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August 2022 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member!

For most students, the semester break is almost over! If you’re looking for some resources to read or watch, we’ve got you covered!

In this newsletter’s August edition, we give you a glimpse of what happened at the Follow the Lead event, some student chapter updates, and a feature about the Animal Kingdom Foundation. We also highlight some job opportunities we think you’d be interested in!

Upcoming EA-related events/programs

[August 14] EA Gather Town’s Unconference

EA Gather Town will have its first Unconference this August 14 (8:30pm - 12am PH time). EA Gather Town is a virtual gathering of EAs around the globe to co-work, have meetings, and do socials. You may register for this event here by 11th August! Learn more about the event here. Below are the topics and the hosts:
  • Contextualizing EA in Non-Western Contexts [Dion Tan]
  • Economic or Emotional Altruism [Shalini Gopalkrishnan]
  • Law x EA Presentation and Feedback [Julian Guidote]
  • Long term risks from 'minor' catastrophes [Sasha Cooper]
  • Making Trillions for Effective Charities through the Consumer Economy [Brad West and Vincent van der Holst]
  • Movement Building through Art [Anthony Fleming]
  • Productivity for Effective Altruists: How to Use Priorities to Make the Most of Your Time and Energy [Berenike Schriewer]
  • Why you should work with an EA career coach [Dave Cortright]
  • Workflows: an alternative to introductory fellowships [Sofya Lebedeva]
  • Writing your first Will while giving to effective charities [Sharang Phadke]
Interested in just exploring, and coworking at EA Gather? You can create your own avatar and explore the space here!


[August 27] FWI’s oFISHal Report

Join the oFISHal (Official) Report event of Fish Welfare Initiative PH (FWI PH) on August 27, from 10:00am to 11:30am. as we hear from Chiawen Chang, Project Manager of FWI PH the highlights of their initiative and projects in the Philippines. You’ll also hear from Alex Basaca (Aquaculture Technician, Fish Welfare Initiative Philippines) and Ezra Sumampong (Community Engagement Specialist) as they join in the panel session. Register today here

Updates from EA Philippines

Watch the recording of the Follow the Lead Event

In celebration of this year’s Nutrition Month, EA Philippines and Pure Earth Philippines (PE PH) held an online forum to raise awareness on how lead exposure affects children’s nutrition. The event, held last July 30, featured a panel of speakers that enlightened our audience about the nature of the problem and the scope of available solutions. 

Larah Ortega-Ibañez, Country Director of Pure Earth Philippines, discussed the scale of lead poisoning globally and locally, including Pure Earth’s work on addressing childhood lead poisoning in the Philippines. Dr. Lyn Crisanta Panganiban, National Consultant for Public Health and Toxicology of PE PH, shared how the threat of lead impacts children’s nutrition along with practical and strategic interventions from the health and other sectors. Lastly, Daniel Kass, Senior Vice President for Environmental Health at Vital Strategies, talked about how we can sustain efforts that help address the problem of lead poisoning.

If you missed the event, watch the recording here!

EA Philippines goes to EA Global San Francisco! 

On July 29-31, a number of Filipinos and members of EA Philippines had the opportunity to attend the Effective Altruism Global San Francisco conference.

Despite the unexpected cold weather, our Filipino participants remained steadfast and focused on engaging with the global EA community, imparting to them what our community has been doing so far, and acquiring valuable insights and opportunities that may contribute to the continuous growth of EA Philippines.

A new face in the photo is Miraflor Santos, a US-based Filipina oceanographer and PhD Candidate at MIT. Not included in the group photo is another Filipino named David Espiritu who currently works with the Legal Priorities Project, and Shannon Morrison, a half-Filipina who will be the lead full-time organizer for EA Durham next year.

A fireside chat was held for the opening ceremony where authors William MacAskill and Toby Ord discussed cultivating ambition for the EA Community, longtermism, and philosophy. 

The conference was held inside the historical Palace of Fine Arts, and it is the biggest EA Global conference yet. 

Interested in also representing the Philippines, and the EA PH Community? Sign up now for  EAGxSingapore (deadline August 19, 2022),  and EA Global Washington DC (Deadline September 8, 2022). Travel funding is also available! 

EA UP Diliman

EA UPD: Induction of the Executive Board and Core Team Heads and Planning Seminar for the First Semester of A.Y. 2022-2023

As the first semester of Academic Year 2022-2023 approaches, EA UPD prepares itself for another year of helping Iskolars ng Bayan learn, understand, and apply EA to do the most good with the service of the newly appointed Executive Board and Core Team Heads (EB+CTH).

May be an image of 9 people and text that says 'Effective Altruism UP Diliman Executive Board & Core Team Heads A.Y. 2022 2023 Andrea Castro President Jester De Torres Executi t Chiara Cimeni Human Resources Alena Taladua VPfor Operations Ericka Torio Publicity andCreatves Kyna Millar an Kyle Reynoso VPfor Learning Experience Jasmin De Jesus Fellowship Head Feil Aquino Career lanning Head Progra'

After their successful induction, EA UPD’s EB+CTH displayed their commitment and excitement to serve as they finished their Plan Sem.  The meeting involved all of the organization’s officers, where they discussed their goals, plans, and initiatives to align and set the foundation for EA UPD’s work in the coming semester. Several virtual meetings were held to promote bonding and upskilling within the EB+CTH team.

EA UPD’s Upcoming Event: Career Talks: Working in the Development Sector 

Follow  EA UPD’s  social media accounts to get updated with their upcoming events!

The student chapter will be organizing the second iteration of the Career in the Development Sector Webinar on August 27, 3-5 PM. This event will showcase the stories and insights of a set of speakers whose expertise intersects with other disciplines such as data and technology, policy-making, and health! Learn about how one can pursue a fulfilling career in the development sector.
More details on this are to come soon!

Organization Spotlight: Animal Kingdom Foundation

Aside from AKF’s work for companion animals, they have recently driven to improve the quality of life of egg-laying hens under their Cage-Free, Go Cruel-Free Campaign. This campaign calls for improving the egg-laying hens' living conditions. It serves as a response to the rising global awareness of consumers to the practices that take place on the farm before their food reaches the market. In a cage-free environment, the egg-laying hens are free to stretch their wings, run around, and exhibit their natural behaviors which are all vital to them.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended two grants totaling $237,866 over two years to Animal Kingdom Foundation  in 2019 to support corporate campaigns for layer hens, a model commercial farm, and efforts to secure certification standards and guidelines from the government in the Philippines, which is home to millions of farmed land animals.

Furthermore, AKF received a grant of $62,000 from Animal Welfare Funds in 2021. This grant would fund research into the level of awareness of fish welfare among key stakeholders (farmers, regulators, etc.), identify ways to improve that understanding and launch a campaign to raise the consciousness of fish welfare among stakeholders and consumers. It will also help AKF identify existing fish welfare regulations that have not yet been widely adopted.

AKF also works hand in hand with various government agencies, organizations, and stakeholders in crafting and amending laws that aim to safeguard the welfare of animals making for a more animal-friendly environment. 

You can visit their website here and check what they’re up to on their Facebook page to find out more about them.

Foreign EA-related Resources

Non-trivial: EA’s new learning platform

Learn foundational EA concepts with this newly launched free online learning platform.

Non-trivial is a learning platform for research-backed, actionable ideas to help young adults (particularly teenagers) increase their impact on the world. This project was founded by Peter McIntyre (formerly of 80,000 Hours) and was funded by the Open Philanthropy and Future Fund. Peter encourages the EA community to share the first course, How to (actually) change the world.

Asia Animal Welfare Landscape Study

Animal Advocacy Africa recently released the report of their Asia Landscape Study, which sought to understand the capacity-building gaps within farmed animal welfare / vegan organizations in Asia. The study also assessed whether Animal Advocacy Africa’s capacity building programme should and can be replicated in the region. Read the full report here.

Benjamin Todd’s Take on How Much We Should Give

Ever wrestled with the question, “How much should you give to charity?” 

In this Twitter thread, Benjamin Todd, Founder of 80000 Hours, shared his views on this “unsolved philosophical problem”. While he concluded that effective altruism can't tell you how much to give, and neither can anyone else, he shared some options for how you might think about it.

News relevant to the Philippines

Professor Chomsky on Language, Intelligence, and Democracy

How do human beings acquire language? What is the nature of consciousness? Can machines really think? How can we exercise genuine democracy? These were the questions answered by the renowned professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also the Father of Modern Linguistics, Professor Noam Chomsky. You can watch the recording of this recent event organized by San José Seminary.

Is Food Supply Accessible, Affordable, and Stable? The State of Food Security in the Philippines

The Philippines ranked 64th out of 113 countries in terms of its four dimensions of food security

This paper published by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies found that the country’s food security goal is yet to be achieved. This conclusion was made using various indicators for the four dimensions of food security, namely, food availability, food accessibility, food utilization, and stability. 

The paper also noted that the country’s performance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: Zero Hunger reflects that there have been some improvements, but significant and major challenges remain to be addressed.


Data (alone) won't save our forests. Learnings from local restoration heroes

Thinking Machines has been exploring how geospatial data science can be used to support, scale, and accelerate the restoration and conservation of tropical forests. While data science is helpful, they recognize that data science will only have an impact if they are useful to "frontliners" on the ground doing the hard and (literally) dirty work of guarding and replanting the forests. 

In this article, Thinking Machines shares what they learned from their field visits to two ecosystem restoration projects—a mangrove restoration site in La Union and an upland reforestation site in Alaminos, Laguna. 

Job and volunteer opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 70 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities). It also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on.

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Next Generation One Health Philippines Fellow - International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade [Deadline: August 15]

Advisor, Right-Fit Evidence - Innovations for Poverty Action [Rolling application]

Associate Director / Director - IDInsight [Rolling application]


Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Aquatic Animal Alliance Engagement Coordinator - Aquatic Life Institute [Deadline: August 20]

Recruiting Manager - Open Philanthropy {Deadline: August 22}

Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellow - Open Philanthropy [Deadline: September 15]

Head of Marketing and Growth - Spark Wave [Rolling Application]

Full Stack Developer - Trail of Bits [Rolling Application]

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