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1. How would you define your craft or practice ?

50% Art Director and 50% Artist. 

2. What are your top tools you’re creating/ being creative with ? And Why ?

I’ve been a C4D guy for years and years. But I’m slowly making the transition to a Blender workflow. I love C4D, but it is very hard to work in it sometimes for really complex scenes. Even with optimisation. Other main tools that I use the most are Zbrush which I've been working in for years. It's an absolute monster to learn. But worth the effort, it is an incredible tool every artist should try to learn. MOI is basically the most 90's looking app ever, but a brilliant CAD app for hard surface modelling. Marvelous Designer I use on character work for clothing, it's just unbeatable. 

3. What one skill do creatives/creators everywhere need right now?

In my humble opinion, good communication is king - always. You can be the most talented  person in the room, but if you can’t speak to a client, take criticism and communicate a concept - they are the biggest things I see so many people trip up on. I’ve met and worked with some great talented people - but some of them were lousy at it. When I was younger I’ll admit I was too. But it is so important, especially for freelance creatives and people working in a studio environment. Lose the ego, always over deliver on time and learn how to talk to people like a human being and you will never be out of work.

4. What is the most creative part of the day for you ?

I definitely used to be a night owl, so pretty much as soon as my head would hit the pillow my mind would go into overdrive. Nowadays I’ve managed to switch to being an early riser which has been very hard, but I really like getting up at 6am now and jumping straight into it. I get a few hours without emails and zoom calls. It’s quite beautiful. 

5. Are you still keeping creative and inspired in this time of pandemic ? if so, how ?

At the start of the pandemic, no. Things got very hopeless here in England and it felt for a long time that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. There has been so much insanity in the world at the same time.

I’ve managed to adapt now, but I still have moments like everyone where it is very difficult to wake up and want to make art. My partner and my dogs have kept me sane though and forced me to get out and move. I wish I could offer some super zen advice. But just keep moving and stay off the news cycles as much as possible. If you have an idea for art execute something for it immediately. Even if it’s a crappy doodle or creating a mood board - just get something started and the rest will come. It’s too easy to procrastinate in these strange times.

6. What are your cheat codes to a creative life?

I’m not sure it’s necessarily a cheat code. But like the wonderful Anthony Bordain used to - I like to operate a strict "no assholes" policy. Doesn’t matter how good the money is, don’t work with these people. The best clients I work for and have worked with in the past are the ones where there is good honest dialogue between us. This is where the best creative ideas come from. Where any idea can be constructed and deconstructed if need be and no-one on either side gets put out. Those are always the kind of clients and relationships I'm keen to take on and build. But as cheat codes go and if things get bad, then Pink Kush and red wine definitely help. Just not together. Never together.

7. What do you think of when you hear the name Creators Supply?

It makes me think of a secret stash only people in the creative industry know about. Supplying all the best knowledge.

8a. Anything else on your mind you'd like to share with us?

Yes. There’s plenty of cheques out there for all of us. Even in this economy. Try to be a good denizen of your scene whatever that is. Help lift others up wherever you can and pass opportunities along if you have to pass on something, or you know someone who would be a better fit. It sounds cheesy but I always practice it. Put good stuff out and you'll get it back. There's a lot of young people coming through in this moment in time and I feel deeply for them. It is one of the toughest economies imaginable right now.

8b. Nominate other creatives in your network that we should connect with!
Rules are there to be broken and I couldn't hope to narrow it down to three.

Florent Porta is a great dude and doing excellent art direction and animation @Florent_Porta

Clement Morin is an annoyingly talented 3d artist. He's also French which automatically makes him cool @Clementmor1

It would be remiss of me not to mention Willea Zwey. Very inspiring artist and I am so happy to have discovered her before she is too god damn famous @WillZwey

Kristian Levin is a very talented 3d artist and serial NFTer @nocreativeabode

Planttdaddi aka Sam Clover is making some of the most unique work I've seen in years, really lovely. @planttdaddi

Oliver Rankin is a really interesting guy who works for studio Canal by day making movie art and is making NFT's by night. @Oliver_Rankin

Josh Chaplin has a background in games. Currently, his day job is building VR worlds and he is also making some cool real-time art. @Joshachaplin

David Lisser is a nice guy who is obsessed with cultivated meat and I respect that @DavidLisser

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