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July 2021 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member!

We’re already in our second half of the year! So for this newsletter, we’re featuring Complice’s midyear goal-setting event, attended by some EAs, to help you assess or recalibrate your goals. We also have other event options for you to attend, a community member feature, exciting updates from the university chapters, and some international and local job opportunities.

International EA Events

[July 7, 8pm] Careers Spotlight: Alternative Protein

Join this event with Mirte Gosker, Acting Managing Director of Good Food Institute (GFI) APAC, to help you learn more about the opportunities and the talent gap in the space of plant-based and cultivated alternative proteins. 

Mirte Gosker works at GFI and helps accelerate the markets for plant-based, fermentation-derived, and cultivated meat, eggs, and dairy. GFI is an international nonprofit reimagining meat production, with a mission to develop the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. Register for the event here. 

[July 15, 12am] The Sentience Debate

Are shrimp sentient? Do insects feel pain? Can oysters be considered vegan? Hear from renowned scholars at N.Y.U., Rethink Priorities, London School of Economics and Political Science, and more as they discuss these topics in the upcoming event Sentience Debate on July 15, hosted by The Aquatic Life Institute. After presentations and discussions from the panel, the audience will have a chance to participate in a live Q&A. 

[July 18, 6am] Goal-Crafting Intensive Midyear 2021 by Complice

If you want to set some goals for the remaining months of this year, you can attend this Goal-Crafting Intensive Midyear 2021 by Complice, which is used by a handful of EAs. In fact, there's a Complice room where you can chat with other EAs.

Local EA Events

[July 17 - Sep. 11] EA PH’s Animal Advocacy Fellowship

Registration for our 9-week Effective Animal Advocacy Fellowship has been extended to Friday, July 9. The syllabus for the fellowship has also been updated. Feel free to view it here and sign up here. We think animal advocacy is highly important and neglected in the Philippines and Asia, so we'd love to get more applicants. Only a few slots remain!

[Weekdays, 2-4pm] EA PH’s Virtual Coworking Space

You can join us on EA PH’s virtual coworking on weekdays from 2pm to 4pm! Our coworking has helped participants become more productive and accountable to their tasks with focused work and an intentional break.

Updates from the local EA community

EA Philippines: Brian Tan and Shen Javier on building EA chapters in a developing country

Our co-founder Brian Tan and former EA UP Diliman President Shen Javier are currently participating in Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program, which started on June 28. As part of the program, both of them did a presentation on tips on how to build an EA chapter in a developing country. You can watch the recording here.

EA UP Diliman: EB Induction and Planning Seminar


It’s official! The Executive Board of EA UPD for Academic Year 2021-2022 had their induction program last Saturday, July 3. The oath-taking ceremony was led by their outgoing President, Shen Javier.

Shortly after being inducted, the new Executive Board had their two-day Planning Seminar from July 3-4, where they determined inefficiencies in their operations and polished them by creating better Gantt charts and standard operating procedures. New events such as Cause Area webinars, The Giving Game, and Socials events were also added to the org calendar! Their main objective for the semester is to reach larger audiences through their publications and recruit more UPD fellows for the Utak at Puso Fellowship. 

EA UPD’s Executive Board feeling energized and excited for their coming term!

EA Blue - Introductory Fellowship Graduates, Executive Board, and Core Team


EA Blue recently ended their academic year with an AfterpartEA: a year-ender socials where fellows of EA Blue's 2nd virtual fellowship graduated, and members of EA Blue and other members of EA Philippines got together to look back on the year, have conversations, and play games. You can view some of EA Blue's highlights from the year here, and a video commemorating their second virtual fellowship here!

EA Blue also ran its 2nd virtual introductory fellowship from March to June this year. Here are the testimonials of some fellows:

EA Blue's Virtual Fellowship Testimonials 1EA Blue's Virtual Fellowship Testimonials 2

EA Blue has finally announced its new Executive Board and Core Team for AY 2021-2022! After running its first successful year, the incoming EB is looking forward to continue welcoming new members to the EA movement as well as engaging with the graduated fellows in their journey towards social impact.

EA DLSU - Career Talk on the Development Sector on July 31


EA DLSU is organizing a career talk on July 31. This talk aims to introduce one of EA Philippines’ theory of change: high-impact careers. Focusing on the development sector, this session will give participants a better idea about working in the industry including common misconceptions, available roles, challenges they may consider, and essential skills one must have as it ties to effective altruism concepts. More details on this to come soon! 

Member Spotlight

Pierce first learned about effective altruism when he attended EA Blue’s high-impact career planning workshop. Learning about how one can maximize one’s impact through their career while considering personal preferences and current skills introduced him to EA’s principles. This also motivated him to participate in EA Blue’s Intro to EA Fellowship last October 2020.

Effective altruism gave him a good foundation to know the best areas to work on. Since then, Pierce engaged with various advisors in EA and decided to transition his scientific career from environmental microbiology to cellular agriculture. Currently, he is working on a literature review on how to use microorganisms to decrease the cost of culture media with Mark Post, a pioneering scientist on cultured meat. In the future, Pierce plans to be involved in more cellular agriculture projects and likely to do a Ph.D. on this, and eventually contribute to its development in the Philippines.

Pierce wants to share that in our desire to make an impact, we must continue to self-persevere and flourish. Thus, it is essential to be self-reflective when getting deeper into EA. He recommends this article by Julia Wise, EA Community Liaison, for those in the community who tend to overthink the impact they are making.

Foreign EA Resources

WANBAM’s Mentorship Program

Heads up for women, non-binary, and trans people of any gender! Application for WANBAM’s mentorship program is open until July 30 and we encourage you to apply for it. This can also help you find clarity in your goals, connect with other mentees and mentors, and improve an aspect of yourself you might yet to discover. A mentee is matched with someone from their pool of experienced mentors. 

WANBAM is an EA-aligned organization that connects women, non-binary people, and trans people of any gender who are looking to pursue EA-related careers with experienced mentors. Mentorship includes six months of one-on-one meetings and introduction to the global WANBAM community.

Watch this video as past mentees shared their insights on what they found most helpful about the mentorship program. 

If you’d like to join the program, submit an application here. If you have any questions, you can email Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn of WANBAM at Also feel free to reach out to Tanya Quijano to learn more about the program.

Animal Advocacy Careers’ Skilled Volunteering Board

If you are interested in honing a skill that you already have and applying it in animal advocacy, then Animal Advocacy Career’s Skilled Volunteering Board is worth checking out.

Skilled volunteering, putting to use the expertise that you’ve developed in your professional life, is likely to be a more effective use of your time for doing good. It’s also a better way for you to build career capital or test your personal fit with a career path than volunteering that doesn’t draw on your existing experience.

The Skilled Volunteering Board is a result of reaching out to dozens of effective animal advocacy nonprofits and asking what sorts of skilled volunteering support would be most useful for them. 

Local EA Resources

GradMAP Mentorship for aspiring STEM Master's or PhD students

If you’re planning to take a Master’s or PhD in a STEM course, we recommend you take a look at GradMAP PH and consider applying for mentorship there. GradMAP matches mentees interested in STEM graduate studies abroad with Filipino STEM mentors who have gone through the same path. Their mentors provide support, encouragement, and insights into the graduate school application process, as well as help polish application materials; thus increasing the number of Filipino students pursuing graduate studies.

Ken Abante on PNoy’s passing and Sin Tax Reform

“The President listened to evidence and committed to the reform.” - Ken Abante

The recent passing of our country’s former president Noynoy Aquino has made those who were inspired by him remember his legacy. One of those who took to social media to express their grief was Ken Abante, a policy researcher and a previous speaker in one of EA PH’s events. He also brought up the Sin Tax Reform of 2012, which was passed thanks to PNoy. Tobacco taxation was investigated by Charity Entrepreneurship and their charity profile found this intervention to be highly cost-effective in improving health outcomes especially in lower to middle-income countries like the Philippines.

Undernutrition in the Philippines

Based on the World Health Organization’s classification of undernutrition rates, the stunting prevalence of children in the Philippines is of “very high” public health significance. With a 29% stunting rate, our country is placed 5th among East Asian countries, and 10th globally.

This was brought to light in the recent report prepared by the World Bank, Undernutrition in the Philippines: Scale, Scope and Opportunities for Nutrition Policy and Programming.

The report provides evidence on why it is critical that the government of the Philippines prioritizes tackling this persistent challenge. It also provides an assessment of the determinants and causes of childhood undernutrition, and the current policies and programs directed at addressing this problem.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 50 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities) accessible to Filipinos. 

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on. Most of the opportunities we feature below are volunteer or internship roles since most people in our community are still students, but there are also a few full-time opportunities in our full job board.

Local Opportunities

Research Associate, Graduation of the Ultra Poor Pilot - Innovations for Poverty Action [Rolling Recruitment]
IPA-Philippines is looking to hire a Research Associate for 10 months to support activities for the endline of the Graduation of the Ultra Poor pilot. This project offers the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in quantitative data collection and to work with senior academics on a groundbreaking project that has already generated interest among academics, donors, and nonprofits.

Manager/Senior Manager - IDInsight [Rolling Recruitment]
IDINsight’s Managers are dynamic, diverse leaders who are passionate about making a difference, possess exceptional analytical skills, and thrive in an entrepreneurial, developing country setting. The organization invests heavily in their employees’ professional development and expects them to think critically and creatively about how to maximize their clients’ social impact.

Communications & PR Associate - Thinking Machines [Rolling Recruitment] 
Thinking Machines is seeking a full-time employee who can take ownership of its communications and PR efforts. They are a high-performing team of data scientists, designers, and engineers, working with some of the largest enterprises in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Your work will be hugely impactful in expanding the reach of this remarkable pool of talent!


Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Website Manager - Future of Life Institute [Rolling Recruitment] 
The Future of Life Institute is hiring a Website Manager to develop, maintain and update their website content and constantly improve the user experience of its website.

Researcher (Survey Team) - Rethink Priorities [Deadline: July 11] 
Rethink Priorities is currently seeking two researchers to join their survey team. In addition to running annual surveys of the Effective Altruism community, they have run over 20 survey projects on varied topics including animal attitudes, longterm policies, and population ethics. Their survey team is interdisciplinary, with backgrounds in psychology, behavioral economics, political science, data science, and mathematical modeling. 

Our job board webpage also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

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Tanya, Brian, Janai, and Kate from EA Philippines

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