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Issue #351
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1) Video Of The Day: CTUP's Reagan Tax Cut Anniversary
Last Thursday, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity co-hosted an event with the Heritage Foundation and emceed by Larry Kudlow celebrating the 40th anniversary of Reagan’s tax cuts.

Video of the event is now available for HOTLINE readers who weren't able to attend.  

Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore also wrote this piece in the Wall Street Journal on Reagan’s legacy:
2) Will House Dems Blow Up The $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill? We Hope So
Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t stitch together 218 Democrats votes for Biden’s dream $3.5 trillion debt bomb. 

Pelosi told her caucus she will press ahead with the bill despite warnings from the nine members that they will oppose it unless the House first votes on the $1 trillion “infrastructure bill” already passed by the Senate.

Pelosi told her close deputies “this is no time for amateur hour.” Then she said: “For the first time America’s children have leverage — I will not surrender that leverage.” Hmm. We are a little confused by how saddling our children with $3.5 trillion of debt benefits “America’s children,” since the bill is being passed on to them – but such is the perverse logic of the left these days. 

Should all nine moderates — a group that includes Representatives Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Jared Golden of Maine, and Henry Cuellar of Texas — vote against the blueprint for the reconciliation bill, it will fail since it has zero GOP support and Pelosi only has a three-vote margin.

Pelosi knows that the nine moderates are far outvoted by the Crazy Caucus of House progressives. She needs both, but it’s easier to whip the nine moderates into line. In addition, as Political Wire reports: “One truth about politics is that moderates always cave more easily than more ideological members.”

Our bet is the phony moderates in the House will cave, but Biden’s political meltdown isn’t making life any easier for Nancy. And this is just the first inning.
3) Is New York Now Officially More Corrupt Than Illinois?
Andrew Cupmo’s replacement, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, has a reputation as an honest administrator. But she certainly isn't making any big promises to change the culture of Albany. She vows not to have a “toxic” workplace and said she would fire any Cuomo staffer involved in “unethical” conduct in attacking the women who accused the departing governor.

Cuomo’s litany of scandals has only underscored New York’s legacy of scandal, sleaze and corruption. That got us wondering whether NY has replaced Illinois as the corruption capital of America.

You decide:

Consider the fact that in just the last decade and a half, nearly a dozen powerful state leaders have been forced to resign or retire in disgrace. That includes New York’s last three governors, a state attorney general, a state assembly speaker, two state senate leaders, a state comptroller and former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Here is a recall of the hall of shame: 
  • Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned in 2008 in a scandal involving prostitutes and his misuse of state resources.
  • Gov. David Paterson succeeded Spitzer but had to abandon plans to run for office in his own right after credible allegations surfaced that he had tampered with witnesses in a domestic abuse case. He was also found guilty of accepting free World Series tickets and fined $62,125.
  • Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from Congress after he lied about a sexual scandal. 
  • State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted of accepting kickbacks and bribes. In 2018, he was sentenced to seven years in prison but earned an early release due to COVID.
  • State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was forced to resign after four women accused him of physical abuse.
  • State Comptroller Alan Hevesi (D-NY) pleaded guilty in 2007 to defrauding the government, and served 20 months of a four-year sentence for accepting bribes.
While all of the names above were Democrats, unprincipled Republicans have also stained their party. In 2018, Republican state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, was convicted of corruption charges and served over two years in prison. Sounds like Springfield, Illinois to us.

4) Newsom Makes His Recall All About COVID

Speaking of scandalous governors, on the left coast Gavin Newsom saw the recall against him explode in popularity last November when he was caught having dinner with lobbyists at the elite French Laundry while violating his own health protocols.

But with new polls showing him in danger of losing, he’s decided to frame the recall as a choice between his stringent lockdown measures and Republican rivals who take California over the “COVID cliff” by emulating the approach of Florida and Texas. That’s not even close to the truth. Even though California was largely shutdown over the last year and Florida was mostly open for business, the age-adjusted death rate from COVID In the two states is roughly the same. Lockdowns killed businesses – they didn’t “stop the spread.”

A Newsom TV ad calls the recall a “matter of life and death” and likens a “no” vote to “stop the spread.” Newsom told a San Jose audience on Sunday that it won’t be possible to “get our kids safely back into school for in-person instruction and get our economy running again unless we use some common sense.” The problem is that the erratic California governor, who has played politics with COVID restrictions for 18 months now, is the last person to look to for steady leadership.

A new poll of California voters by CBS News finds the recall effort is only trailing by four percent: 48 percent “Yes” to 52 percent “No.” Republican voters appear to be much more likely to vote than Democrats. Other warning signs for Newsom are that 50 percent of Hispanic voters back the recall along with 18 percent of self-described liberals.

Newsom’s spin on the schools is sadly ironic because no state had a worse record on providing education for children last year than the Golden State. California was dead last in in-person schools, with California kids on average sitting home over 80% of the time through the school year.

Meanwhile, Newsom sent his own kids to an in-person private school.

5) The World's Premier Lockdown Artist Strikes Again

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been the world leader in locking down her country over COVID. Now it’s clear how much of a trap that is.

Ardern has just put New Zealand under a highly-restrictive  Level 4 lockdown over a single COVID case – the first in six months. Under Level 4 people must stay at home, leaving only for essential services. Masks must be worn at all times when leaving home.

Only 26 people have died of COVID in New Zealand. Officials say this is due to having the world’s most tightly sealed borders and strictly isolating returning citizens. But the obsession with Zero COVID has come at a high cost. Vaccinations haven’t been a priority and less than 20 percent of New Zealanders are fully vaccinated — one of the lowest rates among developed countries.

Ardern defends her country’s slow vaccine rollout, saying the safest approach remained eliminating the virus.

With new strains of COVID emerging, is the New Zealand plan to shutter its businesses and imprison its citizens forever?

6) A Real Whodunit

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