Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a second level of authentication for you the user to be able to access your account.

The first level of authentication is your user ID and password. What that means is that anybody with your user ID and password can log into your web-based accounts whether it’s your email account, Office 365, your bank accounts, or any account you have where you log on via the web. If you have your user ID and password, in most instances, that’s all you need. Two-factor authentication adds another step in the process that provides more security to your account whether it’s personal or business.

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What is a "Nationwide Criminal Search"?

We’re asked all the time if we offer a “nationwide criminal search” or a “multi-state criminal search”. The answer is always “No.”

Why not? Because it just doesn’t exist.

Let’s talk about courts and criminal records in the US.

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What is metadata and why is it important in a computer forensics investigation? A brief definition or explanation of metadata is “data about data.”

What does that exactly mean?

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Security System Design
Protus3 security system designers work with our clients, architects, and engineers to incorporate security into the overall facility/campus design.
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Investigative Services
Security breaches are an inherent part of doing business. The corporate investigations process looks to determine what happened, the extent of the loss, and remediation that might be indicated. 
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Security Consulting
A company’s profit is directly related to how it manages risks. Any organization that has assets—intellectual or physical —has a security problem.
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Request a Speaker
We're always enthusiastic when it comes to speaking and educating about security and related topics. We have subject matter experts who can bring their security expertise to your event.
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Team Highlight | Sarah Furlough

"I think that the most upcoming trend involves things that an average person can use to monitor their own personal security. There is growing popularity with products such as smart home devices and vehicles with connected capabilities, but also with apps to monitor credit scores and bank account activity. Individuals are just as invested in their own security as large companies, and these new products are reflecting that demand." Read more
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