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April 2023


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How Government Financing Works: Taxes and Borrowing Precede Government Spending
with Jeff Eder
Monday, May 22nd
At 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 6 PM MT / 5 PM PT via Zoom

Register in advance
When taxes and other federal government revenue are not enough to cover a projected budget the government will issue securities (bonds and treasury bills). New money is created when the federal government issue these securities. This newly created money then enters the government's account at the central bank for government spending. Jeff will explain how he knows this to be true and field any questions related to the process.
AFJM 5th Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 22nd
At 1 PM-5 PM ET / 12 PM-4 PM CT / 11 AM-3 PM MT / 10 AM-2 PM PT
via Zoom
If you are an AFJM member, mark your calendar and plan to join this
annual gathering for AFJM business, organizing, and fellowship. If you are
not yet a member, click
here to become one and join us on July 22nd.
AMI 2023 Conference
2023 International Monetary Conference hosted by the American Monetary Institute

Friday, September 30th, Saturday, September 31st, and Sunday, October 1st
Virtual Meetings via Zoom
The Conference will continue describing the present Western monetary system and its psychological and cultural effects on people and hear ideas for reforming it. We'll listen to voices from other nations on their monetary circumstances, including suggestions for reform, and consider different views on international or local currency systems. Please get in touch with us if you want to present a paper, and please stay tuned by subscribing to the AMI newsletter.

Visit AFJM's Events page to view our past and future events!
Alliance For Just Money's Interest Survey
Thank you for being an AFJM subscriber and/or member! We want to hear from you about what you are interested in seeing from AFJM. We greatly appreciate your feedback as it will help us to focus our efforts in ways that will be engaging to you! Visit our
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AFJM Membership Drive
Leading up to our 5th Annual Membership Meeting, AFJM will present our supporters with a series of opportunities to become members and aid our organization. The Membership Drive will help subscribers become AFJM members, urge current Level 1 members to become Level 2 voting members, and encourage new monthly donors to sustain and bolster our work. We also hope to motivate AFJM members to join one of our Committees and address various monetary reform issues with our organization. If you have any questions about becoming a member, please contact
SOS to President Biden and the Executive Branch
On the anniversary of President Biden’s March 9, 2022, Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, the Board of the Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) reflects on the organization’s response to it and to the Federal Reserve’s prior paper, Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation, both focused mainly on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). AFJM strongly believes that CBDC is not and cannot be a step toward a fully democratic sovereign money system as long as the private banking industry’s creation of money through credit still exists.
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Call for Board Nominations
The Board Development Committee (BDC) and the Board of Directors of the Alliance For Just Money, Inc. (AFJM) notifies all AFJM Members that nomination petitions for a seat on the Board are now being accepted. AFJM Members who have been Level 2 individual members for at least six months and are current in their dues are eligible to be nominated and to nominate themselves or another Level 2 member for the Board. All Level 2 members are invited to vote in the July election.

If you are eligible and wish to run for a director position, or you want to nominate someone else, please follow the nomination process and submit a completed petition by May 22nd. If your Level 2 dues have lapsed or you are a Level 1 member, you may log into the member portal to pay your dues or upgrade to Level 2. If you are not yet an AFJM member, you may click here to join.
The election of four directors will take place online July 6-20, 2023, among all Level 2 members. Results will be announced at AFJM’s 5th Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, July 22nd. If you have any questions about the nomination and election process, contact the BDC Chair, at

Treasuries, Inflation, and Climate Change
By John Howell
The reputation of Treasuries has been badly tarnished by the Silicon Valley Bank crisis. They are no longer the “gold standard,” the safe investment. Will the demand for them drop? Will the US government find it increasingly difficult to find lenders willing to buy its bonds? What will that mean for government financing? Will the Fed become the only lender willing to buy Treasuries?

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January 2023. "Money as a 'Common' of the People" with Edward Twohig
YouTube Recording
March 2023. "Regenerative Currencies and Positive Change: Exploring How Changing Our Currencies Can Change Our Economies" with Alex Bernat

Reading Packet
YouTube Recording
Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

AFJM presents the American Monetary Reform Act (AMRA)
We ask all of our members and subscribers to read the proposed legislation, the American Monetary Reform Act.

The Future in Our Pockets
AFJM and our ally WILPF US Women, Money & Democracy Committee cosponsored The Future in Our Pockets to examine how the bank credit system undermines our efforts to build peace and a sustainable environment every minute of every day and what we can do about it.

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