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August 2021 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member,

Our student chapters are quite busy this month! In this newsletter, you’d see EA UPD’s upcoming Virtual Fellowship, EA Blue’s Annual Report, and EA DLSU’s recently held Career Planning talk. Besides our updates, this month’s edition features EA-related resources, events, and opportunities! Also, check out our Member Spotlight at the bottom and find out who we featured!

Local EA Events

EA UPD + EA Blue’s Career Planning for Social Impact Webinar

EA UPD and EA Blue are co-organizing a webinar on Career Planning for Social Impact with Brian Tan from EA PH as the speaker. This webinar aims to provide a venue for learning and discussion on planning for a high-impact career. The event will be held on August 21, Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm via Zoom. University students, senior high school students, and fresh graduates (from 2018-2021) can join! Sign-ups will be open until August 19.

Sign up for the Career Planning for Social Impact Webinar

EA UP Diliman’s Intro to EA Virtual Fellowship

As the start of the First Semester for AY 2021-2022 approaches, EA UPD has opened applications for their flagship program, the Utak at Puso: Introduction to Effective Altruism Virtual Fellowship. The fellowship will run for 10 weeks from September 20 to December 5, 2021 and is open to students from UPD and other universities. It is also open to Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, and to those who graduated from university in 2018 to 2021. You can read the primer first and remember to register on or before August 29!

Sign up for EA UP Diliman’s Intro to EA Virtual Fellowship

International EA Events

[August 11, 8 PM] EA Singapore’s Career Spotlight: AI Ethics & Safety

This EA Singapore’s upcoming Career Spotlight series is about working in the field of AI ethics & Safety. Participants will hear from Jason Tamara Widjaja on emerging and existing jobs and roles in AI ethics. More details will be coming up soon, but you can already register here.

[August 13, 11 pm] Law as a mechanism of human coordination and [August 27, 11 pm] Incentives for long-term(ists)

The Legal Priorities Lab holds weekly online meetings where participants discuss ongoing research of their members and invited academics. The 1-hour sessions are generally open to the public. They take place every Friday at 11:00 PM (PHT) unless otherwise specified. You can find more information on these and their other events here.

[August 17, 8 AM] How to Save the Planet, One Burger at a Time

If you’re curious where cellular agriculture scientists are working on producing sustainable meat, this event is for you. Join Cellular Agriculture Australia for a 2-hour online event at the University of Melbourne where you'll learn about the basics of cellular agriculture science. You'll also have the opportunity to go on a virtual tour inside their research laboratory.


[September 6 – October 31] Virtual Programs

There will be another set of virtual programs organized by the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) happening from the weeks of September 6 to October 31. If you don’t fit the target audience of EA UP Diliman’s Fellowship, you can join CEA’s Introductory EA Program instead. Meanwhile, In-Depth EA Program is suitable for graduates of an intro EA fellowship / program. Lastly, the Precipice Reading Group is a discussion of Toby Ord’s book The Precipice. The deadline for applications to any of these programs is on August 29. Not available for virtual discussion? You can opt to take the course at your own pace using this Handbook.

Do you want to stay updated with the events in our adjacent communities? You can access the EA Events calendar here. There are meetups organized by Giving What We Can, coworking time, office hours, online board games, and even movie nights.

Updates from the local EA community

Brian & Shen in Charity Entrepreneurship’s video

Charity Entrepreneurship just released a 7-minute video featuring all the participants, which include EA PH’s Brian Tan and Shen Javier, in their 2021 incubation program! Out of 2,000 applicants, 28 people from 15 different countries made it to the program, and they’re currently in the 6th week of the 9-week program. After this program, Brian and Shen will be leading a research project of EA Philippines to find 1-4 top new charity ideas in Southeast Asia, for Charity Entrepreneurship to potentially incubate in 2022. We’ll let you know more details about this project in the next newsletter, since we’ll be recruiting volunteers for that research.


EA Blue’s Annual Report

EA Blue has released their Annual Report for AY 2021-2022. Kirsten Angeles, former EA Blue President, wrote about what EA Blue did over the last school year from June 2020 to July 2021, including its goals, key achievements and the learnings that come with it, and more.

We think this is a good read for other EA university group organizers in the Philippines, or others curious about what EA Blue did in the past year. It’s a 20-minute read and they've also provided a ~2-minute summary.

EA DLSU’s recent Career Planning for the Dev’t Sector Talk

Last July 31, EA DLSU hosted its first event: “Career Planning Talk: The Development Sector” with Tanya Quijano from EA PH. Tanya tackled various topics such as how the development sector fits into effective altruism, how her journey was, what the development sector is like locally and internationally, and how participants can start their own journeys. EA DLSU’s faculty advisor, JP Alonzo, also shared his testimony on how career and development are not linear but could be a series of crossroads.

A diverse pool of students with varying course programs from DLSU and many other universities attended this talk. If you would like to watch Tanya’s full talk, you can find it here!

EA DLSU will also be running its first Introductory Discussion Group for 4 weeks from August 20 to September 10. The fellowship will mainly cater to the chapter’s founding members and the rest of the Lasallian community. It’ll be a shorter version of an Intro to EA fellowship.

Local EA-aligned Resources

The Philippines now has standards for cage-free egg production!

The DA - Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards has released the Philippine National Standards - Code of Practice for Cage-free Egg Production!

The newly approved standards will help promote the improvement of the health and welfare of egg-laying hens and the production of better quality and safer eggs. Egg farmers can use the standards as a guide for cage-free egg production and a basis of food businesses and consumers that the eggs labeled as cage-free are indeed from hens raised in a cage-free environment. If implemented properly, and if more farmers switch to cage-free egg production, this can alleviate the suffering of millions of hens locally. You can read the Code of Practice here.

Mental Health Research Summit

If you’re interested in research and/or mental health, here’s a recording of the Department of Health’s first Philippine Mental Health Research Summit, with the theme “Cultivating the Culture of Research in Philippine Mental Health.” Its Series 2: Wellbeing and Cultural Relevance discussed the challenges of indigenization and well-being studies in the context of mental health research. Presentations include research topics on Well-being and Being Filipino, Cultural Roots of Well-being and Resilience, Neuroscience of  Well-being and Resilience, Indigenization, and Measurement of Well-being. You can register for the next series below:

[August 16, 9 AM - 12 NN] Series 3: Governance and Leadership

[September 13, 9 AM - 12 NN] Series 4: Mental Health Services

[October 11, 1 PM - 4 PM] Series 5: Mental Health Information


Reminder: Register to vote for the 2022 elections!

The nationwide voter registration will run until Sept. 30. So, have you registered to vote yet? If not, here’s the online voter registration.  

Some voters received false news that the election will not push through and were advised not to register for the 2022 elections. This prompted COMELEC's James Jimenez to fight disinformation through active social media engagement. With COMELEC’s #KontraMisinformation on Twitter, COMELEC tries to debunk these fake news meant as "voter suppression tactic" ahead of the 2022 elections.

Foreign EA-aligned Resources

Is effective altruism growing? Check out the latest update on the amount of funding vs. people in the global EA community by Benjamin Todd, CEO of 80,000 Hours. In this recent post, he talked about his estimate that $46 billion dollars are already “committed” to being given to EA-aligned causes, mostly from the net worth of Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Facebook and Asana) and his wife Cari Tuna, and the net worth of Sam Bankman-Fried (co-founder of cryptocurrency firm FTX). Given that, there is now more funding available, especially for longtermist and EA movement-building orgs/projects, and to a lesser extent, more funding for global health and animal welfare orgs/projects too. 

Around 2,000 EA-related YouTube videos are now already compiled on this GSheet made by Peter Slattery. To help you find the videos quickly, he categorized the list into different cause areas like animal welfare, global health and development, longtermism/existential risk, and AI focus.

80,000 Hours also put together their resource on how you can use your career to prevent catastrophic pandemics, which is what this Vox article also recommends us to do to be good ancestors.

Member Spotlight

Ging is a communications specialist currently working in the development sector. She first learned about effective altruism through Tanya Quijano, and got interested enough to join EA Philippines’ first Effective Altruism Discussion Group in May 2020. Her participation made her realize the power of committed individuals and a whole community to make the most positive change in the world.

She continued to engage with the effective altruism movement and the work of EAs such as Spencer Greenberg and Julia Wise. This has influenced her thinking in some ways, such as becoming more aware of unconscious biases, consistently looking at the bigger picture, and aiming high to make a difference. So far, she finds that the EA community thrives in learning together to be better. There is a plethora of quality resources and people eager to help you if you are thinking about making more impact through your career or activities.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 50 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities) accessible to Filipinos. 

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on. Most of the opportunities we feature below are volunteer or internship roles since most people in our community are still students, but there are also a few full-time opportunities on our full job board.

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Chief Sector Officer - Asian Development Bank [Deadline: August 12]

Associate/Senior Associate - IDInsight [Deadline: Rolling Recruitment]

Project Manager - Nutrition Center of the Philippines [Deadline: Rolling Recruitment]

Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Head of Coaching - Effective Thesis [Deadline: August 15]

Product Manager for Mental Health Content - Mind Ease [Deadline: August 31]

Our job board webpage also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

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Tanya, Brian, Janai, and Kate from EA Philippines

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