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Deep Grit

January 2022
Mining the Data Science Terrain

Hey bitgriter,

This month we are are ecstatic to bring you our first issue of Deep Grit, the news source where we mine the data science terrain to find you prime gems. We’ve been working into the wee hours on this one!

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed some things around but every month you’ll continue to receive the most useful news and updates from bitgrit along with some shiny new additions. Covering AI, blockchain, data science and all things tech-related, we crafted this one with you in mind.


-Team bitgrit

bitgrit Updates


LitCoin NLP challenge Part 2 is heating up!

Join today and and be in the running to win up to $100,000. (Only US citizens/permanent residents eligible).

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Monthly Events

We’ve got a slate of compelling and helpful events on the horizon. 

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Dive into the issues you care about.

Our Past Workshops

Why Technology Alone is Not Enough for Startup Success

Saurabh Jain joins us as our guest speaker for this event. Mr Jain is the founder of Fun2Do Labs, an EdTech startup that is pioneering research into “Transmedia Education”.


⚡️How to create a solid foundation for your startup.

⚡The role of product management itself.

⚡️The importance of product management when creating a tech product.

Data Cleaning with Python

Learn how to perform common tasks in data cleaning such as dealing with missing data, inconsistent data, and outliers.

We'll be using the python data science libraries pandas, numpy, seaborn and matplotlib and run all the code in a Google Collab notebook.

Our blog posts

Here’s the latest from our Medium blog. We cover Data Science, AI, cryptocurrency and more.

The Missing Library in your Machine Learning Workflow 

Are you still using GridSearchCV for hyperparameter tuning? 

You need to read this article.
7 mins read


Understanding Cryptocurrency-based Projects Part I  

What are the drivers of value in a crypto project and how do we know whether they’ll keep going up?
6 min read

Twitter Threads

Youtube Tutorials

Weird AI

Data Stories: Fast Food Locations, Spurious Correlations, and French Fries | Transforming Data with Intelligence

Where fast food is found, the impact of a visualization error, and comparing fried potatoes.

Monthly Quiz

Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal is termed?
  1. Input
  2. Intelligent agent
  3. Data
  4. Processor
Tweet us your answers and we will reveal the answer in our next newsletter!

BONUS: What is an ROC curve and how do ‘recall’ and ‘precision’ relate to it?


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