The New Faces of Noble: 30+ Years of Experience

We continue to work towards improving the customer experience through investments in new technology, inventory, and our own team. We are happy to announce the newest additions to our Noble Family!

Matt Traver has over 35 years of experience in the gas and welding industry. Matt excelled as an outside sales representative focused on supporting the industrial business around Warren County. We are pleased to have Matt join us as Sales Manager at Noble Gas!

Joe Donahue is a wealth of knowledge after over 35 years in the industry. Joe assisted retail customers select the right product or provided technical solutions to customers on the phone. The next time you visit our store or give us a call you can ask for Joe Donahue, an Inside Sales Representative for Noble Gas!

Paul Hendricks has been in the gas and welding industry for over 30 years. He was a service technician in Glens Falls, NY repairing equipment for businesses in the area. He worked on Miller, Lincoln Electric, and Thermal Dynamics machines. We look forward to the great work Paul has to offer as a Repair Technician at Noble Gas!

Noble Gas Solutions continues to focus on improving the Noble Experience. You can rely on our representatives to have the technical expertise necessary to help you get the job done. Contact us for sales inquiries, technical support, and order statuses today. Follow us on social media to learn more about Matt, Joe, and Paul in the coming weeks.

Keeping It Cool with Dry Ice: Camping Made Easy

Dry ice is the perfect coolant when looking to keep food colder for a longer period of time. Dry ice can be purchased by the general public and is often used for camping, fishing, delivery, and shipping perishable items. You can choose between solid dry ice blocks, cylindrical pellets, or very fine rice.
Why Choose Dry Ice?
1. It is really cold. Dry ice maintains an extremely low temperature of -109.3°F.
2. Long Lasting. Dry ice lasts significantly longer than regular ice, due to it's freezing temperature. 
3. Mess-Free. Dry ice does not leave a puddle to clean as regular ice or gel packs would.
Learn more about the benefits of dry ice and ways to maximize your use.

Savings for your Business with Remote Telemetry

Are you tired of dealing with disruptions due to an inconsistent gas supply? How certain are you about the amount of product left in your gas cylinder, pack, or liquid dewar? Take control of your gas supply with remote telemetry.
Implement a "never run out" strategy to minimize production delays, track usage rates, and improve budget allocation. Remote telemetry provides seamless gas and liquid product monitoring so you can be confident in your supply. Learn more about how remote monitoring benefits your business.
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