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Imaginal Psychology

What is Imaginal?

Everything in nature is an image and the main characteristic of images is that they like to disappear.
All things that we experiment in our life it’s like they are real but actually they are a dream, an illusion, an Image. According to imaginal vision, the real nature of all things is impermanence. This evanescent and impermanent character of nature expresses the sacred idea of giving itself. The matter is like a Lightening Lamp: it appears and disappears. It doesn’t remain, and is free of substance. Disappearing is the willing of giving itself that is pure expression of Love.

The Imaginal vision and the soul-making

With this expression we refer to the possibility of reabsorbing events and withdrawing projections, that means bringing everything, every places, every person we met back to the real origin that is dream, image, projection.
The process of soul making, as James Hillman said, is a clear vision and clear awareness process. The path that frees from consciousness deception starts with the awareness about the fact that everything is soul.


OMI, The pratice of Relation

Imaginal is a place; it is the non-dual state con consciousness.
There is no method to open to non-duality experience other than paying conscious attention to present moment, to present image. Selene Calloni Williams called OMI, One Minute Immersion, this method practiced for a handful of seconds many times a day.


In the morning, when you wake up, choose two moments in your daytime in which you will be consciously immersed.
These moments could be, for example, lunch time, bedtime, walking time, when you take a shower or when you are in contact with nature, with a plant, a flower or an animal.
During your daytime, when this moment comes, move your awareness from the two terms of the relation to the relation itself. For example, if you are petting your dog, try not to be the hand petting the dog nor the caressed dog, but be the pure gesture of petting; so you will discover that it is possible to experience this gesture at a very high intensity level where every feeling is intense, clear, elevate, penetrating, a source of energy, wellness, inspiration and surprise.
If you are walking in the street, try for a handful of seconds, for a minute, not to be the individual who is walking nor the place where you are walking, be the act of walking; so you will immediately feel more alive, more present, able to feel at a higher intensity level, so you will be inspired by your gestures, ideas will come to you during your walk and you will feel very good.
If you are observing the beauty of a pine tree or a flower, try not to be the self who observes nor the pine tree or the flower, be the experience of the beauty. The beauty, feeling recognized will reward you with ideas, creativity and enthusiasm, all fruits of the beauty experience itself.
OMI could be practiced even during the simple act of breathing or during more complex actions such as talking, making love or studying.
Actually, OMI could be applied to every human activity.
Two minutes a day are enough to transform your ego image, as long as you are constant in your practice.

Thank you!
Selene Calloni Williams team
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