? With a sensible monetary system government can create the needed money debt-free. We can have systems in place ready to cope with disasters and make the big adjustments needed for human life on our finite planet. (Article)

Dominant Money
By Dr. Joseph Huber

Dr. Joseph Huber published a two-part paper on dominant money and the rise and decline of means of payment. (Article)

Abstract: This paper outlines a theory of dominant money, i.e. the means of payment that determines the money system and monetary policy during a certain epoch. In modern times, there have been three tidal changes in the composition of the money supply with a new type of money on the rise: unregulated paper money since the 1660s, the rise of central-bank legal tender notes towards the middle of the 19th century, and the rise of bank deposit money from around 1900. An analysis of the current situation suggests we are now entering another such era in which sovereign digital currency issued by the central banks (CBDC) is set to becoming the next dominant type of money.

"Dominant Money" by Joseph Huber – A Review and Commentary
By John Howell

Blog summarizing the above Huber paper on the history and future of monetary systems. (Blog)

Covid-19 Capitalism, Neoliberal Debt & the Need for Sovereign Money
By Tim Di Muzio

Milton Friedman is on the record stating that, when there is a crisis, "the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around". Both the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis it triggered are an opportunity for actions which can either profit the 1% or the people. One of the ideas lying around whose time has come to help the people is sovereign monetary reform, which has been well researched and proposed during earlier crises. Dr. Di Muzio makes the case that this idea is exactly the one lying around which can direct our actions. (Article)



Nominations for the AFJM Board are now open:

The AFJM Board of Directors is a wonderful, hard-working group of monetary reformers who strive to embody the Guiding Principles of the Alliance. There are nine directors, and terms are three years. There are four seats open for 2020-2021, one of which is to complete the remaining two years of an existing term. All Alliance members in good standing* who have been level 2 (dues paying) members for at least 6 months are eligible, and encouraged, to nominate themselves and/or other level 2 members to serve. Email your interest to nominate yourself or others to The AFJM Board Development Committee (BDC) chairperson, Tom Wilda, will then contact you with the support form that nominees must submit to the BDC by May 18th. Elections will take place July 1-15, all level 2 members in good standing* are encouraged to vote, and results will be announced at the July 19th Annual Membership Meeting, 1-4pm CT, via Zoom. (*Good standing means abiding by the mission and guiding principles and, for level 2, dues are current.)

AFJM is an organizational member of the 
 International Movement for Monetary Reform 
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