Workplace Violence: What is a Threat Assessment?

What is a threat assessment?

One of the things clients frequently ask us has to do with workplace violence. Usually it goes something like this. We get a call from a company. They’re going to fire someone fairly soon, and they’re not sure how he’s going to react. They’re contacting us to see what sort of support we can provide.

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Workplace Violence and Coronavirus Disease

We already know that good people often make poor decisions when under stress. This is true even if everything else in their life is going well. We also know that over 90% of our decision-making process is based on what we can rationalize.

Most of us have never faced anything close to what we are facing with coronavirus disease. We don’t have the past experience to draw from. Desperation leads to frustration, and frustration leads to action. For some, this situation will lead to incredible good. For others, this situation will lead to a slippery slope and desperate measures.

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Remote Work Involves These 3 Cyber Security Risks

A recent online Forbes article written by Carrie Rubinstein pointed out 3 Cyber Security Risks created by employees working remotely. Prior to COVID-19, the Bureau of Labor Statistics identified that approximately 29 percent of Americans were able to work remotely. As a result of the implementation of safety measures related to COVID-19, employers are requiring more of their staff to work remotely.

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Security System Design
Protus3 security system designers work with our clients, architects, and engineers to incorporate security into the overall facility/campus design.
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Investigative Services
Security breaches are an inherent part of doing business. The corporate investigations process looks to determine what happened, the extent of the loss, and remediation that might be indicated. 
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Security Consulting
A company’s profit is directly related to how it manages risks. Any organization that has assets—intellectual or physical —has a security problem.
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Request a Speaker
We're always enthusiastic when it comes to speaking and educating about security and related topics. We have subject matter experts who can bring their security expertise to your event.
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Team Highlight | Travis Hall

"The most enjoyable part of my role in security is tracking and staying abreast of the technical advances in the electronic security industry. Just in my short time here at Protus3 the electronic security industry has advanced leaps and bounds over where it was just a few years ago."

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