Recently, we were working on a pre-employment background investigation where the scope of work was limited to a criminal search. When we looked at the criminal history of the applicant, we saw the image on the right.

What do you see? The subject has charges and convictions for identity theft and drugs, but what else?

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Executive Level Background Investigations

Let’s say you’re about to hire a new CFO. He’s been a CFO, comptroller, and vice president in the last 10 years at three different companies. All the right skills and qualifications are listed on his resume. He’s had several interviews, and he’s fantastic. He’s had the right answer to every question you’ve asked. You’ve heard nothing but good things about him. He seems perfect.

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Both safety and security are concerned with keeping people from harm and reducing the impact of negative events. So what’s the difference?

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Security System Design
Protus3 security system designers work with our clients, architects, and engineers to incorporate security into the overall facility/campus design.
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Investigative Services
Security breaches are an inherent part of doing business. The corporate investigations process looks to determine what happened, the extent of the loss, and remediation that might be indicated. 
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Security Consulting
A company’s profit is directly related to how it manages risks. Any organization that has assets—intellectual or physical —has a security problem.
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Request a Speaker
We're always enthusiastic when it comes to speaking and educating about security and related topics. We have subject matter experts who can bring their security expertise to your event.
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Team Highlight | Amanda Strickland

"I enjoy the continuous opportunity to learn something new. The cybersecurity world is constantly evolving, and those who work in this field must stay informed on the current trends and challenges. Staying informed ensures that I am able to assist our customers to the best of my ability while also expanding my own knowledge of this field." Read more
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