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News[letter] From The Happy Side


This week began with a flurry of nervous energy as Alan and I (Alice) prepared for our first virtual school presentations. Between Monday and Friday, we did a total of nine virtual sessions for two elementary schools - three sessions together and six on my own. It took a LOT of preparation, but it was SO much fun!

I’ve always loved doing school visits, and though this year’s visits are virtual and not in person, the feelings we experienced were the same. Though they’re exhausting, they leave me feeling amazingly fulfilled, exhilarated, and satisfied. I think it’s because they’re a way to share myself fully with the students – to share the things that are most important to me, like my love for creativity, writing, and imagination. And when Alan and I present together (our program is called “Dig Deep Explorers”) we’re sharing our curiosity and love for exploration. 

When we’re in the middle of these sessions and giving everything we have, we’re at our best. Along with our knowledge and the content of the sessions, we’re sharing every bit of energy, positivity, and fun we’ve got. I guess that’s why they’re so exhausting! 

Psychologist Abraham Maslow talks about peak experiences, times when people are their most true selves. I think these visits are peak experiences. We’re giving, sharing, being fully ourselves, using our capabilities to the fullest. I come away hoping the kids have had as much fun as I have, and hoping they’ve found something of value to take from the experience - something they’ll remember, that may change them, inspire them, or help them in some way.  

It feels so good to give and to share. I’d say it’s a key to happiness. I think Maslow would agree. 

I share this with you with the hope that you’ll consider how you share of yourself. It’s a way to make magic – for yourself and for those you’ve given to. 


–Alice and Alan

Quotes From the Happy Side

“The emotional reaction in the peak experience has a special flavour of wonder, of awe, of reverence, of humility and surrender before the experience as before something great”. — Abraham Maslow


"Happiness is there for the taking, and the making."  – Oprah Winfrey


“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi

Song From the Happy Side

Keep Your Love in the Middle – Ruthie Foster

We hope that you’ve benefited from what we’ve given today. We are grateful for the chance to share it with you.

Warmly, Alice and Alan

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