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August 2021


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AFJM launched a new Petition to Create a Just Money System. The petition is for Congress to be the sole creator of all U.S. money debt-free, to end the privilege of commercial banks to create money, and makes all remaining operations of the Federal Reserve system accountable to the public. We encourage you to read and sign the petition to support our movement for Just Money!


Reflections on the First Just Money Festival
By Steve Norris
AFJM put on the first Just Money Festival (JMF) on the weekend of July 23-24th, a member driven and member motivating event. JMF was a space for innovation, exploration and comradery. The keynote from Katharina Serafimova focused on her involvement in the monetary movement through bringing together nature, money, and community. The Storyform Science session taught us to transform technical information into a narrative. The concurrent breakout rooms focused on legislative action, social media outreach, and general writing for monetary reform. The panel that followed highlighted internal and external efforts of various AFJM members. The festival ended with a celebratory happy hour which showcased music, poetry, art, and comedy from its participants.
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International Movement for Monetary Reform (IMMR) Establishes International Working Groups
By Mark Young

The new IMMR Core Group has recently begun meeting with international working groups. The goal of starting these groups was simple- to establish groups composed of individuals from member nations to research various subject matters important to the monetary reform movement. The hope is that these action groups will meet, discuss, strategize and draft presentations and/or papers to be used as a resource for IMMR member nations, to further the goal of addressing global monetary reform and to present their findings and conclusion at the next IMMR member meeting.
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Localizing Monetary Reform
By Greg Coleridge and Steve Norris

Connecting a national solution like monetary reform to immediate local problems is a challenge... but there are strategies! Local leaders of the national group Move to Amend in Ohio passed ballot initiatives creating local public hearings for residents to testify on the connections between local issues and big money in elections and corporate rule. Since monetary reform is connected to these larger solutions of ending corporate constitutional rights and "money equals speech" in several ways, this strategy may be worth assessing to educate, advocate and organize.
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Monetary Reform: Simple Spiel
By Govert Schuller

The biggest obstacle for us monetary reformers is simply talking about money with our peers and loved ones. Govert gives a brief summary of how money is created and how we should change the monetary system at large. This short spiel is a great starter point! We encourage you to give it a read and consider what your spiel is or could be. We encourage our members and subscribers to come up with their own spiel and leave it as a comment on our website. We look forward to reading what you all come up with!


May 2021. “Central Bank Digital Currency: Friend or Foe?” with Ben Rininger
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June 2021. “Debunking Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)” with Jeff Eder
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