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Here we are, approaching the shortest days of the year. There’s a lot of darkness out there–in many forms. 

But this time of year is also a time of light! I (Alice) and Alan are currently celebrating Hanukkah, the Festival of Light.  Wherever I find myself (at times in IL, OH, MI), each night as I light the candles in the menorah, I love sitting back and watching them burn. They add such a bright glow to the house, and to my heart. 

Alan and I love all kinds of holiday lights. Each year, we drive around checking out the Christmas lights. They cut through the darkness and brighten the night with color, warmth, and holiday cheer. And have you noticed…this year, people are going all out with holiday lights. It’s a beautiful thing! It’s been a difficult year and we’re staying closer to home, so we’re brightening our lives any way we can. It’s a tribute to who we are as people, finding a way to bring light to the darkness. It gives me joy.

Talking about light, I’m also making sure to get outside during the day and enjoy the sun when it’s shining. Alan knows that if he can’t find me, to look for where the sun is shining most brightly. That’s where I’ll be, sitting in a sunbeam. Sunlight makes me happy! Science supports this, showing that whether the weather is hot or cold, people have higher serotonin levels on bright sunny days than cloudy ones.  

So, follow the sun. Light up the night. With light and love, we’ll make it through these short days and long dark nights. And once you’ve kindled the light in your heart, you will, indeed, become the light–spreading joy to those around you like the brightest of holiday lights.


Alice and Alan

Alice and her Mom in Ohio enjoying a delicious Hanukkah meal with the candles burning bright

Quotes From the Happy Side

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” –Aristotle

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” –Desmond Tutu 

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”  –Eleanor Roosevelt

Article From the Happy Side

Find out how doing just a few simple things in your day can bring more light, and more happiness, into your life in:

“How Lighting Can Influence Happiness In Your Home”, by Julie Naughton

News From the Happy Side

Alan and I have been busy signing copies of The Sea Knows and A Story for Small Bear as holiday gifts. If you’re interested in a signed copy of either book, let us know!

Song From the Happy Side

I See The Light – Deborah Dworshipper

May we all find light and happiness in this holiday season.

Alice and Alan

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