Hi EA PH Community Member,

We hope you had a great first month to your year! For those studying in UP or Ateneo, we hope you’re having a good break. We have some upcoming events, resources, and updates below to share to our community, so we hope you can read them! The bottom of this email also includes a list of job/internship openings at a few local and foreign EA-aligned organizations, and some websites where you can view more job openings.

- Brian, Kate, Tanya, and Janai from EA Philippines

Upcoming Events / Programs:

EA UP Diliman’s Utak at Puso Fellowship

EA UPD will be holding their first introductory fellowship to EA called the Utak at Puso Fellowship - a reference to one of UP’s mottos and a common phrase to describe EA, which is “combining both the head and the heart”. The fellowship will run for 10 weeks (8 meetups, 1 optional virtual conference, and 1 optional networking event), from February 20 to May 09, 2021. Fellows must attend 6 our of 10 weeks to be considered a graduate.

This is open to university students from any university, including those abroad. It is also open to Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, and those who graduated from university in 2018 to 2020.

Check out the fellowship primer and the syllabus preview. If you are interested, you may sign up through the button below. Applications will close on February 6, 2021.

Sign up for EA UPD's fellowship now!

EA Blue’s Intro to EA Concepts Workshop

EA Blue will be hosting an Intro to EA Concepts Workshop on Feb. 27, 2021, Saturday, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This event is a two-hour interactive workshop that aims to introduce effective altruism (EA) concepts to help students think better about how to make a large social impact. The workshop will involve talks and breakout room activities. 

This event is open to all university students regardless of their school and knowledge level about EA. Those completely new to EA are even encouraged to join. Some of the topics that will be discussed during the workshop include the underlying principles behind EA, cost-effectiveness, cognitive biases, and cause selection. You may register through the button below if you are interested in attending the event.
Sign up for the Intro to EA Concepts Workshop

Updates from the local EA community

EA Philippines

Three important write-ups from us, including our 2020 annual report

Graphic for our 2020 annual report

Brian has recently finished writing 3 important write-ups for EA Philippines:

  1. Our 2020 annual report, which features the exciting progress EA Philippines and our student chapters have made this year. 
  2. He also wrote on how EA Philippines got our 12-month community building grant, and how he decided to leave his job to do this work full-time. 
  3. The last is on our findings from our 2020 Community and Impact Survey, which we got 34 responses for. Thank you to everyone who filled that up!

The winner of the survey raffle was Pepe Bawagan, who has chosen to donate the PHP 2,000 to the SENS Research Foundation, which has been featured before on the EA Forum. They are a U.S.-based foundation that works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time

Intro to Charity Entrepreneurship and WTH Foods Event Recordings

EA PH held an Intro to Charity Entrepreneurship event last Jan. 9 and participants had the chance to have a live Q&A with Joey Savoie, co-founder of Charity Entrepreneurship. If you’re curious what his answers were to our questions on charity entrepreneurship, you can watch the recording of the event here.

We also held a private event last month called “Taste the Future: A Fireside Chat and Free Tasting on Plant-Based Foods”. This was in partnership with the plant-based meat innovator WTH Foods. Selected participants of the EA PH community tried WTH Foods' plant-based lumpia, giniling, hinimay, nuggets, and corned beef. They also met with other WTH Foods co-founders Carissa Jane Lim and Carlo Antonio Ng. Here’s the recording of the event, which features Stephen’s talk and our Q&A with him.

EA Blue

Ushering in a new core team

EA Blue’s first meeting with their new core team members

EA Blue has recently onboarded 6 new members into their core team, all of whom have graduated from their first introductory fellowship last October-December. We’re very excited for these new members, as they’ve all been excitedly taking part in EA Blue’s operations and planning some of their upcoming projects, including an Intro to EA concepts workshop happening this month, a productivity workshop happening in March, and a second introductory fellowship that will be happening from March-May.

EA Blue’s next fellowship will have an updated curriculum and applications open to grade 11-12 students and university students from and outside of Ateneo. Applications will be opened sometime this month, so you can follow EA Blue’s Facebook to stay tuned or read more about the organization and their upcoming initiatives in their EA Blue hub!

EA UP Diliman

Recording from their Intro to EA event

Aside from being busy planning for their upcoming fellowship, last January 16, EA UPD held their Intro to EA Talk with Tanya Quijano as the speaker. It was attended by students from UP Diliman and other local universities, and also by a few professionals, with a total of 33 participants. Members from EA PH, EA Blue and EA DLSU joined to facilitate the breakout room.

EA DLSU-Manila

Submitting requirements and preparing to join EA UPD’s fellowship 

EA DLSU-Manila is currently undergoing a registration process that is required of all student organizations in De La Salle University. The organization is still not permitted to hold any official events themselves; however, members may continue to participate in other EA group events or learn more about EA on their own time. In order to strengthen their understanding of EA, a few of the founding members have recently registered for EA UPD’s Introductory Fellowship. 

The EB is also preparing a number of online community events. They hope to kickstart some of these community-building activities on the 3rd week of February, which will include discussion groups, one-on-one sessions with the EB, and more casual activities, such as game nights or meetups.

EA Resources

Here are some EA-related resources on different causes and topics that you can read:

Global Health and Development

Animal Welfare

Climate Change


Effective Giving

Upcoming International EA Events

Reading / Discussion Groups

  • Feb. 6th (every Saturday) - Stanford Existential Risks Initiative is organizing an intro-level reading group for Social Sciences & Existential Risks (over Zoom). Their goal is to gain insights from the social sciences into how we can help protect future generations from irreversible harms. They started on January 30, but you can still sign up to join their reading group here. You can also check the reading list here if you're interested.

  • Starting Feb. 15th, Monday - there is an 8-week Introductory Effective Altruism Fellowship organized by the Centre for Effective Altruism and EA Stanford. You can learn more and sign up here. We highly recommend this if you’re new to EA!

  • Starting Feb. 20th, Saturday - The Centre for Effective Altruism is hosting a virtual reading group for law students, practicing lawyers, and legal researchers to discuss emerging ideas and long-standing legal doctrines on how the law creates opportunities (and constraints) potential EA policy interventions and activities across cause areas.

One-Off Events


  • 4th, Thursday, 1 am - Charity Entrepreneurship will be having a meetup to discuss when to consider for-profit vs non-profit entrepreneurship, how to get jobs at early-stage nonprofits, and how to get involved with the CE community among others. You can sign up for this event here.

  • 7th, Sunday - If you want to learn more about the history behind our movement from one of our founding members, Michelle Hutchinson, Giving What We Can has organized a meetup.

  • 8th (every Monday 8 am PH time) - EA Philadelphia is hosting a free virtual coworking session inspired by Focusmate. Check out how this works here.

  • 10th, Wednesday - The Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare (CEFAW) is holding a series of webinars and Q&A sessions about animal welfare. To register, just send an email to Margaret, at, and she will send you the link to the event on Teams. (You do not have to have a Teams account to participate.) To learn more about the webinars, you can visit their website here.

  • 13th, Saturday - Effective Environmentalism (EE) is organizing a Climate Change Icebreakers. Get to know the EE community with short one-on-one sessions based on games and prompts.


  • EA Global: Reconnect (March 20-21) - We recommend you mark your calendar for this event. It will focus on deep discussion and meaningful connection, with sessions limited to a few hours of top-quality content. Applications will open in mid-February. For more information, you can send an email to

  • EA Fellowship Weekend (March 26-28) - If you're currently participating or have already participated in an EA Fellowship Program, you can attend this virtual networking event. Applications will open soon, but you can register your interest here to get notified when you can apply. 

Job and Volunteer Opportunities in EA-Aligned organizations

Looking for opportunities to work or volunteer for some EA or EA-aligned organizations and help solve some of the world's most pressing problems? Below are some vacancies that are accessible to Filipinos. There are other EA-aligned organizations out there, and there are definitely some high-impact local jobs that we’re missing. We hope to compile more of these for the newsletters in the next months.

Local EA-Aligned Organizations

Senior Research Coordinator - Hellen Keller International

This position will manage research activities for a study to evaluate a nutrition intervention in the Philippines. 

Marketing Intern - WTH Foods

Join the WTH Foods team and help them market their plant-based food creations to more Filipinos. They’re looking for a marketing intern who wants a startup experience.

Operations Coordinator - Fred Hollows Foundation (Philippines) 

This role is accountable for general office and financial administration functions of the country office and will serve as the coordination point between FHF’s Business Operations global team, its technical support hub, and the Country Office.

Southeast Asia Operations Associate - IDinsight Manila

Reporting to the Associate Director of its Southeast Asia team and working with teammates across the region, this role will be responsible for the regional compliance management, team financial oversight, people operations and systems development, and business development support for IDInsight.

Foreign EA-Aligned Organizations (Allows for remote work)

Corporate Engagement Specialist - GFI Asia Pacific

This position will engage businesses to build a sustainable, healthy and just food system by setting the strategy for GFI Asia Pacific’s corporate engagement work, building relationships with established companies, and being a thought leader by speaking at conferences/ webinars.

Generalist Internship (Asia) - Fish Welfare Initiative

In alignment with their mission to improve the lives of farmed fish, Fish Welfare Initiative is aiming to enable work in other high production countries in Asia. For this internship, they are looking for one or more talented and self-motivated generalists who care deeply about animal welfare, and who can assess the potential for fish welfare work in their country and understand how such work ought to commence.

Communications Internship - Fish Welfare Initiative 

The intern will manage Fish Welfare Initiative’s Facebook page, design its website via Wix, do graphic design, and write blogs.

Digital Communications Intern - IDInsight

The intern will be part of IDinsight’s Strategic Communications team and will contribute to amplifying IDinsight’s impact by actively creating and disseminating content to specific target audiences on different online communication channels. 

Check out these groups and websites on careers and volunteering:

If you want to get help in your career, you can always check this 80,000 Hour’s Career Planning Guide or you can submit an application to get advising with a member of the 80,000 Hours team one-on-one about your plans at no cost.

If you have any thoughts or questions on what we’ve written above, feel free to reply to this email. You can also give us feedback via this form. Thanks for reading!
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