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July 2022 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member!

Our newsletter edition for this month is full of news and opportunities for you! We’re also delighted to share with you what transpired out of the recently held 3-day in-person retreat with our student chapters. 

Our Design and Communications volunteer, Faith Lawas is also featured in our Member Spotlight as she celebrates her 1st anniversary working with EA PH.

Most importantly, we’d like to know how engaged you are with EA! Fill out our Mid-year Engagement Survey Form and claim your EA shirt after!

Upcoming EA-related events/programs

[2-3 September] EAGxSingapore 2022

Save the date! EAGxSingapore is happening on September 2-3! This event is limited to around 200 members of the EA community in the Asia-Pacific region to connect with each other and explore the best ways to improve the world. Travel funding is also available! To have a good chance of getting in, your EA content engagement should be at least 20 hours! What are you waiting for? Write a compelling application and submit it via this portal. Let EA PH know when you get accepted so we can plan the trip together!

EAGxSingapore is organized by a group of volunteers, in collaboration with Effective Altruism Singapore.

Updates from EA Philippines

EA Philippines' 2022 Midyear Community Survey

EA Philippines would like to get your feedback on how engaged you are in EA, your cause prioritization and career plans, and what activities/projects you'd like to see from us. This will help us better understand our community and focus on doing more of the things that are having an impact.

As our way of thanking you for contributing to our survey, EA PH will be giving out shirts to those who fill up this survey form! The deadline for submission is on July 24, 2022.


Student Leaders Retreat 

Last June 17-19, EA PH organized a Student Leaders Retreat at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. It’s the first ever in-person retreat, which gathered 29 of our student leaders and EA PH community builders. The event provided a venue for our three student chapters to form connections, learn about each other’s progress, make plans, and do fun things together, like singing karaoke and playing games!


What do the student chapters say about the Student Leaders Retreat?


EA UP Diliman

The EA PH Student Leaders Retreat has opened up refreshing discussions for EA UPD’s outgoing and incoming Executive Board and Core Team Heads (EB + CTH). 

Some of the learning didn’t come from the scheduled programs. Instead, EA UPD members found insights from intimate discussions with their EA PH mentors and 1-on-1s with their new connections from other student chapters. After opening the discussion on how EA UPD can engage with the leftist movement during the EA PH Fireside Chat, Tanya Quijano approached the members to talk about their role as an organization–to influence the influencers. This has helped EA UPD members realize what their place is as an organization. From this discussion, the incoming EB + CTH plans to explore relevant group discussions that revolve around effective courses of action to be taken in the local context.

Members have also shared that Brian Tan’s talk on community building has changed their perspective on how they wish to engage with their alumni. From this talk, they are looking to engage with their alumni almost the same as their members, because learning about effective altruism shouldn’t stop after graduation, and the long-term impact of the organization is of utmost importance.

The retreat has given a sneak peek of what’s to come for EA UPD. We can’t wait to see what’s in store! 


EA Blue

The Student Leaders Retreat was indeed a learning experience for the members of EA Blue. Some members personally got to learn more about themselves and their capabilities, the work behind the different university groups, and the thought process of the professionals themselves. It's also heartwarming to finally see people behind the screens after almost two years of online interaction. One of their biggest takeaways in this retreat is that they all find their ways to define what social impact means in their own lives, and it is their hope that they may continue to be open to new possibilities and to where these possibilities take them.

As for plans in EA Blue, it’ll definitely be a new challenge as they figure out how to transition to a hybrid setup for the upcoming academic year. The Retreat showed how valuable physical interactions are and hopefully, they get to have more of those. They also hope to create a self-starter culture in EA Blue where their members see their potential and use their agency in creating a path of positive social impact.

Member Spotlight: Faith Lawas

Faith Lawas first encountered the EA community through a Facebook ad last year. She could vividly remember signing up for EA UPD’s Intro Fellowship at around 2 AM because it sounded interesting, but she didn’t expect much since she was not that familiar with effective altruism in the first place. 

What drew her to somewhat dedicate her time to EA was the impact it could have on the world. Growing up, she would fundraise for charities or volunteer in social action programs. These initiatives seemed common enough around her, which is how she got involved. So when she  joined EA Philippines as a volunteer back in July 2021, she felt that life had already prepared her for her current role. It made sense to her now as she looks back on her childhood experiences.

Faith is very much excited for EA Philippines. She wants to do a lot more things, like create features on our Cause Area Spotlight, reflect on our Quote of the Day, and read more articles!! She’s also very passionate about creating more content for the EA PH community, specifically laymanizing EA concepts. Since day 1, she would always remind herself that the captions she writes, the research she does for the cause area spotlights, and the publicity materials she designs are for the audience and, not for herself. She tries to communicate things in a way that can help people understand even if they lack technical knowledge. 

Lastly, she also wants to have more social events for the community, because for her, playing games on Saturday nights is always fun!

Indeed, EA PH allowed her to practice what she has learned in school, and so far, it has been fun for her! 


Foreign EA-relevant Grant, Fellowship, and Resources

Submit a new cause area for OpenPhil to support

Open Philanthropy’s decade of research has led them to think that there are many excellent grantmaking ideas they haven’t yet uncovered. So they’ve launched the Cause Exploration Prizes! This contest aims to find ideas for the best ways to use our resources. Deadline of submission is on August 4. Participants can submit responses of up to 5,000 words and can win prizes, which include $25,000 for the top prize, $15,000 for three second-place submissions, and $200 for the first 200 good-faith submissions.


Apply for OpenPhil’s Undergraduate Scholarship

Another opportunity from Open Philanthropy! They have launched the second iteration of their Undergraduate Scholarship, which aims to provide financial support for highly promising and altruistically-minded international students who want to start an undergraduate degree at one of the top universities in the USA or the UK. The primary application deadline is on August 15, and more information can be found here.


Learn how your biases affect your charitable donations

Shakeel Hashim has written a new article applying the lessons of Thinking Fast and Slow to charitable giving, so you can avoid making mistakes in the future. Check this article out and be refreshed with the biases you may have probably made! 


Watch the Happier Lives Institute (HLI) research presentation

HLI Director, Michael Plant, gave an overview of their research and explained their most important findings so far. This includes StrongMinds’ depression treatment being 9x more cost-effective than direct cash transfers for improving the life of an individual as well as their entire household. Watch their recording here!


Subscribe to the Impactful Animal Advocacy Community Newsletter

Animal advocates, here’s a newsletter for you to subscribe to! Introducing Sofia Balderson’s Impactful Animal Advocacy Community Newsletter where everything related to animal advocacy gets featured. You can view its first edition here.

News relevant to the Philippines

Learn about inflation in the Philippine economy

Inflation is dragging our economy down with it rising from 4.1 in May last year to 5.4 in May this year. It’s causing more problems to arise. Check out how the inflation affects Filipino families in this article.


Read about the Filipino-made test kits for African swine fever 

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) confirmed the availability of a locally-developed test kit for African swine fever by the end of the year. This (African Swine Fever) ASF test kit would eliminate the need to cull all pigs within the outbreak area. Its main proponent, Homer Pantua, is a Balik-Scientist tapped by DOST to help make diagnostic kits and a surveillance program, and evaluate vaccines.  He worked closely with other scientists to fight the ASF virus.

Job and volunteer opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 70 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities). It also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on.

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Information Officer II  - Philippine Institute of Development Studies [Deadline: July 8]

Community Engagement and Partnerships Support Consultant  - World Health Organization Philippines [Deadline: July 10]

Science Research Specialist II - National Research Council of the Philippines [Deadline: July 20]

Education Specialist (Education Technology) - Asian Development Bank [Deadline: July 21]

Project Manager - Senti AI [Rolling Application]

Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Corporate Engagement Coordinator - ProVeg International [Deadline: July 10]

Grantee, Clearer Thinking Regrants Program - Clearer Thinking [Deadline: July 15]

Events Manager - Material Innovation Initiative  [Deadline: July 21]

Recruiting Coordinator - Open Philanthropy [Rolling Application]

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer - Pandemic Prevention Network [Rolling Application]

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EA Philippines

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