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November 2021 Newsletter

Hi EA PH Community Member,

As we celebrate our anniversary, we’ve featured in this month’s newsletter the story of how EA Philippines came to be. Also, Member Spotlight is back with Jib Española, one of the founding members of EA Taft!

Upcoming EA-related events/programs

[Mid-November to Mid-January] Animal Advocacy Careers Introductory Course - If you’re someone who would like to have a career that promotes animal welfare effectively, you can apply for this introductory course by Animal Advocacy Careers. This 9-week, ~1-hour per week course will not only help you figure out some key considerations in working to help animals, but it will also equip you with skills to plan for your next steps and be part of the animal welfare community. The deadline to apply is on Nov. 10!

Apply for the Animal Advocacy Careers Introductory Course here

[Nov. 30, 8 pm] EA Giving Tuesday - We invite you to participate in this year’s EA Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30, 8pm Philippine Time, through Facebook’s donation matching! You’ll have the chance to have your donation matched by 100% or 10%, depending on how fast you click donate when the time starts. By participating and donating to EA-recommended non-profits, you have a chance at directing matching funds towards highly effective nonprofits instead of other less effective non-profits.

Find out more about EA Giving Tuesday here

News / resources relevant to the Philippines

How are we doing in terms of our GHG emission reduction target?

😲 75% - that’s the target greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction our government has set as the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of the Philippines by 2030, which was submitted in April this year. NDCs are non-binding national plan highlighting climate actions, including climate-related targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions, policies and measures governments aim to implement in response to climate change and as a contribution to achieving the global targets set out in the Paris Agreement. This is an ambitious goal that requires reducing emissions “as much, as fast, and as soon as possible.” 

So, are we right on track? Find out in this article by Thinking Machines, which visualized and digested data published by several climate policy research groups.


Why do we need an investment case on mental health?

🧠 The Philippines was the first country to ever launch a joint UN investment case on mental health. It’s a country-specific assessment used to provide the economic rationale for investment in mental health. How valuable is this? This can be used to provide evidence of the benefits of mental health interventions to the department of finance and other relevant non-health sectors. It can also act as an advocacy piece aimed at policymakers on the importance of action on mental health. Watch the summary of this case here.


Worth the Health Foods secured funding and now plans for its SEA expansion

🍔 WTH Foods, a plant-based meat startup based in the Philippines, recently raised $1.2 million in seed funding. According to their co-founder Stephen Michael Co, this will help them speed up their product development and its market reach across Southeast Asia and around the world. 

Foreign EA-relevant Resources

Watch the recent talks from EA Global London 2021!

🎥 All the keynote sessions from EA Global: London 2021 are now available on YouTube! Our favorites are Benjamin Todd’s talk on The State of EA and Will MacAskill’s fireside chat. Do check them out!


New EA charities have been launched by Charity Entrepreneurship!

👀 Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) has announced their newly incubated charities! These include Training For Good, High Impact Professionals, Shrimp Welfare Project, Healthier Hens, and Center for Alcohol Policy Solutions. Check them one by one here!


This list of podcasts is a quick way to learn EA’s cause areas

⚡ Are you new to effective altruism? If yes, then here’s for you - ten curated episodes from The 80,000 Hours Podcast, to quickly learn about some of the problems the effective altruism community is working to solve.

Pop Trivia Quiz

What year was EA Philippines founded?
(Continue reading to find the answer!)

Updates from the local EA community

EA UP Diliman’s Fellowship and learning session

The month of October was filled with learning for EA UPD as the fellows reached halfway through their Utak at Puso Fellowship. It will be five more weeks to go until these fellows will officially become the newest set of graduated fellows of EA UPD!

Also, EA UPD’s most recent learning session happened last October 23 with themes on AI ethics, AI safety, and techno-optimism. Inspired by the Netflix film series, “Love, Death, and Robots'' to concurrently celebrate Halloween early, EA UPD members went into the cyberpunk-inspired space in their best virtual trick-or-treat attire to learn the fundamentals of AI history, socio-political issues with AI, AI in the Philippines, careers in AI, and AI-based tools they can use today.

EA Blue’s Fellowship and Career Planning Club

Virtual Fellowship

EA Blue’s Virtual Fellowship (Cycle 3) officially started last October 22! It’s another round of discussions and insights on what Effective Altruism is all about. If you’re interested in what happens on a Virtual Fellowship, you may check this cycle’s primer here.

Career Planning Club

EA Blue has also officially started the first run of its 7-week Career Planning Club last October 23, where participants got the chance to plan and discuss their career prospects with fellow members. If you’re interested in what the program is about, you may check the primer here.

EA DLSU is now EA Taft

EA DLSU has renamed itself to EA Taft! This is to give the chapter more flexibility in their operations. Their mission is to democratize EA education for the larger Taft community and connect like-minded students to opportunities to make the most impact. It is now online on Facebook and Instagram. Show some love by following its pages, and stay updated as they post EA resources and guides on high-impact careers, causes, concepts, and clearer thinking.

EA Philippines Throwback

(The answer to the Pop Quiz is 2018.)

Flashback to November 2018. Kate Lupango, Brian Tan, and Tanya Quijano met for the first time and decided to co-found EA Philippines. 

But how did it all start? Well, here’s the gist. Kate Lupango got help from EA community builders in other countries and got resources on how to start a local community in the Philippines. She then created a Facebook page and posted on a Facebook group calling for people interested to join the EA Philippines community. Meanwhile, Brian Tan, already interested in EA, made a search on Facebook and found the page Kate created. They connected. Kate also reached out to Tanya, who months before attended an EA London event. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2021, EA Philippines now has around 70 active members, 3 university chapters, 70+ events/meetups, and 20+ active volunteers across us and our student chapters. We continue to help more Filipinos maximize their social impact by providing resources and venues for them to learn how to do the most good with their careers and resources.

To see exactly what we have done in the past years, check out our 2019 and 2020 reports. We hope to release a report about our progress in 2021 soon. We will also be having our Anniversary Socials on Nov. 27! More details will be announced on our social media soon!

Our progress would not have been possible without many of you who are reading this newsletter. We hope that EA Philippines (and you readers) continue to grow and make a more meaningful impact in 2022 and beyond. Hope you will be there for the ride!

Member spotlight

Jib also continues to build his career capital by working (even while he’s still studying!) as a Data Engineering consultant at Thinking Machines, a leading data consultancy that brings expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. He helps design and develop systems and architecture to collect, transform, and store data that help organizations become more effective at what they do. 

He thinks that being involved in the EA movement allows you to learn constantly. It will open your eyes to a range of ideas and opportunities to act on different cause areas.

Job and volunteer opportunities in EA-aligned organizations

Below are some featured opportunities that are accessible to Filipinos from our Job Board. It currently has around 50 impactful opportunities (full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities). It also has links to other relevant places where you can find impactful jobs, and we also include there how we choose which jobs to feature.

Our job board has remote jobs from foreign EA organizations, and also some roles at local organizations that we either think are impactful to work for, or they provide good experience and skills for making an impact later on. 

Local opportunities for Filipino EAs

Supervising Research Specialist - Philippine Institute of Development Studies [November 8] 

Consultant - Fred Hollows Foundation Philippines [Deadline: November 12]

Operations Lead - Fish Welfare Initiative [Deadline: November 28]

Nutrition Portfolio Lead - Zuellig Family Foundation [Rolling recruitment]

Research Associate - Innovations for Poverty Action [Rolling recruitment]

Remote opportunities from foreign EA-aligned organizations

​​Generalist Intern - Various CE-incubated Charities [Deadline: November 7]

Marketing / Executive Assistant - Eon V Labs [Deadline: November 15]

Open Philanthropy Biosecurity Scholar - Open Philanthropy [Deadline: January 1, 2022]

Various paid roles - Probably Good [Rolling recruitment]

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Tanya, Brian, Janai, and Kate from EA Philippines

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