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EA Philippines is busy with our research projects and supporting our student chapters with their fellowships in the past few weeks, so we didn’t have any of our own events in February, nor will we have any public events in March. However, there are a few other EA events/programs you can still join this March, and we have one event we’re organizing in April!

As always, we have some resources, updates, and job/internship openings at EA-aligned organizations to share below, so we hope you read those too. Since March is women’s month, we’ve also included below some resources that women and those interested in women empowerment might like! 

- Brian, Janai, Kate, and Tanya from EA Philippines

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Upcoming Events / Programs:

Webinar on The Scale and Neglectedness of Philippine Mental Health 

Rikaela Gabriel and JP Apellido, both third-year psychology students from the Ateneo de Manila University, recently completed a research paper about the scale and neglectedness of mental health in the Philippines. You can read the research paper here. This work was supervised by Brian from EA Philippines, who also encouraged them to do the research work. 

Mental health is one of the top cause areas that the EA organization Charity Entrepreneurship identified for their charity ideas in 2020, which led Rika and JP into thinking that this could be an impactful cause to work on locally for Filipinos. Their research presentation is scheduled on April 11, Sunday, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Sign up for the event via the button below! Here's also the link to the Facebook event to learn more about it.

Sign up for the mental health event

EA Reconnect Conference - Mar. 20 - 22

EA Reconnect is a virtual networking event focused on deep discussion and meaningful connection for people who have taken significant action based on the principles of EA. This event is for people who have made a career plan, volunteered, or donated a significant proportion of their income on the basis of effective altruist principles, either currently or in the past. Applicants should have a good understanding of EA ideas and will need to provide an example of how they’ve applied these principles to their career, study, or donation plans.

If you are relatively new to EA, we think you will benefit from spending some more time exploring and practising the key ideas of EA before attending this conference. But if you are a fit for this event, please apply here before the deadline on March 17! Take note though that the schedule for the conference is not that conducive to people in the Philippine timezone, but one main part of the conference is scheduling 1-1 calls with others attending, which you can do from March 19-26.

EA Fellowship Networking Weekend - Mar. 26 - 28

This virtual networking event is for those who are relatively new to effective altruism and have participated in EA programs like fellowship, reading group, workshop, and cause area programs. This event gives you a chance to create new connections in one on one or small group calls, get matched with those facing similar bottlenecks to brainstorm solutions in peer-to-peer problem-solving, and attend social and networking events like speed friending and discussion groups. As far as we know, you may still sign up here even if it says the deadline is on March 8.

Other Upcoming International EA Events

Effective Actions Against Climate Change - March 12, 12AM Manila Time

Effective Environmentalism and Effective Altruism Zürich are organizing this interactive event. Speakers will talk about which measures we can take as individuals that bring the most value and maximize our impact. You will also have a chance to join breakout sessions to discuss the input and exchange ideas on how you can best implement these measures in your personal and professional lives. You can register for the event here.

Future of Humanity Summit by the London School of Economics - March 27, 6PM Manila Time

The effective altruism group at the London School of Economics will be hosting a series of online panel discussions that examines the most fundamental question about the future of humanity – our long term survival.

Get to learn more EA-related events hosted by different chapters by checking the International Effective Altruism Events Calendar and add to your own calendar.

Updates from the local EA community

EA Philippines

Doing more research

Apart from supporting our student groups, EA Philippines has been making progress on 3 research projects. The first project, led by Tanya Quijano, is our Local Charity Effectiveness Research. We are creating a list of charities, which have been recommended or analyzed by EA organizations abroad, who have operations in the Philippines. These charities mostly operate in the local health and poverty sector. 


The second project, led by Kate Lupango, is our Local Animal Welfare Research, where we are trying to compile information on the scale and neglectedness of farm animal welfare in the Philippines. The last project, supervised by Brian Tan, is our Local Mental Health Research, which we talked about above in this newsletter. We are looking to have an event about our local animal welfare research in April or May, and for our local charity effectiveness research, we are going to start reaching out to institutional or high net worth donors to see if they are interested to donate to some of the charities we’ve researched on in our list. If you have any questions about our research projects, feel free to email Brian at If you are also interested to volunteer for at least 4 hours per week on doing the local animal welfare research, you can email Brian and Kate at

EA Blue

EA Concepts Workshop

Photos from EA Blue’s EA Concepts Workshop

EA Blue held an introduction to EA concepts workshop last February 27. This was a two-hour interactive event that aimed to introduce EA concepts to university students through talks and breakout room activities.

You can view the recording of the workshop on EA Blue’s YouTube channel here, and the slides they used here!

EA UP Diliman

Kicking off their fellowship

Photos from the Week 1 meetups of the fellowship. The topic was “The Effectiveness Mindset and Thinking More Rationally”.

EA UPD held meetups for the first week of the Utak at Puso Fellowship, the chapter’s introductory fellowship to EA. There are 36 fellows in total, with students from UPD, ADMU, UST and even from other universities outside Luzon. Members of EA DLSU and a few professionals are also participating in this fellowship. This is being facilitated by two of EA UPD’s core team members and seven members from EA PH.

EA Resources

Here are some EA-related resources on different causes and topics that you can read:

  1. Brian Tan’s ranked list of EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series he has watched

  2. Michelle Hutchinson on why she finds longtermism hard and what keeps her motivated

  3. A web-based tool, which ranks animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions by Ville Sokk

  4. Short but important career advice: Be specific about your career by Mark Xu

Since March is also women’s month, here are some resources that women and those interested in women empowerment might like:

  1. The EA org Founders Pledge has a report on the cause of women empowerment and which charities they recommend in this space. One of their recommended charities is StrongMinds, a non-profit providing free, group talk therapy  to treat depression in African women, and we think this organization is interesting and impactful.

  2. The EA org The Life You Can Save has recommended charities that help women and girls.

  3. WANBAM, an EA org that supports women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary people interested in EA through mentorship, has transcripts and videos of their “career profile” talks with women working in EA or EA-aligned organizations.

  4. For those interested in longtermism and AI, the Future of Life Institute has a list featuring women for the future.

  5. Here is a playlist of all presentations, fireside chats, and panel discussions by women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary people at Effective Altruism Global (EA Global) and Effective Altruism Global X (EAGx) from 2016 to 2020.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Looking for opportunities to work or volunteer for some EA or EA-aligned organizations and help solve some of the world's most pressing problems? Below are some vacancies that are accessible to Filipinos. There are other EA-aligned organizations out there, and there are definitely some high-impact local jobs that we’re missing. We hope to compile more of these for the newsletters in the next months.

Local roles that might be of interest to Filipino EAs

Strategic Communications Associate, IDInsight (Manila)

The Associate will work with the team to amplify IDinsight’s impact and improve the use of data and evidence for decision-making worldwide.

Machine Learning Researcher, Thinking Machines (Manila)

This role is for someone who has a strong portfolio of work in machine learning to do great work in the company of a high-performance team in Thinking Machines.

AI Engineer, Senti AI (Makati)

The AI Engineer plays a key role in the success of the activities of the Senti Research team. This position is fit for individuals who are driven and who intend to pursue a career in dealing with businesses and coming up with data-driven solutions.

Programme Officer - BRIDGE, UNDP (Manila)

This position provides programme support to the effective management of UN Women WEE/Migration programme, particularly gender and migration in the Programme Presence by contributing to the BRIDGE programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Various roles, UNDP (Manila)

UNDP Philippines has various vacant positions for their development programs. 

Various roles, WHO Philippines

WHO Philippines is looking for people who are passionate about improving global health.

Volunteer opportunities, Food Fortification Initiative’s work in the Philippines

Food Fortification Initiative, a GiveWell standout charity, is looking for local volunteers who are interested in one or more opportunities: 1) to increase advocacy to support the inclusion of folic acid in wheat flour fortification, 2) Increase evidence available regarding the nutrient stability of folic acid after fortification of wheat flour, and 3) motivate the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct regulatory monitoring of fortified foods, at point of import and production. People with communication and advocacy skills, or a health / nutrition research background, would be a good fit for these roles. Click the link above to read more and apply for these!

Foreign EA-aligned Organizations (All allow for remote work)

Part-Time Operations Manager, Animal Advocacy Careers

Starting with a one year part-time contract, this role will focus on setting up, maintaining, and developing various systems to enable Animal Advocacy Careers to help animals as effectively as possible.

Growth Marketing Lead, Mind Ease

This role will devise the organization Mind Ease’s marketing/advertising/growth strategy with the support of its team, take charge of its user acquisition processes, collaborate with its product team to find ways of enhancing retention, and schedule its social media and user emails.  

Part-time Mental Health Writer and Researcher, Mind Ease

This role is suited to someone who has a background in mental health, ideally with clinical experience working with clients with anxiety, is a strong and persuasive writer, and who can work part time, remotely.

Research Intern, Rethink Priorities

Rethink Priorities will open its internship program in late March or early April, which will run in two rounds, from June to August 2021, and January to March 2022, with flexible dates within those ranges. Fill out the form here if you’re interested.

Generalist Internship (Asia) - Fish Welfare Initiative

Fish Welfare Initiative is aiming to enable fish welfare work in the Philippines. One member of EA Philippines will be leading this work as an intern for Fish Welfare Initiative, and she could still use the help of 1-2 volunteers/interns willing to help out in doing local research or scoping work to improve fish welfare in the Philippines. For this internship, she and Fish Welfare Initiative are looking for one or more talented and self-motivated generalists, whether students or professionals. If you are interested to help in this project, email Chiawen Chiang at and Brian Tan at

Also, check out these groups and websites on careers and volunteering: 


80,000 Hours is offering career advising on a rolling basis so if you think you need help in using your career to maximize your impact, you can submit an application here.


Probably Good has also recently launched their (aplha) website. You can check their career guide and career profiles. They’re also planning to have a 1-1 career consultation so you can sign up to their waiting list here

If you have any thoughts or questions on what we’ve written above, feel free to reply to this email. You can also give us feedback via the button below. Thanks for reading!
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