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October 2021 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member,

Our newsletter for this month is more about expanding EA’s reach! EA UPD and EA DLSU have both ran a Career Talk and an Introductory Discussion group, respectively. Meanwhile, EA Blue ran an EA Concepts Workshop and will be running an Introductory Fellowship to bring EA concepts to a wider audience.

As always, we bring with you EA-relevant local and foreign resources and events. If you’re looking for a job, continue to read on as we also feature opportunities you can apply to.

Upcoming EA-related events/programs

[October 7, 7:30pm - 9pm] EA Singapore’s Effective Giving: Climate Change Charities

Join EA Singapore’s event on October 7 and learn which effective charities you can give to in solving climate change. Aside from discovering what we can do about climate change, you’ll also learn about Founders Pledge’s and Giving Green’s charity recommendations and the Project Drawdown.
Register for Effective Giving here
[Oct 18 - Dec 6] EA Blue’s Intro Fellowship

EA Blue is on its third cycle of its EA Introductory Fellowship. This fellowship is a chance for participants to explore ideas such as choosing a high-impact cause area, thinking more rationally, evaluating different interventions, planning for an impactful career, and many more. Be part of this 8-week long discussion group where you can meet like-minded individuals and turn that passion into effective action! 

This program is open to all senior high school students, current college students, and professionals who graduated from 2018-2021! You can check out their primer here. Application is until October 9.

Apply for EA Blue's Intro Fellowship here
[Dec. 2021 - March 2022] Southeast Asia Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship

Apply for EA Singapore’s 14-week long virtual program that aims to equip fellows with learnings about industrial animal agriculture issues, strategies and solutions for creating a better food system, relevant skills, and access to a distinguished network to be “career ready” in creating a more sustainable and humane food system.

Apply for the SEA Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship here

News / resources relevant to the Philippines

Makaisda’s What Isda(t)? guested fish welfare experts

Makaisda’s Introduction of Fish Welfare in the Philippine Aquaculture Industry was held last September 18 featuring fish welfare experts Jonathan Balcombe and Ethel Wagas. They also had a group of panelists, which included representatives from World Animal Protection, PAWS, Tambuyog Development Center, UP Marine Biological Society, and the EA-aligned Global Food Partners. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording here.

4th series of PH Mental Health Research Summit

The fourth series of the Philippine Mental Health Research Summit organized by the Philippine Council for Mental Health Technical Committee in Research was held last September 13. The theme for Series 4 was Cultivating the Culture of Research in Philippine Mental Health. Different lecture topics were presented at the event, such as Analyzing Mental Health in the Philippines, A Community Mental Health Framework for the Philippines, and Development and Evaluation of Community-based Drug Rehabilitation, and School Mental Health Protocol. You can watch the recording of this event here. To register for its fifth and last series, sign up here.

‘Foreign investments key to going nuclear’

Nuclear energy is possible to be pushed in the country if foreign players are willing to do business in the Philippines. This is how this news article from BusinessMirror put it as the Philippine Energy Plan projects the inclusion of nuclear power in the country’s energy mix by 2030. To learn about the challenges in the energy sector and the role of nuclear energy, check out Founder’s Pledge’s Climate Change Executive Summary released last year or this chapter in ClimateScience’s course on clean energy.

Foreign EA-relevant Resources

Guide to talking about effective altruism and effective giving

How do we communicate effective altruism to other people? Learn some tips and tricks on having the right mindset, being mindful of behavior and language, knowing your audience, when to have a conversation, what to say, how to deal with objections, and following up in this post.

The motivated reasoning critique of effective altruism

Here is an interesting EA Forum post about motivated reasoning and selection bias, and why EA should not be assumed to be above these biases. The post also provided tentative ways to counteract motivated reasoning and selection biases in effective altruism.

Join EA Forum’s Creative Writing Contest

Effective Altruism Forum will be giving out $10,000 in prizes for stories and creative nonfiction related to effective altruism. You can enter your own work, or suggest work from others (for a referral prize if they win). See here for all the details, and visit the contest tag to read what people have shared so far. Here’s one sample entry we like, with nice illustrations!

Major UN report discusses existential risk and future generations (summary)

On September 10, the Secretary-General of the United Nations presented a report called “Our Common Agenda”, which is highly relevant for those working on longtermism and existential risk. This report, which marks the UN’s 75th anniversary, is quite refreshing as it appears to signal unexpectedly strong interest from the UN. It explicitly uses longtermist language and concepts, suggests concrete proposals for institutions to represent future generations, and manage catastrophic and existential risks. The summary of the report can be found here.

Updates from the local EA community

EA UP Diliman’s Career Talk was a success! + Sem Starter

EA UPD would like to thank everyone who attended their Career Talk on Working in the Development Sector! A lot of great insights and questions on the career path of working in the development sector were raised, which made this webinar a great learning experience not only for the attendees but also for the organizers. Here is the event’s Facebook Live link in case you missed it or want to watch it again.

UPD’s student chapter started September on a high note with its musically-themed Sem Starter, WEAsh 107.5! The chapter welcomed two new members and had a song-filled game and catch-up night together.

EA UPD also participated in the university-wide organization community fair last September 22! Freshmen students were introduced to the effective altruism movement through an exciting trivia quiz show with exciting prizes.

EA Blue welcomed students at RecWeek

EA Blue has been busy with RecWeek, an annual organization recruitment event in Ateneo, to recruit Ateneans to join their EA community. But this doesn’t stop them from welcoming students from other universities into joining their programs!

EA DLSU concludes its Introductory Discussion Group

Meanwhile, EA DLSU held the fourth and last session of its Introductory Discussion Group last September 18! Their participants, ranging from senior high school to graduate students, will be meeting again during the term break for a short awarding ceremony.

Participants described the experience as short but insightful, lively, and engaging, with Rovin Cincollagas writing a blog post on how “EA revolutionized my outlook in sustainability, career, and social responsibility.”

Organization spotlight

Job and volunteer opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 50 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities). It also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on. 

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs


Research Assistant - UNDP PH [Deadline: October 5]

Researcher - International Initiative for Impact Evaluation [Deadline: October 10]

Marketing Director - Worth the Health (WTH Foods) [Rolling recruitment]

Senior Data Scientist - IDInsight [Rolling recruitment]

Machine Learning Engineer - Thinking Machines [Rolling recruitment]

Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations


Project Coordinator for Online Courses, Global Food Partners [Rolling recruitment]

Senior Dev / Team Lead, SoGive [Rolling recruitment]

Lead Developer - OpenMind [Rolling recruitment]

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Tanya, Brian, Janai, and Kate from EA Philippines

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