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Building Bridges to Better Serve Our Customer

Pace Advance Auto Parts Drivers,

Thank you for providing excellent service to one of Pace's oldest partners and top customers! As you may know, Pace has serviced Advance Auto Parts since 2008, starting with a few local routes in the Birmingham market.  Over the last twelve years, we've grown this partnership to six states, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Investing in this partnership is a top priority for Pace. Meeting our annual business goals depends on its success, and that means we're depending on YOU.

Pace's values align very closely with those of Advance Auto Parts.  Our core values say Serve Relentlessly; Do the Right Thing; Get the Job Done; Do What You Say, and Always Improve.  Advance Auto Parts promises to Inspire, Serve, and Grow.  Much like us, Advance Auto Parts is 
customer-focused; people-oriented; values and culture-based; inclusive and diverse, and innovation-driven.  They emphasize being friendly, knowledgeable, and professional in helping to inspire, educate, and problem-solve for customers.  One of their slogans is “People are our best part!"  We believe Pace has what it takes to continue growing with Advance Auto Parts, which means that we will keep growing with you, too.  

To that end, and in the spirit of always improving, we hope you enjoy this first edition of Advance at a Glance - Pace's first newsletter exclusively for the drivers who service Advance Auto Parts.  

Matt Lawrence, CEO

About Pace
Pace partners with shippers across the nation by providing customized logistics services.  We service a multi-regional geography in the Southeast and Midwest.  Our customers represent a range of industries, including the automotive aftermarket (like Advance Auto Parts), business and industrial services, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Our mission at Pace is to serve and improve lives through logistics, and we are passionate about solving logistics together!

At Pace, we are committed to safety, service excellence, and upholding our core values.  We hope this commitment shines through when you drive with us! We make it our purpose to uphold these priorities with our carriers, teammates, customers, and in the communities where we do business.  We contract with carriers who share our values and who are equally committed to safety and great customer service. 
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SOP of the Month
Wait at the Store Until Your Scheduled Departure Time
Find out how YOU MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT by following this Standard Operating Procedure
As you may know, APAL is the official internal routing software and tracking system Advance Auto Parts uses for managing their commercial parts on the routes we run.  All routes, iterations, cuts, departs, arrivals, mileage, and stop costs make up the APAL.  Your route times and arrivals on the store manifest are generated by these details that are uploaded to APAL.  As orders for parts come in from Advance Auto Parts' commercial customers, their inventory management system determines the closest store where the part is located.  If the store that needs the part is further down the same route as the store that has the part, the system will call for a transfer.   
This is why your procedure to ask the Commercial Parts Pro (CPP) if there are any transfers is so essential.  Even if the CPP's answer is initially no, by waiting until your designated departure time on the route, you will ensure that if a transfer is called in while you are waiting at the store, then you will be able to include that transfer on the rest of your route.  Departing earlier than the designated time could prevent this system for transferring parts from working properly.  Advance Auto Parts measures Pace's success on our effectiveness in following this procedure.  

The bottom line?  Waiting until your scheduled departure time at each store is essential for helping Advance Auto Parts deliver transfer parts quickly and effectively.  By waiting until your scheduled time to depart, you help commercial parts customers get the parts they need when they need it, AND you help Pace achieve our service metric goals.
The History of Pace and Advance Auto Parts

The meeting occurred in a large ballroom in the Waverly Hotel in Atlanta.  The year was 2008.  It was the annual MarketPlace presented by the Express Carriers Association - described by some as “speed-dating for shippers and carriers."  Imagine two days of jam-packed 15 minute meetings.  Over one hundred shippers sit at numbered tables.  The carriers, on a scheduled round of strategic matchups by the ECA, go from table to table meeting shippers while an ECA staffer walks the room and rings the chime at 15 minute intervals.  

Pace Team Members check their schedules and find the right table for their next meeting.  They introduce themselves to Mike Tarpy of Advance Auto Parts and begin a fateful conversation, launching a relationship between Pace and Advance Auto Parts that would blossom over the next twelve years. 

Pace ran its first routes for Advance Auto Parts in Birmingham, and since then, our service with them has grown across multiple markets, including Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

During the fall of 2019, Pace participated in a nationwide Advance Auto Parts RFP.  Its purpose was to narrow down their roster of providers for their commercial parts deliveries.  In February of 2020, Pace was one of three providers awarded by Advance Auto Parts to service commercial parts routes throughout their entire United States network of over 4,200 stores.  With the latest RFP, we were awarded additional work in Kentucky, including Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown; and in Louisiana, including Metairie, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge.

Throughout our now twelve year partnership with Advance Auto Parts and its commercial parts customers, we have strived to live up to our mission and values, especially our commitment to Always Improve.  We have dedicated significant resources toward Advance Auto Parts to ensure driver satisfaction, clear channels of communication, customized technology solutions, strategic and collaborative problem-solving, and healthy, sustainable relationships.

Pace and Advance Auto Parts have come a long way since that fateful day in 2008.  Advance’s stated values – Inspire, Serve, and Grow – match well with Pace’s values.  One of their slogans is “Service is our best part!"  Pace agrees, and our company is proud to continue to work hard in service to Advance Auto Parts as they, in turn, work to provide top notch service to their commercial parts customers. 

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