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THAT's Remotely Interesting     No. 08
Welcome to eighth issue of THAT's Remotely Interesting, the Newsletter of Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust's 'Creative at a Distance' Programmes being run online during these unusual times.  Our featured programmes are; 'Shared Photographs' being led by David P Scott and 'Writing From Home' led by Zoe Venditozzi.

Each Newsletter features examples of the participant's responses to the different challenges the programme Leads have been setting, along with some general feedback and guidance.   A larger collection of the work produced for each challenge will also be available to view on THAT's Facebook page.  This work from each programme comes from the eighth and final challenge to the participants and so this also means that we will take a break from producing the newsletter next week.  We do however have new 'Creative at a Distance' programmes starting in the near future and will share our news about those soon.

David's eighth challenge was to photograph - 'Up. Down. Near. Far.'
Zoe's eighth challenge was to focus on - 'Look Back. Take Forward.'
And so we reach our last challenge, Up. Down. Near. Far. Over the past
eight weeks we've been on a journey from taking photographs to making
photographs and our final challenge was to gather a collection of
objects together and experiment with taking pictures from different
angles and exploring how things change when the camera looks up and
down, moves near and far away.

Looking back over the previous seven challenges we chose our favourite
and used it to make our collection of objects.

By far and away the most popular was Challenge 4: Colours of the Rainbow
with some wonderfully colourful collections. Also popular was Challenge
7: Light and Shadow.
Hi Everyone!
What a pleasure it has been to read everyone’s work week by week. It has been lovely to see people grow in confidence and see some people who haven’t written much before try new things. I hope that you keep it up after this course because you’ve all got talents and writing is so great for helping to express ourselves and to develop our mental health.


I Was In

I left them all in the woods and slouched my way home. Stopped at the back door, shared a fag with big bro.

“What’s up with you then,” he said.

“I’m fed up, no money, crap mates - sick of it!”

Joe took a long drag of his fag, flicking the dog end into Mum’s plant pot. I glanced at the kitchen window. No sign. There would have been a right shouting match if she’d been around. Not that Joe cared, he had a right swagger now that he was working for Big Harry. (Not that Harry was big, a wee runt of a guy, but powerful, ran the local Young Mayfield Cru.)

“I could put a word in for you,” said Joe. “Mind you’d have to toe the line, do some dirty work and keep your mouth shut”. I agreed and couldn’t wait for the call to come. The text came that night, after midnight .

“Meet me at the docks in half an hour - don’t keep me hanging around.”

Big Harry was standing by his fancy motor, I was shaking a bit, but excited and desperate to get started. A real job, money for fags, new gear, girls.

“There’s not much to you,” he said. “Can you keep your mouth shut? Your brother said you can drive.”

I nodded.

“Clean licence?”

I nodded again.

“Right,“ he said and got into the Merc.

Next day: “You’re on tonight , your first job, bro, don’t mess up or you’ll have me to answer to as well as Big Harry.”

We met at the docks at midnight. I was petrified but the adrenaline was up and I was excited. About 4.00am, I was directed through unfamiliar streets to a deserted nightclub - no lights, no one around.

My two silent passengers, hooded and masked, got out. Ten minutes later they returned, carrying a hold-all, laughing. They jumped into the back seats.

“A piece of piss,” they said. “No security!” They whooped and joked and kidded

each other all the way back to the docks. I dropped the car off as arranged and made my way home.

The mixture of dread and excitement left me as I walked home. My new life had begun. I was in.

Mary Simpson
I love the way that you’ve developed this story from your original piece. The relationship between the boys and the descriptions are very clear and I’d personally like to see you write more of this story!
Alongside compositions featuring multiple colours we had several
collections of objects all in just one colour. Another popular idea was
collecting together subjects from several different challenges in a single
photograph with one participant managing to reference five!
Back at the kitchen sink
Hello again, back at the kitchen sink reflections. I mentioned all the good times having brought up four children: three girls and one boy. How did we survive?

As a child I was brought up by my grandparents while my mum worked, and I now realise what a privilege that was.
Grandad was born in 1894 and grandmother in 1895. They had six daughters and then one son. They then ended up with eighteen grandchildren. I was joined by a sister and brother and we had fifteen cousins. Christmas was always spent at gran
and grandad's home with all the family. Good times.
My husband and I have four children and as times as gone on they have produced thirteen grandchildren from 1991 and upwards into 2000's. Now we are on to two great-grandchildren.
I can recollect stories told to me by those who lived 1800,1900 and 2000.

To-day my great-grandchildren will go to school to meet new friends but must keep apart from them and no hugs or touching. Compare that with my first experience of school life in 1949. Rationing meant 2oz of sweets per week but who cared? Out to play after school with all new friends. Now every sweet known to man available daily but no running about with little friends.
Today's news: two pilots are setting off on a commercial flight to Mars. Who knows, they may meet up with the astronauts who didn't want to come back to our world 
because of Corona virus.

Well, washing up completed.
Nan Mitchell
This is a lovely, reflective piece and I really enjoyed how you tied your family story to the current situation. I particularly liked the link between the different astronauts.
Lastly, with the great weather we've been having recently gardens were
once again explored and captured in a range of imaginative ways rounding
off our eighth challenge in style.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Sharing Photographs programme
over the last two months. The quality of work has been incredibly high
and it's been a real pleasure and privilege to see everyones images each
week. Congratulations and thanks again!

Taking Charge

Since it got colder, we've been hanging in Liam’s garage which is full of cool junk. Liam says we could make some money by having a garage sale!
Eric doesn't think much to it and I haven't seen much of him. Good riddance, I said.  Anyway, that changed a few days ago when he spent a while outside with the two of them and since then they've been very edgy and whispering a lot.  Don't like it!
Oh my God, bro didn't get in 'till after 2am and is really scared. What was he doing? We went to Liam's and he's just as scared. Am now scared too! Oh no, Eric is here and is shouting at them, saying something about "not saying anything or else!" Now he's pushing them, and bro is on the floor! Think I'd better stay hidden. He's gone but Liam and bro are a mess with bloody faces. They refuse to go to hospital. What have they gotten into?
Bro just told the parents he'd been in a scuffle with his mates that went a bit too far, which they totally bought! What are they keeping secret? What do I do? Bro says it's nothing to do with me and better that I don't know. But I know something has happened and don't like being part of the secret.
Oh no! Just seen on the news that local liquor store was robbed last night and the clerk was attacked and is in hospital, seriously hurt. It was them, I know it was. Eric was always bad news and somehow got Liam and bro involved.  What do I do? What can I do? I know it'll all come out cos they're acting weird and didn't deny it when I asked them. 
It's been a couple of days and I'm a wreck. So told them either they give themselves up or I'll report them!
They went, they actually went!
Someone had to take charge, but I never thought it would be me!

Bev Malcolm

This is a great piece that does a good job of putting you into the main character’s place. I really liked what you did with the relationship between the brothers and the way the younger brother is in a sticky situation.

Thank you all again for your wonderful work, it has been pleasure to share these stories and I hope you continue to explore your imagination in words.


We hope you have enjoyed this eighth Issue of THAT's Remotely Interesting
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