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May 2021 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member,

In this month’s newsletter, we feature two interesting local events, and a number of interesting EA-related resources about the Philippines. This includes new research that shows how our country is the top contributor to ocean plastics. We’ve also added a lot of volunteer and internship roles into our job board, since many students in our community are searching for opportunities to build experience. We hope you find this valuable!

Local EA Events

May 12-14, 9 AM - 12 PM: Vitamin Angels Program Partners Conference

Vitamin Angels (VA) Philippines, so far the only Philippine charity that the EA organization GiveWell has directly made a grant to, will be holding a Program Partners Alliance Conference on May 12-14. Learn more about what Vitamin Angels and their program partners, which do evidence-based health interventions like vitamin A supplementation and deworming, have done in the past years, and how they've managed to adapt during COVID-19. Tanya Quijano from EA Philippines will be speaking on the second day of the event about EA and EA Philippines, which is an exciting opportunity to showcase EA to Vitamin Angels’s program partners. This event is free and open to the public.

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May 22, 2 PM - 4 PM: Webinar on How to Improve the Welfare of Locally Farmed Chickens

EA PH will be holding a free webinar on How to Improve the Welfare of Locally Farmed Chickens on May 29, 2021, 2:00 - 4:00pm.

This webinar aims to discuss the challenges and current initiatives on improving the welfare of locally farmed chickens, since one of the global and local EA community’s priority causes is farm animal welfare. We want to promote a better understanding of cage-free egg production and free-range chicken farming, which are two effective interventions that can be done to improve the welfare of chickens. Registration closes on May 28, 7pm.

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International EA Events

Moral Uncertainty & Artificial Intelligence with Pamela Robinson

A discussion about moral uncertainty, hosted by Effective Altruism UQ and UQ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Society will be held on May 18, 2021, 4pm. Pamela Robinson will discuss the morally risky design choices that designers of artificially intelligent systems face, and what makes them especially challenging.

Pamela Robinson is a research fellow at Australia National University's Humanising Machine Intelligence. Pamela's current research focuses on moral and normative uncertainty, moral and normative disagreement, epistemic dependence, and how this bears on the project of building beneficial artificial intelligence.

Updates from the local EA community

  • EA UP Diliman has just finished their Utak at Puso fellowship, and 28 out of 36 fellows successfully graduated from the program! They will now be recruiting for the executive board and core team members for their organization. They have also now been accepted as an official student organization in UP Diliman.

  • EA Blue is on their 2nd to the last week of their own introductory fellowship, with around 24 fellows out of 29 on track to graduate from it!

  • EA DLSU-Manila was accepted as an aspiring and accredited organization at De La Salle University! They can officially launch their organization and activities on their first “pilot” term starting in June 2021.

EA-Related Resources

If you want to refresh your understanding of effective altruism or introduce it to someone else, here are two introductory selections you can use:

  • This Intro to EA Syllabus by EA Philippines is good for if you want to learn about EA at your own pace. We used this syllabus with slight modifications for EA Blue and EA UP Diliman’s fellowship, and it was originally created by EA Oxford. It has a series of resources over 8 weeks and provides a thorough introduction to a variety of cause areas and general principles.

  • Effective Altruism: An Introduction is for anyone who prefers listening to reading. This features ten episodes of the 80,000 Hours Podcast that were chosen as they cover core ideas in effective altruism and longtermism. However, their choice of episodes got some constructive criticism from Brian in EA PH and other EAs. As a result, 80,000 Hours plans on accelerating their creation of a separate feed that features a wider variety of causes and perspectives.

Other Foreign EA Resources

  • Dylan Matthews of Future Perfect recently interviewed Julia Galef on how to think less like a soldier and more like a scout, which is the core message of her new book, The Scout Mindset. Brian has read it and recommends it, and it can help you learn to be more open-minded and avoid having biased reasoning.

  • This article by Juan Cambeiro, an analyst in the forecasting platform Metaculus, gives you much of the recent information on the new, known variants and the risks they pose, which warrant the most concern and what we know about them. It also forecasts what the landscape of variants might look like in the coming months.

Philippine-related Resources

  • Where does the plastic in our oceans come from? Our World in Data has written an article about a new research study that shows 36% of the ocean’s plastics come from the Philippines, making us by far the top in the world. Plastic pollution is not a “neglected” cause in the Philippines, given that a lot of organizations and people care about solving it, but the scale of the problem could still be very high. We think it’s possible that lessening ocean plastic pollution in the Philippines be a very cost-effective cause, for both aquatic animal welfare and human welfare, but we are still uncertain and may look into this in the future. 

  • The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently launched its national Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy Roadmap. This roadmap highlights four important dimensions: (1) Digitization and Infrastructure, (2) Research and Development, (3) Workforce Development, and (4) Regulation. You can view in the screenshot below the 42 strategic tasks of DTI in implementing the roadmap.
    One key part of the roadmap is the government’s plan to establish the private sector-led National Center for AI Research (NCAIR), which will serve as a home to full-time research scientists and research engineers. We in EA Philippines think this AI roadmap is an exciting and interesting development to pay attention to, as making sure AI is rolled out in a safe and effective manner is one of the cause areas prioritized by the global EA community.

  • Ken Abante, a former ADMU valedictorian and a speaker in one of our past EA PH events, and his colleague recently published a study on organizing principles for an inclusive public data ecosystem in the Philippines. Their report aims to answer the question: How might we improve access and quality of government data in the Philippines to increase political participation of citizens in governance and improve efficiency and accountability in government services?

Job and Volunteer Opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Airtable Job Board. It currently has around 50 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities) accessible to Filipinos. 

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on. Most of the opportunities we feature below are volunteer or internship roles since most people in our community are still students, but there are also a few full-time opportunities in our full job board.

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Various Roles, Eskwelabs
Eskwelabs is building a diverse group of practitioners at the intersections of tech, data science, and business analytics. If you are an industry professional in data, you can be their mentor or coach. If you’re a student looking to experience start-up life, you can join them on an internship to do either software engineering, education programs, or event and content production. Their internships pay high at ~P10k per month for part-time (20 hrs/week) work and ~P20k/month for full-time work.

Associate Operations Analyst, Asian Development Bank
This role will support the implementation of the ADB’s Strategy 2030 to accelerate gender equality and to strengthen its role as a knowledge provider in the Asia and Pacific region and to implement ADB’s knowledge agenda.

Volunteer Community Coordinator, ClimateScience Community PH
ClimateScience Community PH is looking for more volunteers to help spread climate education through events, competitions and partnering with schools, NGOs and other youth organizations. They welcome anyone who has the heart to volunteer and can give at least 3 hours per week. 

Creatives & Socials Volunteer, Animal Kingdom Foundation
As a Creatives & Socials Volunteer, you can express your creativity while supporting a cause as you work with other volunteers to produce publishing materials in the form of social media posts, fliers, tarpaulins, vlogs, and more. If you can specify that you want to work on Animal Kingdom Foundation’s cage-free egg campaign work, we think that is significantly more impactful to work on than helping in AKF’s programs for companion animals.


Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Volunteer Frontend Developer - EA Hub
The EA Hub is a global directory for effective altruists to connect with thousands of users. They’re looking for a frontend developer with at least 2 years of industry experience to work on a number of new features they want to implement over the next few months You will work most closely with their lead developer Victor Yunenko who has several years experience of working as a tech lead. 

Volunteer Charity Analyst, SoGive
SoGive is a volunteer-driven organisation which analyses charities and makes that analysis freely available on their website. Participating as a volunteer charity analyst will help analysts learn about Effective Altruist ways of thinking about charitable giving. You don’t need any previous experience in charity analysis to apply, and you only need to commit 4-8 hours a week. Brian from EA PH volunteered before for SoGive as a UI/UX designer and had a good experience there. Deadline to apply is on May 11!

Various volunteer roles, Longevity Wiki
Longevity Wiki is seeking volunteers to support their project, and will acknowledge and express gratitude through introducing them to the Longevity ecosystem, and empower their volunteers with opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.

Volunteer, Charity Entrepreneurship
Their volunteer network helps CE and their charities have a higher impact by building a strong support system. This will also offer you an opportunity to get involved in charity entrepreneurship. ​

Research Assistant - The Roots of Progress
Jayson Crawford of The Roots of Progress is hiring a part-time research assistant to support his work on his essays, talks, and the book he's writing on the history of industrial civilization. You must have the ability to orient yourself in unfamiliar mental territory; to penetrate the fog of confusing, incomplete, and contradictory information; to sniff out reliable sources of key facts and to corroborate them; and to quickly sketch out a new intellectual landscape. 

Our job board webpage also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

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Brian, Janai, Tanya, and Kate from EA Philippines

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