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September 2022 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member!

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks at EA PH. A fellowship has just come to a close, Filipinos were able to meet during the EAGxSingapore conference, and now, we’re brewing an event in celebration of Mental Health Month in October! 

We’ve also got a Member Spotlight for this month’s edition. Scroll down and learn a handful about Rika Gabriel of Charity Entrepreneurship!

Upcoming EA-related events/programs

Measuring Good Better: A Talk about Happiness and Effective Altruism

October is fast approaching and in this Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Michael Plant, the Founder-Director of the Happier Lives Institute and a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Wellbeing Research Centre, will be giving a talk on happiness and effective altruism this coming October 1 (Saturday) at 4pm. Sign up for this event until September 28!


EA Virtual Programs

Effective Altruism Virtual Programs will be hosting another round of virtual programs for 8 weeks, from October 10th to December 4th!
  • The Introductory EA Program aims to introduce the core ideas of effective altruism.
  • The In-Depth EA Program seeks to engage participants with more complex questions to help them figure out how they can make the most impact.
  • The Precipice Reading Group explores the science behind the existential risks we face.
Register by Sunday, September 25!

If you know anyone who might benefit from participating in any of these programs, please share this opportunity with them.


EAGxVirtual 2022 is being held this coming October 21-23!

This conference will bring together ambitious individuals from around the world in order to work on solving the world’s most pressing problems. The conference will feature opportunities to hear from experts across EA cause areas in talks and office hours, build community and relationships with others involved in EA through one-on-one meetings, and learn more — whatever your current level of engagement.

While many in-person events are returning to the EAGx calendar, there is still high engagement with virtual EA events and programs! As a virtual event, they are excited to be able to include EAs from around the world, those who may be unable to attend in-person events, those who personally prefer the virtual format, and anyone else! Apply now until October 19!

Unsure if this conference is for you? Go Apply! They welcome attendees familiar with key EA ideas, including those relatively new to effective altruism. If you have recently completed your first introductory EA fellowship program, read an EA-aligned book, or are otherwise familiar with key EA ideas and excited about applying these to your life, we encourage you to apply! If you are unsure, please err on the side of applying.


Updates from EA Philippines

Intro to EA Fellowship for Professionals

On August 20, EA Philippines held its closing event for its first-ever Introductory Fellowship for Professionals in a hybrid set-up at Nipa Brew, Makati and via Zoom.

The closing event is a celebration of our fellows who participated in meet-ups and weekly discussion groups since June 25. Also present were members of the EA PH community who went out of their way to express their support to our fellows.

Red Bermejo, Associate Director of EA PH, kicked-off the program with an inspirational message for every fellow. This was followed by icebreakers and breakout groups in person and via Zoom where our talented fellows got to know each other more and discussed their capstone projects.

To cap it off, Elmerei Cuevas, our Executive Director, presented each fellow their awards for completing and participating in the fellowship. 

We are inspired by all of our fellows who showed great enthusiasm about effective altruism. We are also very grateful to our fellowship team and facilitators who welcomed and guided them in their EA journey throughout the previous weeks.

Filipinos meet up at EAGxSingapore

Filipinos who attended EAGxSingapore gathered for a meetup and networking on September 2, the first day of the 3-day conference. This was the biggest in-person meet up of Filipinos not just at a conference but even as a community since the pandemic started.

Around 45 conference participants flew in from the Philippines, the third-largest cohort from any country at the conference. At the Philippines Meet-Up session, they were able to get to know each other and share about their individual EA journeys. Also, 12 volunteers from the Philippine cohort served as hosts, speaker liaisons, room managers, and helped with registration and logistics during the 3-day conference.

Attendees had a great conference experience as they got to hear reputable speakers give talks about various topics, network through 1-on-1s and casual conversations, and attend side events like lightning talks and socials.

Updates from EA UPD

EA UPD’s Career Talks: Working in the Development Sector

Indeed, a great start for EA UPD! EA UPD successfully conducted the "Career Talks: Working in the Development Sector" webinar after having over 130 participants tune in with Pia Faustino, Tea Ty, and Dr. Junice Demeterio-Melgar last August 27, 2022. You can watch the replay of the webinar on EA UPD’s Official Facebook Page or through this link

Andrea Castro, EA UPD’s President, led the project that served both as the organization’s introductory event for non-EAs and as a sought-after event for EAs and EA enthusiasts seeking discussion and opportunities for an impactful career in the development sector. 

EA UPD in UP’s University Freshie Month (UFM) Org & Community Fair

Responding to UFM tagline, "Tara na't Makilahok," EA UPD joined the university-wide event, "UFM Org & Community Fair" with an on-ground booth at the UPD Academic Oval.

UFM is the annual and official welcoming initiative of UPD’s University Student Council, where the freshies and the UP community get together for various activities such as the Org & Community Fair, campus tours, orientations, workshops, and more.

Held last September 6, 2022, from 9 AM–4 PM, EA UPD’s booth was located along Osmeña Avenue!

A poster that summarizes everything one should know about EA UPD was also posted on the UFM page. Any engagement with this post is highly appreciated!


EA UPD’s Upcoming Event: Applicant Recruitment Process and Utak and Puso Fellowship

September is an exciting and eventful month for the organization as EA UPD is preparing for the opening of the organization to interested UP student applicants who want to become future members of EA UPD and to incoming fellows for the 4th Cycle of EA UPD’s Utak and Puso Fellowship. 

Mark your calendars on September 24, as EA UPD will conduct the Applicant’s Orientation (aka "Apps Orye"). All of this and more will be available soon! Stay tuned to their social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter!

Member Spotlight: Rika Gabriel

Rika Gabriel works as a Recruitment and Outreach Specialist at Charity Entrepreneurship (CE). CE is an EA organization that aims to enable more effective charities to exist globally through its research and incubation program. Her responsibilities include helping individuals/audiences discern their fit for nonprofit entrepreneurship, coordinating potential events with EA groups (e.g., talks and book clubs), and representing CE in conferences worldwide. Rika recently ran a workshop and office hours session alongside Karolina Sarek during the EAGxSingapore conference last September 2-4; and will again represent CE at EAGxBerlin this September 16-19!

Before CE, Rika interned at CE-incubated charities Lead Exposure Elimination Project (LEEP) and Family Empowerment Media (FEM). LEEP advocates for lead paint regulation to reduce lead poisoning and improve children's health, well-being, and potential worldwide. Meanwhile, through radio-based socio-behavioral campaigns, FEM enables informed family planning and birth spacing decisions in Kano, Nigeria. 

Prior to her involvement in EA (and some during), Rika organized relief operations for local disaster victims, rehabilitated dogs, ran bible study groups, and built a support group for people with a history of drug addiction. 

Apart from popcorn and tofu sisig as her favorite food, fun fact about Rika is that she performed in theatre productions, did freelance photography/videography, won a water-rocket flying competition, and co-led a student emergency response team!

She’s excited to see how EA PH will adapt its strategy and leadership approach to the growing local community. There are many more volunteers now than when I started - we were less than ten people then, and now we’re over 100. I’m looking forward to seeing how the community members - old and new - thrive with the right mentorship, support, and recognition for their work. 

According to her, so many people in EA have helped her become who she is today, including Faith, David, Zian, Fran, and many more. I’m beyond grateful for everyone who’s afforded me the opportunities, friendship, and support to thrive. 

Foreign EA-related Resources

Launching of MacAskill’s new book gets media attention

What We Owe The Future is out now! This book from Will MacAskill argues for longtermism, the idea that positively influencing the long term future is a key moral priority of our time.

Below are other resources featuring Will and his new book:
Will MacAskill on what we owe the future
BBC: What is longtermism and why does it matter
Kurzgesagt: Is Civilization on the Brink of Collapse?
The New Yorker: The Reluctant Prophet of Effective Altruism
Time: Want to Do More Good? This Movement Might Have the Answer
Foreign Affairs: The Beginning of History
Will MacAskill on The Tim Ferriss Show

EA Global: San Francisco talks are now on YouTube

You can now watch the recording of the talks in EAG: San Francisco on YouTube! Give them a watch here! You can also check the highlights of the conference here, where speakers and attendees shared new thinking and research in the field of effective altruism and coordinated on global projects.

Recently held Fauna Connections is also on YouTube

Faunalytics held Fauna Connections, which featured academics, advocates, and scientists. Their presentations surround animal advocacy topics. You can watch the sessions in this symposium on their channel here.

News relevant to the Philippines

20th Development Policy Research Month Kick-off Forum

As a prelude to the 20th Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) celebration, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) held a virtual forum on September 1. The DPRM is a yearly event that promotes awareness and appreciation of the importance of policy research in the formulation of evidence-based policies, programs, and projects. This year’s theme “#CloseTheGap: Accelerate Post-pandemic Recovery through Social Justice” highlights how the pandemic exacerbated existing socioeconomic disparities in the country and disproportionately affected the vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society. Watch the recording here.

Job and volunteer opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 70 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities). It also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on.

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Advisor, Right-Fit Evidence - Innovations for Poverty Action [Rolling application]

Associate Director / Director - IDInsight [Rolling application]

Various roles, Smarter Good [Rolling application]

Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

Project Manager: Community Health - Centre for Effective Altruism [Deadline: October 1]

Head of Marketing and Growth - Spark Wave [Rolling Application]

Full Stack Developer - Trail of Bits [Rolling Application]

Executive Assistant, Biosecurity & Pandemic Preparedness - Open Philanthropy [Rolling application]

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