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Dear Imaginalist
This article deals with the incredible, spiritual and transformational journey you're about to take. Recently recorded in English, this European best-selling advanced course created by International best-selling author, filmmaker and shaman, Selene Calloni Williams, along with two of Europe’s top experts in personal growth and spiritual development, will guide you towards greater levels of spiritual enlightenment, expansive consciousness, and self-love.


The Vale of Soul-Making Advanced Course

We are living an impacting transformation worldwide. Technological progress opens great possibility for human beings, science, environment and society. They are all important elements in biosphere that, according to modern scientific theories, are interconnected and interrelated. Every action in human life touches all other elements of biosphere and vice versa, in a more complex system of correlation and interdependence.
We constantly face the choice whether put this progression at the service of a true evolution involving all the systems or use this knowledge for self-destruction. The answer is not so hidden. Our survival is in danger because of global warming, pollution, abuse of natural resources, capitalism and so on. As we said before, in this complex and connected system that is biosphere, all the species are at risk.
The ecological risk in not the only problem we have to face, poverty and scarce personal realization are two more phenomenon of this complex network.
People are poorer and less happy and realized. The reasons are not far away from what you read before.
It is clear that we need to change tools we used until now, we have to change our way of thinking, we have to change and transform. We have to change the priority of the entire society, which involves politics, institutions, and education. The priority has to be human being and his emotional, spiritual, physical and economical wellness.
To do this, it is fundamental to reintegrate important images that belong to the entire picture of human beings: myths, symbols, archetypes that tells us about our origins, our genetic, our dimension. This powerful tools shape our vision and reality since our first day on earth. They are the original form and essence of all our experiences.
It is to bring back the Soul into our lives.
If you want to be part of an effective process of personal growth and release awareness for a deep transformation, this journey it’s for you.  Within the framework of alchemic psychology, “The Vale of Soul-Making” is the key to the Soul as a tool of ultimate evolution.
This advanced course is available for professionals active in personal growth and support, psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, counselors, coaches, social workers, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs and everyone who really wants to carry out an important revolution.
Three great experts, Selene Calloni Williams, Erika Francesca Poli and Michelangelo Chini, will guide you in this incredible adventure! Here their biographies and experiences.
Selene Calloni Williams is an author and documentarian who has authored bestseller books published in several languages. Selene’s spiritual journey started in Sri Lanka where she met her first teacher who initiated her to shamanic yoga and where she practiced meditation in a Theravada Buddhist monastery. On her return to Europe she graduated in psychology and went on to get a post-graduate degree in screenwriting. She then encountered the psychoanalyst James Hillman, who introduced her to the world of archetypal psychology and imaginal vision. She also spent many years in Siberia and Mongolia deepening her understanding of shamanic traditions from the teachings of Turko-Mongolian, Altaic and Buryat shamans. She wrote several books on Turko-Mongolian shamanism and has made several documentaries on this subject. Her book “The Mother Mantra: The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality” (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., January 2019), is a key to making great positive changes in life, a powerful tool for overcoming subconscious programming and releasing fears. All the Shamanic Yoga practices can activate skills and facilitate the gifts of knowledge, vision and imagination. Selene founded the school of Imaginal Counseling in Switzerland, and the school of Shamanic Yoga.
Erica Francesca Poli is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and counselor. She is also a member of scientific societies, including the IEDTA (International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association) and the ISTDP Institute and OPIFER (Italian Psychoanalytical Organization, Federation and Registry). A thorough and diverse psychotherapeutic training has provided her with the ability to unite the world of the psyche with spirituality, developing a personal interdisciplinary and psychosomatic method of work. This knowledge is continuously expanded by her active participation and organization of courses, congresses and scientific publications, her study of supplementary medicine with the implementation of traditional pharmaceuticals, phytoceuticals and nutriceuticals, as well as the use of innovative therapeutic techniques that are strongly rooted in new Neuro-scientific knowledge on the functioning of the mind. This approach is not limited to treating individual psychic disturbances, but involves caring for and paying attention to the person in their entirety, mind and body.
Michelangelo Chini is a young linguist, classicist and anthropologist. Mastering seven modern and three ancient languages, Michelangelo has been particularly interested in the study of Russian culture and literature since age 14. Michelangelo has studied Classics, with a special focus on pre-Socratic and Platonic philosophy, and Russian literature at the University of Cambridge, UK and at St Petersburg State University, Russia. He has furthermore worked as Human Rights attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Kazakhstan, where he also studied local shamanic and Sufi traditions. He is at Cambridge completing a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology, with particular interest in spirituality in the contemporary Buriat and Altaic societies of Southern Siberia. Besides having a deep interest in all languages and cultures, modern and ancient, Michelangelo is an avid reader, enthusiastic traveller and devoted mountaineer, rower and mountain-biker.
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Selene Calloni Williams team
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